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Favorite Ride at KI


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For me, Vortex will always be my favorite coaster at KI. Could it be the fact that It was my first big roller coaster I ever rode, at 7 years old.

My list is as follows as my favorites at KI.

1. Vortex

2. The Beast

3. Firehawk

4. Flight of Fear

5. Delirium

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Favorite Rides.

1 Delirium

2 Drop Zone: Stunt Tower

3 Tomb Raider:The Ride

4 Congo Falls

5 Shake Rattle & Roll

6 Viking Fury

7 White Water Rapids

8 Scrambler

9 The Monster

10 Zephre

Favorite Roller Coasters

1 Firehawk

2 Flight of Fear

3 Son of Beast

4 Vortex

5 Face/Off

6 The Racer

7 The Beast

8 Top Gun

9 Adventure Express

10 Runaway Reptar

11 Fairly Odd Coaster

12 Avatar: The Last Air bender

13 Little Bill's Giggle Coaster

14 Italian Job: Stunt Track

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Flat rides:

1. TR: TR

2.Drop Zone


4.White Water Canyon

5.The Coney Mall Midway (to carnival)

Roller Coasters:

1.Son of Beast




5.Flight of Fear


7.Top Gun

8.Italian Job: Stunt Track

9.Adventure Express

10.Runaway Reptar

11.The BeastIE

12.The Racer

13.Taxi Jam

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Alright, I'll be more specific and actually do a top 10 this time.

1. Vortex

2. Firehawk

3. Beast

4. Scooby

5. Avatar

6. IJ:ST

7. Top Gun

8. Drop Zone

9. Congo Falls

10. Adventure Express

Ofcourse King Cobra gets an honorary 1st place spot, and Delerium comes in dead last. I still say to this day that it could have easily gone somewhere else (X-Base anyone?), and KC could have been down for a while while all the bugs got fixed. I have ridded all the other types of Frisbee, and Delerium pales in comparisson to even the carnival model that I road down in Ocean City.

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I don't see what everyone likes in The Beast. I find it really dull and boring.

My faviorte ride at KI is Flight of Fear.

Haha, Obviously... :-) Your name says it all. Lol, The Beast is a great woody. It beats you up. It's pretty fun as long as you don't get seriously hurt :-P

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Nothing beats The Beast at night, however I chose to ride Firhawk as my last ride of the night on Sunday, and boy is that different in the dark. We had the pleasure of the fireworks going off as we were going up the lift. But Firehawk is cool at night.

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