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    • Most of the restrooms have a urine smell to them.    A few have been updated (maim entrance, Coney-Oktoberfest) but most look like they have their original interior.   Cedar Point, the so-called flagship park is even worse!   Theme park restrooms can be clean and not smell bad.  Busch Gardens Williamsburg accomplishes that.     
    • Ferdinand Hawkins gets shot by Paul aris and takes all of Ferdinand Hawkins land and makes something greater of it- introducing Polaris! Not better than any of the other gigas but certainly better than Firehawk
    • The guy on Reddit told me that 8 pm on August 15th is when "the festivities" begin. So maybe it'll be more than just an announcement. Like a celebration festival with an announcement. Kinda like what Cedar Point did for unveiling Steel Vengeance with the Frontiertown Hootenanny. 
    • I tend to agree. Even with Xbase being out of the way, I really do think it's strange that KI has apparently decided not to tease the biggest attraction they've built in the last 10 years. Not just strange, but also regrettable imo. At the end of the day I'm sure we're all going to enjoy the announcement and of course getting to finally ride this thing, but I really do hope the next time KI plans to add something new like this, that they take the time to post little tidbits at least on Social Media. I think it's also worth noting that the guy claiming to be an employee yesterday on Reddit also mentioned that there would be no teasers at all.
    • Sorry for the double post, but what is all of this nonsense! Why raid Area 51 when we can raid the Intamin HQ? Who’s with me?
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