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  2. They're definitely installed if you look back at the video. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Gates are there - it's just a wide loading platform.
  4. Something about Orion that I'm surprised wasn't mentioned- I don't see any gates in the station to separate each row. I would imagine that they would be installed by now if they are in the design? Maybe we will be getting a preshow in the quonset hut, where rows will be assigned?
  5. I don't think that this has been posted, but definitely an interesting read about the financial implications Corona Virus has on KI , Warren County and their perspectives. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/warren-county-says-state-inaction-has-cost-it-millions-including-delay-for-kings-island/ar-BB14EH93
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  7. From what I remember hearing, 4 train beast actually lowered capacity since the trains would stop at the top of the lifts while waiting for the next block to clear. To be honest, I kinda want to work for KI again as a ride operator this time, but I would take a sizeable pay cut. Decisions decisions lol
  8. This may be a sign of things to come for small regional parks. Folks have been frightened to a point where you really have to weigh the likelihood of people actually showing up at the parks. If they think that people aren't going to come, they won't open, because it will end up costing more to open than to actually just call the season a loss and move on. It's a sad thing to think of, but it's a reality. The fear has been ingrained in folks now, and I'm watching as things are opening here in Indianapolis, and seeing that people are coming out, people are moving around a bit, but there is still a strong "I'm not willing to risk it" that's floating around.
  9. The initial hope was to run 4 trains, but that obviously never happened. I can't speak to KD, but KI did in fact have 4 trains on site. I believe the decision was made by the park upon testing, due to the length of the coaster and the brake/block set up. Other things, including other KI coasters and how they were were operated from a safety standard, factored into it. All 4 trains have eventually been used on the ride, just not simultaneously. One train has not been usable since the early 2000's. OL:FOF did run 3 trains for years. It opened late - with just single train operation. It was mid-June before the public was allowed to ride. The trains were shortened - during testing - from 6 cars to 5. This was because it would valley at the lowest portion of the track prior to final brakes. The rumors of a "Bat Phone" are true. This came about when Drop Zone opened in 1998. They both pulled from the same power grid. I recall supervisors having to "call" before launches, but I'm not positive if it was true of every launch. Part of the requirement when operating the unload side was that you had to drive from ready to unload, unlock restraints, open safety gate, eye the seats for left articles, raise all "down" restraints, replace any "ear buffers" on the OSTRs, clear room, close gate, then send train from unload to waiting. The unload op was under a time pressure because of the challenges of timing launches. BTW, I was on crew in 1998, but to verify, I asked some of the Rides Managers at the time of whom I am still friends. That's the info I feel I can share. As far as SOB - I only recall it running 2 trains. It was designed to operate 3 not 4 afaik. Beast was designed for 4 but never operated publicly as such.
  10. I thought EPCOT would reopen with “Social Distancing Robots”.
  11. North Carolina started phase 2 on May 22nd at 5pm. Phase 3 may start June 26th but it may be pushed back, when asked about water parks, the Governor or Mindy Cohen(NCDHHS) responded with “That sounds like phase 3.”, however I can’t remember which one said it.
  12. South Carolina is already fully opened, specifically in MB, and North Carolina is going through phases.
  13. Each state has ride inspectors and signs off on rides within their state. A couple (maybe just Fury?) rides reside in both. Not sure how those are handled. Both must agree to opening plans if/when that happens.
  14. I would think the most restrictive guidelines would dictate Carowinds opening - so whichever state has the most restrictions probably controls it. Or they completely block half the park off and evac on Fury before it crosses state line
  15. How does that work with Carowinds as they are in both Carolinas? Is one a controlling authority?
  16. I couldn't have said it better myself! MT feels like it had the similar amount of thought put into it as the original construction of Kings Island.
  17. Exactly right @Zader I think that Tony has been giving subtle hints on twitter yet not so much(refer to the tweet at the beginning of the thread). Thoughts anyone?
  18. Think North Carolina needs to be at phase 2 maybe before reopening at reduced capacities which is 2-3 weeks after phase 1. I don't know what they are at right now. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://files.nc.gov/governor/documents/files/NC-3-PHASE-PLAN.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjyxM6F0tTpAhW0Ap0JHbAsByQQFjAGegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw1D3CFBwKokEp8v908xlQM5
  19. You guys have any news on Carowinds? My family may be planning to go there near the end of June when we go on vacation to Myrtle Beach.
  20. I think I will vote after I ride Orion. Voting before is not a fair to the poll.
  21. It's a hard choice for me. Diamondback is a fun coaster with lots of great airtime and our first really huge coaster in awhile. Banshee gave us another great looper and filled a gap that was a bit of an eyesore in that area of the park and brought a lot to Action Zone. I overall went with Mystic Timbers though because it is a fantastic thrilling coaster that also provides a ton of great theming to the area. The ride itself is even themed pretty decently, and as much as some people hate on the shed (and it was a little anticlimactic after the hype), it is still a great use of the break run to keep you in shed and entertained while waiting. The plaza area also looks fantastic and even provides some backstory for that area of the park. Would love to see Cedar Fair continue with this level of theming for future additions. Feel like it's a perfect amount for a regional park like KI.
  22. One could argue that a museum or zoo could open first because it would be a lot easier to control crowds with a reservation system and a defined path for visitors to follow to see the exhibits and attractions. An amusement park like KI would be a little harder to implement - most will want to go to Orion, and developing a defined path of rides to ride in a particular order would be difficult to manage. What if you don't want to ride some of the rides on the defined path LOL. The Cincinnati Zoo specifically requested The Enquirer to ask DeWine when zoos can reopen but his office did not make anyone available to comment for their story. He is a big media guy and believes in Freedom of the Press, so that coupled with his response on "Meet the Press" should indicate he is not close to making a decision. A DeWine spokesman said zoos are also considered large venue gatherings, akin to baseball games. DeWine has said such gatherings – where it can be hard to prevent people from congregating – will be among the last to resume. I suspect it will be some time before we hear anything from the Governor's office. I am thinking around Father's Day so he can evaluate if we see a spike in cases that may pop up from venues that have re-opened and got people going in and out of these places and get past the "magic number" of 14 days (as in most states required a self-quarantine of 14 days). I think if he is pressured for a response he will say they are not opening this year, so maybe giving him time to evaluate the science of the re-openings may afford him the opportunity to announce a day they can open. Now whether they decide to open or not at that date is another story. Much past July 4th, CF may decide it isn't worth the cost and effort.
  23. probably just something to do with one of the trains... who knows...
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