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July 8 Tr


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Trip Report Paramount’s Kings Island – 10:15 AM to 11:20 PM, July 8 2004

My aunt and uncle were coming up from Georgia, so of course I had to make Islanders out of them ;)

They picked my up at about exactly 9AM, and we were off! My uncle drove, and neither of them knew which way to go, so I had to play Navigator as well.

We took the usual route, 42 south for most of the way, until Lebanon. Then, SR 48 briefly to get around Lebanon, and got on 71 South for a couple miles to the park. ALthough I have never gotten there this FAST before lol.

We got on Kings Island Drive and took the North Parking Gate. It was 9:45 AM right then. I used my Gold Pass to get in, avoiding the annoying $9 parking fee, and we then went to GOld Pass Parking, using my pass again.

We parked in the far right row of Gold Pass parking, along the median. We got ready quickly, phones, wallets, etc. and headed up to the gate, 9:55 AM now.

So much for making the rope-drop to Rivertown. We had to go through security, and my aunt had a big waistpack-type bag thingie. (Groan), so we went to the ticket booths for them to get admission, and my uncle plainly asked "What is your senior ticket price?" and he got the reply of $25.99, so he said "I'll take two". LOL!!! Neither of them are 60! No questions were even asked.

So we waited through the annoying morning-rush line at the turnstiles, and finally got in. We paused for a quick bathroom break at the front gate bathroom, and dodged the Front-Gate Ambushers err Keyhole Photo people.

We then headed STRAIGHT to the Eiffel Tower so they could get the lay of the land. We scouted out our twelve roller coasters, looked around, and finally got my aunt away from the inside wall.

We went back down, and went straight to The Beast.

My aunt got to hold my camera, and my uncle and I entered the line, which was down to the vending machines but no queues were in use. We were in line for about 20 minutes, then we went to the obligatory front-seat for Beast first-timers.

After 20 more minutes of waiting, we boarded the front seat, I fastened the seat belt through my hat's loop, which is my normal technique, and we were off!

Around the first turn, my aunt took our picture as we went by the exit and headed to the lift.

We caught the chain and began clinking our way up the World's Tallest, Fastest, and Longest wooden coaster. OK OK, now it's just the longest, but that sounds so much cooler.

Over the peak, the awesome front-seat precarious hang, and WHAM, down the first drop, EVIL SPEED ROBBING TRIM BRAKE, hit the tunnel, DUCK, fly around the turn, up, EVIL AIRTIME ROBBING TRIM BRAKE, steep drop, up, hard right turn, down long straightway, EVIL SPEED ROBBING TRIM BRAKE, regain speed quick, flying down and to the right, down and up into the long tunnel, fly through it, out of tunnel, begin ground-hugging section, hard right, up, right curve, down, right curve, down some more, hard pitch turn to the right, up, slight hint of air in the front seat, down gradual slope, grab the second chain lift, up the second chain lift, begin old recording "Caution! Please keep your hands down and inside the car, remain seated at all times, thank ya'", over the peak, around left turn, gain speed, EVIL SPEED ROBBING TRIM BRAKE, gain ridiculous speed, HELIX LAP ONE, more speed, HELIX LAP TWO, around wider left turn, down, parallel first drop, up, antirollback, coast, LESS EVIL MAGNETIC BRAKE, friction ready brakes, stop in friction holding brake, pull into the station, unload, get my hat extricated from the seat belt, meet aunt at exit, look at on-ride photo which takes ten minutes due to ONLY ONE PERSON working it, and on to next coaster.

Was that a sentence, or what?

Try reading that out loud really fast!

OK, after recovering from that sentence, Just Kidding! We moved on to Vortex.

Vortex is so close but yet so far away from The Beast. It's so close thats all you can hear from Beast's line, and you come within feet of it on the first turn, but it takes a nice hike to reach it from The Beast's exit area.

We got there, aunt got my camera again and this time my hat too, and uncle and I entered the uber-short line typical of Arrow people-eaters, I mean coasters!

We got Vortex 2.1, and climbed in.

Caution, please keep your hands down and inside the Trip Report during the following Long Sentence... Err... Ride. Remain seated until your car comes to a stop at the next period.

Around the turn, up the lift, over the top, down, right, DROP with airtime, level out, up, AIRTIME, swoop left, hard left turn, up, bank left,turn hard left, down, down, down, loop, loop, up, hard right, EVIL SPEED ROBBING MIDCOURSE BRAKE, drop, right turn, corkscrew one, corkscrew two, down, right,straight, boomernag left, boomerang right, straight, left helix, straight, reduction brake, right turn, stop in ready brake, wait for train in station to finish loading and dispatch, advance to station, stop, up bar, get out, meet aunt at exit, get camera, gat hat, move on to next ride.

Getting motion sick yet? Still reading this awful TR? Five points for you.

Next ride, down to Zephyr the wave-swinger. No I will not give a play-by-play on a flat ride.

Get in non-existant line, walk right on, board, have antics on the moving swings until the attendant gives the evil look of doom, ride, slow down, stop, unload, walk to exit, get aunt again, head to Fort Cooper.

OK, so I did do it again. HAHA!

Next, Flight of Fear.We get there, see an annoying line reaching two outdoor queues, by we ask the amployee and there are NO indoor queues in use. So we get in. As soon as we get in, they open up the indoor queues, and they make us walk massive amounts all around that dumbly-designed maze, coming back to our starting point. Now, we just have to wait from here, down one row, and through the UFO.

20 minutes later, we were in the station, heading for a seat toward the rear of the train. We got in, after trading for a shorter seat with someone trying to get in the same car as a friend.

We boarded, belts fastened, bars down, my hat gets the death-grip treatment.

ZOOM! AHHH! We launched before the bar-check!!!

Made ya look!

They checked our bars, and did the proper launch sequence, and we were off! Launch, cobra roll, immelman, begin long twisting part, hard midcourse brake, twisting more, down through the guts of the ride, final corkscrew, and brakes, pull into the unload station, up bar, get out, go through the exit gate, meet aunt.

OK, now on to the next ride! From now on, proper grammer and punctuation will be used! Well, Maybe!

Next stop, Racer. But oh crap the line is too long! So we skip, uncle goes to Oktoberfest bathroom, aunt and I got o get a funnel cake at It’s Fired. Fried, I mean. That sounded like the Trump!

Got funnel cake, found uncle. Headed to Action Zone.

In Action Zone, we sit by Delirium and eat funnel cake. Funnel cake turns out to be petrified beyond edibility. So aunt goes to switch it, uncle stays seated, and I go to get the Delirium serial number for my BeastBuzz Trip Report, which I just did the day before writing this on July 18!

I went up the exit to the remote-dispatch box, where I got the number from before, from the attendant there. Well, no such luck in getting the same employee. The ride was unloading at the time, so I battle the crowds up the path and stood by the gate after he closed it. He gave me a glare, and started to say something, but I cut him off by asking if he had the Serial number for the Scavenger Hunt I was on. His only answer was “Get behind the yellow line sir.â€

I looked and found the yellow line, but it was 8 feet back, out of talking range. So I stood my ground and said that I just needed the serial number for the hunt, and once again he gave me the yellow-line treatment. I was determined not to leave without the number, so I tried again, hoping he would relent and call the drive box to get the number, which is on the side of the box. No such luck. By now, he was getting really ****ed off, so I decided to try a different approach.

Rather than waiting until the next ride unload and sneaking in to get it, which would probably **** him off worse, I went straight to the entrance/height check booth. The employee there, Jackie, was very helpful and called the guy at Unload, who she called “Jeremyâ€, and told him to let me get the serial number. I walked over there, and as I was about to boldly cross the Yellow Line of Doom, he glared at me and told me to “Hold it right there!†This guy is a genuine jerk. I had been standing behind a locked safety gate, what was his problem? I was not planning on hurling myself over the gate and getting thrown by the thing. The guy that gave me and my BeastBuzz team the number before had been very nice, just reading the number off of his hand where he had been helping other teams. He had not said a word about my team and I standing right by the gate while the ride was in full cycle.

So Mr. Jeremy grudgingly, I mean, VERY grudgingly let me in the exit during the next unload, and told me that it was on the side of the drive box. Duh, I knew that already, I told him where it was during said encounter at the gate before. So I walked across the floor, took two photos of the panel, and left, noting that he kept an eye on me the whole time. I guess he thought I was a Cedar Point spy!

(Serial Number is #106852, HUSS, Bremen, Germany. The pic is at http://extremepki.houstonthrills.com/pictu.../Delirium14.jpg )

By this time, my aunt was back with a NICE, FRESH serial number, err, Funnel Cake, so we sat and ate, then drank the Cokes we had gotten prior to sitting down.

After eating those, I was coated in powdered sugar, so my uncle and I turned over our phones and my camera to my aunt, and we hit Congo Falls.

We boarded Congo in the front row of a boat after a one-boat wait.

Up the lift, this thing is slow! And no blocking at all, I wonder if there has ever been a collision?

Also, NO LAP BARS, just a little hand grip. This is more like it! Usually PKI rides are high on restraints for safety, this is a nice switch!

Around the first turn, we duck, and I almost lost my hat. SPLASH, we barely got wet at all, but the rows behind us got drenched haha!

We met aunt again, reclaimed our stuff, and headed for Top Gun and Son of Beast.

We got down to Top Gun, and saw an hour-plus wait. Pass, not worth it.

Came back down by Sonny, and found a TWO HOUR PLUS wait, PASS, NOT worth it at all.

OK, time for some friendly family competition on the Days of Thunder go-karts. Whoop! I am the ultimate Days of Thunder driver, complete with my custom “Skid-Turnsâ€.

I got the lead car on lane one, and they got the two behind me. We started, and they quickly crashed together on lap 2 and got spun around. “All driver’s stop your go-karts!â€

OK, they get straightened out, and we are back in business!!!

Man, these cars are acting up today! While waiting in line, they had to go restart several cars, and even remove one form the course and bring in a new one.

My car kept acting up, and my steering wheel was really sticky. It felt like it had glue in the base of it somewhere, and I did a couple of my skid-turns accidentally because I couldn’t get turned fast enough.

OK, another car died. “All drivers stop your go-karts!â€

Car restarted, race restarted again. My uncles car died. “All drivers stop your go-karts!â€

Car restarted, race restarted YET AGAIN!

When the race ended, they sent the usual signal to slow the cars down to announce to return slowly to the pit. Normally the cars slow down a bit and go into low gear, and then go back to normal speed to allow them to be driven into the pit properly, but this time, they STOPPED and roller backwards, and the only thing that would work right was the brake, even the gas pedal would not keep it moving forward!

The cars must have gotten a bad batch of gasoline this morning, they all ran crappy.

We barely got into the pit, and my uncle was ahead of me, and we were both in front of my aunt, who vowed revenge.

OK, it is getting to be time for food. We decide to head to Rivertown to find something. However, I remember the Magic of the Movies show at Paramount Theater at 2:30, so we decided to go to Festhaus.

We went to Festhaus, and got in the obnoxious line. Five minutes later, it became clear that we would not make the show if we waited, so we ditched and went out the back door to the Paramount Theater.

We got to the Paramount Theater and saw an annoying sign stating the show was now at 3:00 instead of 2:30, so we groaned and returned to the Festhaus.

We got back in the obnoxious line, and waited through it, planning on LaRosa’s pizza. Well, we got up there, and saw that the pizza looked like inedible slop, so I decided on cheese sticks, and they got burgers.

I also got a bottle of chocolate milk, a Mrs. Good Cookie choco chip cookie, and a bag of Doritos.

Now the fun starts, we got in the separate, but still annoying, line for the check out lane, and the one on the right broke down. We moved to the left along with the other Festhaus vict… err… patrons.

Well, the left one broke down, so we got peeved off and began eating while standing in the line, while the employee took off to get a supervisor, too wimpy to deal with peeved off customers.

Well, 20 minutes later (20 minutes seems to be our magic line time today), when we were half-done eating, a supervisor arrived with a money tray for the second one on the right, which is not normally used. He plugged it in, saying “Please work…â€, and got it going, then checked us out, and treated everyone, including us, who asked for a discount for waiting or something very rudely. I guess this is nasty employee day.

They should have just let the people who had been waiting for a while to just go through without paying, because we turned their line into a buffet table.

We sat down, and began eating. Well, tried to eat. I ate three cheese sticks that were worthless, and they ate two NastyBurgers. It was time for show so we took off, I grabbed my milk, chips, and cookie, and took off out the back door again. We got there at 2:55, and sat down. I ate my chips, and ate a few bites of the cookie, which turned out to be crappy. So I drank my milk, then the show started.

The show was the same, except the main announcer was female, other than that, same difference, except the woman on Titanic yelled “Show me the money!†right after the King of the World scene, which was NOT on the script.

We left there, time to go to Rivertown, taking a shortcut through Hanna-Barbera Land. We went through there, and rode Beastie quickly. Nothing much, I hadn’t ridden it since May 2002, no big deal, and we barely fit on the stupid train, which had NEW seat belts just like those on Racer and Beast, complete with the too-big-for-this-little-train exterior ratchet piece.

We got off, checked Reptar’s line, looked at Thornberries that was closed, and went to White Water Canyon.

My aunt got our phones and my camera again, and my uncle and I got in the line, hiking down a bit before meeting the line down by the first vending machines on the left, just before the right turn that leads away from the train station area.

We went through the line slowly, and got to the platform. We got put in a boat, and we were off!

Around a left turn off of the rotating platform, then we rudely bumped a wall, and jets pushed us to the right and into the main flume.

We went straight back, by uncle facing backwards, so only I and a couple others saw the tidal wave before it hit us and turned us into drowned rats.

When we reached the first Tower, where employees soak you with jets, we got HELD IN PLACE by the guy, then drowned with large jets.

Then, when we got to Tower 3, my aunt was laughing from the rail as we got drowned YET AGAIN by evil guests and the evil employee up in the right-side booth.

We finally hit the lift to go back to station level, but not before hitting several more rapids.

We got off, soaked thoroughly and got our phones and my camera.

We then went to The Beast, to take a spin cycle, and checked Tomb Raider’s line on the way (2 hours, all outdoor queues filled), and got a small Kettle Korn from the booth that is directly across from Tomb Raider.

We got in line for Beast, eating kettle corn through the line that was now filling the first queue house. But it moved pretty fast, and we boarded the front seat 40 minutes later, the rest of the kettle corn going into my cargo pocket.

We had another great ride, and got a lot dryer, especially after standing in the hot line for 40 minutes.

My aunt had gone to meet my cousin, his wife, and kids at the front gate while we rode Beast. It was about 4:50 PM when we got off of Beast.

We called them, and they had all gone to ride Scooby Doo. My uncle and I headed that way through Rivertown, back past WWC and Reptar, and went up the ride’s exit. He left to go outside to a bench, and I stood inside right next to the edge of the spinning platform.

Where I was, I could see the loading part too, so I watched for them to board. However I had to move a few times to let a wheelchair or something through, but I apparently missed them, because after a while, I jumped six feet up when they appeared on the exit behind me!

I took them outside, met my aunt, and we went over by Beastie to sit. My cousins neice, um, my neice, um, cousin, um, well, I’m not sure of her exact relation, but she’s about 8, and I took her on Beastie.

After another un-notable Beastie spin, we watched as my cousins son, my, em, shoot, not sure about the title again… rode the Boulder Bumpers. Then they went on one of those little kiddie spinning car things, then my cousin went with my uncle and I to ride Top Gun.

We got to Top Gun, and found a nice line that only reached the bottom of the stairs to the station. We hopped in, and traded seats until we got in the front seat just as my uncle got in the seat directly behind it, 1.2.

We took off, and had a great Top Gun speedy ride. I was the only one here who had ridden it, (despite the fact that my cousin and his wife have season passes), so they both liked it.

We came out and saw a nice Son of Beast line that only reached the top of the overflow queue area. We got in, with my uncle and I hopping the rail by the tunnel, and my couson went back out and edged his way down the line to meet us. Line jumping, Shine Shumping, it is too far to walk all the way around!

It was about 6:30 PM right now, we could have done more today then we have, but we are not in a hurry, we planned on staying until after closing so my uncle could get a night ride on The Beast, so we were just taking it easy, skipping long lines and returning to them later.

After 35 minutes, we got to SoB’s station, and found short seat lines in the first and second cars. My cousin and I got in line for 2.1, and my uncle went right in front of us in 1.3.

UH-oh, he got in over the wheels before I realized where we were. Well, too late now, let’s just hope Sonny is running OK today!

Off we went, made goofy face for camera, and up the hill, where my cousin commented, err, tried to comment on the noise, over the noise!

Over the top, around the turn, up. Sonny seems okay!

Spoke too soon.

Hitting the first, right-bank turn to line up with the helix, we all received internal injuries. Then we took a rough drop down, and received some more, with internal bleeding this time.

Then, around the second helix lap, and we fractured some ribs.

Then, Midcourse brake. I said “Holy Crap!!!†and my cousin swore worse.

Rough drop to loop, and wonderful relief! Up and around the nice, smooth loop.

Then, back to internal trauma.

Up into helix number two, more trauma, broke a leg now.

Down and around the second helix, we now have neck trauma and can hardly see.

Down and up hill, runs okay, then down and around final turn, where we got finished off and all died.

Our battered corpses rode down the final drop, and up into the brakes. The operators noticed three people slumping over, and brought the train into the station and summoned the medics.


No, we did not really die, but it was not much better. I feel sorry for my uncle over the wheels!

OK, I said “holy crap†again, my cousin swore worse again, and then he decided he likes the steel rides better.

OK, we called my aunt, and they had all gone over to the Antique Cars. So we headed off to meet them there.

We took a nice, leisurely stroll over to Coney, and got there before they did! They seem to be in extreme slow-poke mode today.

My aunt, uncle and I entered the line, and we lifted my cousin… ehrm,, neice… em, well, I dunno! The one I rode Beastie with! Lifted her over the fence, cause they got there late.

Well, there were only two ‘Tiques in the station at a given time, and the line was creeping worse than SoB’s designer must have been.

Halfway through the annoying line for a dull ride they brought out more cars from the storage area, and put them on. Problem was, they did not have enough employees to run them, so things got a little backed up.

It sped up big time, and we got to the platform 10 minutes later. My uncle and I took a car, while my aunt rode with my Beastie seat-mate.

Before leaving, the attendant hopped the car (?!?! Before the ride???), and asked us if we were ready, and if we were buckled up. Huh? I looked down, and he said “Made ya look!â€, OK, this is Bad-Sense-Of-Humor and Rude/Nasty employees day!

He let us out, and we went around the dull course, with me driving… err… just making sure the car didn’t bang the side rails too hard. We noticed that the fountains, waterfall, and creek were dried up, with the supply lines seemingly turned off.

This is where it got interesting, we got back to the sign that said “keep driving, etc etcâ€, and we approached the station entrance at full speed, with the car-hops standing over my the side chatting.

Just before certain doom, he noticed us, and I let go of the gas and he jumped on the brake and stopped us THREE INCHES from the car in front. Now, if they are going to bring extra cars in, they need to get more crew in too!

OK, off the ‘Tiques, time to regroup. I looked at my watch: about 8:20PM. Yikes! To insure a night ride on Beast, we have just over an hour to get in The Beast line by 9:20 just in case the line gets closed early.

Time for Racer! My aunt and the two kids(I’ve given up on trying to name their exact relations), went to ride Scrambler and Monster, while my uncle and I went to Racer Backwards. He had never ridden a backwards ride before, so I wanted for us to ride this first in case we had to skip the other side if we ran low on time. 8:35 PM…

We got in, and went near the back, um, front, well, it would be the back on a normal ride. We got in, got secured, and got that pesky “PKI Bar-Tap†lap bar check, which is stupid, does not thell them if one is unlocked, and only takes a second less time than the proper method.

We had a nice ride, and went to meet up again. 8:55 PM, yikes…. No time for Racer Forwards!

We met up, and my aunt and the rest were going back to kiddieland. My cousin decided to skip the night ride on Beast, probably still recovering from the near-fatality on the Son earlier.

My uncle and I took off, with the intent of getting a hot dog at Preston Tucker’s Roadside Café on the way to Beast.

darn, they are closed. On to Rivertown, absolutely NO time to go elsewhere. 9:05 PM…

We took a rest stop at the bathroom by Rivertown LaRosa’s, and continued on.

We got to Rivertown, and went to Potato Works, where I got a bucket o’ jumbo fried potatoes. I mean, it’s big!

We beelined to The Beast, and entered the line at 9:25 PM. Phew!!! Made it!!!

Well, this is the first time I have ever eaten dinner in a queue line, although I ate half my lunch in the checkout line at Festhaus earlier (LOL, read up!), so we stood through the line, eating Potato Works fries, and watching The Beast 25th anniversary tape on the Chili Vision TV’s.

Halfway through the first switchback house, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me for a fry, so I gave him a fry, mused over that for a minute, and continued through the line.

The second switchback house was not in use, just the usual left turn around it and right turn up the first ramp.

The station queue house was also not in use, (Phew!), so we got to the station, dumped the remaining now-cold fries, and went to the front car, accepting an offer to cut ahead of two people trying to get in the same train as some friends.

We got in the front car in 1.3, and took off. The guy in the drive box was playing a game of “If you wanna ride The Beast clap your hands… *CLAP* *CLAP*†over the station PA system, then we were off!

Whee, this is only my second Beast ride at night of all time, I had taken a night ride last on November 2, 2003, on the last day of public park operation, the day of the Boomerang Bay Construction Tour/PKIC Day.

Up the lift, stupid sound effects are not working! Bummer. But we had a kick-butt night ride on Beast, which would have been better had the effects been on and the track lights had not been on in several places.

We flew up onto the second lift, and I mean FLEW! The trims did not have as much of an effect on this ride! And listened to that annoying, OLD recording on Lift Two.

We flew through the helix with ferocious speed. Jeff Siebert said on BeastBuzz tour that the trims had to be manually adjusted each day based on weather conditions, but to heck with that. The trims are NOT on the same settings as earlier!

Into the final brakes, we came to a stop in the ready brake and got held there while the driver held a “Noisiest guest in station gets this basketball†Game, then we finally advanced. Who knows what that did to the blocking system! The train that had just been dispatched before the contest, was probably held up on the lift, due to Stupid Operator Syndrome.

OK, advance to the station, give driver a dirty look, and unload. We called my aunt and she said they were at the fountains, so we proceeded out of The Beast’s exit.

Darn! It is 10PM exactly and they are JUST NOW closing the line entrance! Darnit, if not for the stupid ride operator holding us back, we could have ridden again and been on the last ride of the night!

OK, we take the scenic route so I can get a few night shots. We walked down the path by Eagles just as the fireworks start. We stand in front of Preston Tucker’s and watch them for a couple minutes, then continue waling down Coney Mall, with me taking night shots, and turning around to watch the fireworks finale.

Note to all: Preston Tuckers is an EXCELLENT place to watch the fireworks if you can get there right at closing, although I understand The Beast’s second lift hill is better.

OK, in front of the High Striker, I lean on the rail around it to steady the camera to take night shots of Racer and Zephyr, and get highly annoyed by the guy working it, trying to get me to take his picture, I finally took it just to shut him up!

We walked on down Coney Mall, down the path to the tower by the ‘Tiques. Several night shots of the Tower, then down to meet the rest of the gang at the tables by the fountains.

On the way, my uncle and I split. I went to Emporium to lighten my wallet, and he went to tables to meet the gang. I found nothing Beast 25th wise in the Emporium, and no shirts that had me interested either. So I headed to meet them at the tables.

They were eating pizza, and my cousin’s wife had a Beast 25th anniversary sports cup!

Wait a minute, I want one of those! So it’s off the LaRosa’s Pizza for me to get a Coke.

I stood through an annoyingly long line, got my sports cup with a pesky $5.00 Coke, and went back to the table. My uncle had been sent after me because it had taken me so long, so I had to go fetch him. I walked all the way back to the front gate and back, and got back to the tables RIGHT after he did!

We drank our Cokes, and the rest, except for me, ate pizza.

We finished up, and part of the gang left. Then, the rest of us which included my cousin, my uncle, my aunt and myself, headed to the front gate gift shop so I could look for Beast 25th stuff, which I shamefully had not gotten during BeastBuzz due to lack of time. I went in there, found NOTHING 25th Beast wise (Shame on Gateway Gifts!) so I just got a folder book thing to hold pressed coins, and we headed out, now the gang only consisted of me, my aunt, and my uncle.

Out the front gate, we headed toward the car, with my feet about to die. This has been my third PKI trip in two weeks, and my second Open-To-Close Day in a row. Plus, it was WAY PAST closing right now, it was about 11:25 PM!!! The park closed at 10PM!

We finally found the car, as it was the only car left in the far right row of Gold Pass Parking!

Well, now we got to stay in the parking lot for a while. We got caught right in the after-closing Mass Exodus, which was made worse by us parking in Gold Pass Parking! MUCH worse, they need to improve traffic flow out of there, maybe even put in a dedicated toll booth and exit for Gold Pass Parking? But that would cause problems with stupid guests who thought they could slip in that way, and cause more jams in the morning.

Well, we finally got out and headed out the main exit road, where we encountered another jam getting onto Kings Island Drive. We got on there, stopped at Shell/Popeyes on Kings Mills Road to get some chocolate milk, and we hit 71-North and headed home!

(And no, I did not tape on The Beast this time, I didn’t even have my camcorder. That was a stupid mistake!)

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Interesting TR. Looks like there were a bunch of ride ops that ticked you off. Sorry about that. You should see me while I'm working, I'm a pretty nice person. :)

Its a shame you caught Jeremy at a bad time, he was a really awesome sup. But as for the yellow line business, it IS standard procedure that we keep ALL guests behind the yellow line throughout the cycle, even if you know that you won't hurl yourself over the gate. Sorry.

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It is true about the yellow line. Gemini at CP had the same yellow line rule, but I think they have air gates now. And, I heard the ride ops many times tell people to step behind the yellow line. It's their job and maintains a safe atmosphere.

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