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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

bring a friend day

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You didn't miss it. And as has been discussed here, this promotion, which Paramount used a great deal, seems to have been among the things that Cedar Fair has gotten rid of. Most of us think that is good riddance.

Friends got to see the park at its very worst--jam packed, crazy busy...employees got overworked, and even merchandise and food stands couldn't possibly keep up with all the demand. You might think that was a good thing, but it wasn't. I am quite sure BAFF probably caused more people to not come back than the little additional revenue it brought in.

Not to mention that Mr. Kinzel has stressed again and again they want to keep pricing integrity. Last time he mentioned this, strangely enough, moments later he was discussing how they brought back some amenities to the former Paramount Parks season pass program after sales had not met their expectations.

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The very first one they had was horrible. The Water park was so packed that they were refusing people from entering the Wave Pool, of course the pool was so packed you could barely move. Also working one was a pain. Every ride had anywhere from 1 hr to 2 hr lines.

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2 hr line? I was working on SOB, and we had a 3+ hr wait, and Gun was over 2 hrs. It was so crazy that day that most people rode like 2-3 rides and left. They even kept the park open for an extra hour just so people could ride more.

As for operational side, we had to do trash on 4 separate occasions, without any additional help, I was a minor at the time and had to clock out for a half an hr after the park was closed, clock back in, and help clean up, we were all stressed, it was just bad. Of course, when the backup to get into the park from 71 North streches all the way from I-275 overpass to the park, and they were bussing people from the tennis court parking lots, I would have turned around if I wasnt working. It took me close to a half an hr just to get from 275 to the employee parking area.

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Hey -- don't forget that KI worked on an IMPROVED system after the first day.

The first BAFFD required that season passholders bring their pass to the GR window to get an extra ticket for the friend. So basically you had the traffic headache, only to have the parking headache, the ticket headache, and the overall bad experience.

I'm not surprised to see that the days dropped in popularity considerably after the first one.

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I remember working a BAFF day and it was fairly nuts. I have had busy days, but when you struggle to get through the crowd of people because it's so thick, it's exhausting. I remember staying at the park until like 5 am that night just to try and get ready for the next day...

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