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  2. Just letting everyone know antiques is open for haunt this year and will have a long line.
  3. Tomorrow is the last buyout this season.
  4. Does anyone know why Candymonium took so long between building the brake run and the lift hill?
  5. Yeah I have no idea. I wish the cam was just a little more zoomed in lol. but then we couldn't see the entire lift hill be placed together. we win some we lose some lol
  6. It looks like the end caps of supports or something..
  7. Well then T- Bone is over there lifting things I can't see off that semi!
  8. White crane is right by the base of lift footer. Also, since we call the large red crane Clifford, how about we call the yellow crane "T-Bone" and the white one "Cleo"
  9. Today
  10. I can't wait for that! is it exciting that I am literally just as excited to see what white crane is about to do right now lol White crane is in position for lift hill...….
  11. Guess white crane needed practice backing up lol. Yeah saw the new flatbed.
  12. Id say they are preparing to do the lift hill very soon. Maybe even starting next week!
  13. I am not sure where the heck white crane is going lol. Also there is a new semi bringing in something like small supports or something else. Its not the large supports we have been seeing. White crane is backing in near station on the fof side.
  14. Here's hoping. Has to go the long way because of how all the pieces have been places
  15. Heading to break run! Possibly to get into position to put up supports. It looks to be taking the long way around.
  16. Here is a thought: (what I mean by Coney Island closing is the rides are)
  17. They have been doing this for at least the last 15 years. It's not going to change.
  18. Testing the coasters to get ready for tonight!
  19. Blue Racer is running as of 10:10am Edit: hasnt run in several minutes, so it was probably a maintenance thing.
  20. Kind of sad, but here are all the Coney Island Rides for sale. http://rides4u.com/equipment/packages/view/25
  21. I am so sad I missed out on this coaster. I had planned to go in 2017 but they fell through due to money constraints. I am so upset with myself over not being able to ride this.
  22. Yeah the yellow crane is. White has not moved at all. Update the big thing in front of yellow crane was just a cherry picker / lift.
  23. It's moving a support into the dirt area.
  24. No white crane so far today. There is also something large in from of yellow crane I can't make out what it is.
  25. I guess, just disappointing that after 2 weekends of buyouts they choose to once again have a buyout on the first Saturday of the event.
  26. Being there with you on that opening day, I do not remember there being a separate unload station.
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