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Endless Summer on Ice Preview!

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This Saturday Kings Island will proudly debut the Endless Summer on Ice show in the Paramount Theatre!

Join the cast of well over a dozen professional ice skaters as they perform the amazing new show in the Paramount Theatre, but don't be surprised if you get paid a visit by some old friends from Hanna-Barbera Land.

Follow the kids through their adventure beginning with the last day of school at Cedar High School as the kids celebrate the beginning of another summer to the tune of "School's Out." Of course, what's summer vacation without summer camp... at Jellystone Park! Patriotic music plays and red, white and blue is all around as the gang celebrates the 4th of July in an over-the-top Endless Summer fashion. But don't get too comfortable, it's not long until it's time for school to start again. Of course what's school without a classic disco dance to send off the summer?

Click here to see your sneak preview of Endless Summer on Ice!

Don't forget to keep checking KICentral.com for the latest news, rumors, photos, and information about Kings Island amusement park!

A special thanks goes out to Scott, and Josh for making these photos possible.


Ryan & Dane


Update: Daily showtimes will be 1:00, 3:00, 5:30, & 7:30. Open every day except Wednesday.

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Great pics, the show looks promising. I'll probably go see it on my next visit. I probably won't be back till after the show opens. I'm also looking forward to the 60's show that starts later on this month.

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Awesome update guys!!! It's so cool that you all get to go in and see these things before anyone else gets to ;-) I think this show is going to be a smash hit with everyone!!

Wasn`t Toy Factory a fairly expensive show as well?

Yes, but not on the level of this. The sheer price of the ice rink alone, then factor in the costumes for everyone (a new one for every section of the show), the set (again, a new one for every section of the show) and the fact that most of the cast are professional ice skaters...Im sure that costs a pretty penny.

This is definitely one of the most expensive shows in Kings Island history.

I dont know if id go quite that far.....remember in Kings Island history they use to have multi million dollar shows like "Escapades" and "Celebration" etc.

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You know, in all of the excitement of doing this update, I forgot to tell you guys what I thought.

The show is amazing. I absolutely loved it. It's fun, cute, funny, entertaining, and quite a spectacle... all wrapped into a show that's under a half hour.

My favorite part by far is the 4th of July segment. That's quite a presentation.

Bottom line: Just see it..... you'll see.

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Expensive or not... and this looks like a show that took tons of time and money to put together... I'm looking forward to seeing it this weekend (along with another Firehawk ride).

Saw the show-GREAT Summer Fun!

You are right, it does look very professionally produced, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed it.

I like high quality productions mixed in with a bit of wild rides. This show was better than the one I saw at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

I wonder if they were rehearsing at the park all winter? that would be expenisve!

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Just thought I'd chime in. I go to school with one of the Cast members and I know that they have been rehearsing since I believe end of Feb. early March.

They do weight training, cardio and on the ice training for sometimes 8+ hours a day. That takes a lot of work.

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Yes they do look like a lot of scene changes, but they probably don't take that long, as they are hanging from the ceiling, and they just lower them or higher them as the show goes on.

Yes, everything is done on a catwalk, some might be on the right or left of the stage. On either side of the stage there are two dressing rooms where there is a dresser waiting for the prefomers to exit stage and help them dress into their next costume... Everything is snaps and velcro...lol....

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It's a theater system called a "fly system"... basically a rope/pulley system that allows a ground/floor operator to raise and lower, or "fly" scenery in and out. The set pieces themselves are counter weighted at the other end to make the moving of scenery much easier on the operator. -Tyler

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I am planning to see it when I head to Kings Island in a couple of weeks. :) I remember seeing a skating show in the 90's at Carowinds...and I loved it. I am a huge fan of figure skating, can't wait to see this one!

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