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  2. Well, if that were the case, Kentucky Kingdom would have been planning for Lightning Run in 2009 when it was still Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I think the parks have to be nimble enough in the long term planning to get short term benefits. I'd bet there is a Kings Island 2025 plan out there in a folder somewhere, but things change. I have no idea why this text is underlined. I did not click the box, and it cannot be unclicked on this post.
  3. They put the piece that is directly below the drop in earlier and now they are putting in the next piece.
  4. Is it weird that I used to think Diamondback was a giga?
  5. That’s what I always thought the 5 year plan meant. I just don’t see how’d you spend 5 years designing a regional park coaster. If I recall a wing coaster for GateKeeper was decided upon at IAAPA 2011 which was just 2 years prior to its opening.
  6. Yeah, it just appears that the track is being installed straight with the webcam's line of sight. I imagine we'll be able to see the next piece or two rise up to the left, into the last turn.
  7. If the search function here worked better (or I was better at using it), you would be proven wrong. The mantra on this board for at least the past several years has been a 5 year process from decision to build a coaster and opening of finished product. Never saw any evidence to support that claim but I have seen many on here berated in the past to dare think otherwise.
  8. Looks like track is being raised/put into place now.
  9. I don’t think anyone’s ever said it takes 5 years to actually design a coaster, I think the five year process is just a general idea of what they’d like to do during those five years and I assume it frequently changes for the years further down the road.
  10. Lets face it guys, we have been lied to for years about the coaster planning process. This revelation is a devastating blow to the credibility of the enthusiast community.
  11. ^That's always been a gap in my understanding. Taft-KECO-Carl Linder (KI only)….but how did KI come back into the fold before the Paramount years?
  12. Are they even going to install track today?
  13. Today
  14. Carl Lindner never owned KECO, as the video claims. He owned Kings Island and retained Kings Entertainment Company on a management contract for just that park.
  15. Some of the KIC galleries that are mentioned in the podcast: KMAA: https://kicentral.com/rides/kings-mills-antique-autos/ IS renovations: https://kicentral.com/kings-island-2019/international-street-2019/ The Beast's 40th: https://kicentral.com/rides/the-beast/ Grand Carnivale: https://kicentral.com/kings-island-2019/grandcarnivale/ Vortex: https://kicentral.com/rides/vortex/
  16. I can still see it; the roof just blends in with the concrete. I can see why it would look that way though!
  17. I definitely would not consider anytime before June mid-summer. If anything, June/July is midsummer. Must have been a pretty quick planning process! Probably what they’ll do with Vortex
  18. Hate to see the station go as it looked great and was kind of iconic for that area of the park. However it's removal would allow for the much needed expanding of the midway in that spot. It already felt congested enough with the exit path for WindSeeker and Vortex there. If they ever do anything with the old action theatre it will really need more room for people to get through, as well as just visibility for the attraction. If we get another coaster in that same area I hope they try to emulate the look of the former station with the new one.
  19. I can see the building there.
  20. Off topic, I know, but is it just me, or is the building (restrooms, I believe) that was next to WindSeeker gone?? When did that happen?? Edit: Maybe it's still there and I'm just not seeing it correctly??
  21. I hate that it comes to, what I see, as infighting among clubs. There is nothing wrong with being members of more than one club. If media day invites are important, you can join ACE for that and be in GOCC or Coaster Crew or TPR for social reasons. Memberships are very affordable, and the benefits are great in all of them.
  22. Truth be told I’m not concerned with either being reported. I just though they may keep their foot on the pedal and give the masses what they are wanting. I fully intend to get the last piece myself and the hills of Vortex coming down from vantage points around KI .
  23. Nice video on the history of Paramount Parks on how they came into being and became part of Cedar Fair. Makes me wonder what KI would be like today if some other chain would have beat out CF in acquiring the Paramount parks.
  24. Yes, it is a two-year process, at least for Kings Island. Planning for Diamondback began in 2007, Banshee in 2012, Mystic Timbers in 2015, Orion in 2018. It’s been that way for a while. True development on The Beast didn’t begin until 1977. Sometimes it does take longer (Son of Beast was green lit in 1997), sometimes the process is shorter (planning for Firehawk began October 2006).
  25. Yeah, whatever happened to the whole 5 year process for a coaster? So basically now they can start designing a custom coaster, then start pouring footers in about a year now? That is seriously impressive as it takes considerably longer to plan and build a Starbucks hut, these people know what they are doing!
  26. This is absolutely true. The date was confirmed to me by Mike Koontz during my second interview with him 10/13/2019. Planning at Kings Island typically begins two years before the attraction opens.
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