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  2. There is a new Sesame Place park opening in 2021 called Sesame Place San Diego and it will have various rides, shows, and other fun attractions. More details will be released soon. https://sesameplace.com/san-diego/about-the-park/ I will update on this in the future and if any of you find any updates, please post them!
  3. I wish they would bring in a full skyline in Kings Island and get rid of having 2. Give more jobs for waiters. Kings Island will profit cause food cost is crazy. Really wish one day we would get a full just like out of the park skyline.
  4. Well we know the track isn't complete and trains are not even on site from what we know lol If they are testing this coaster already I must of been asleep for 4 months lol
  5. Usually webcams come down for first test as well, wonder if it truly was software updates.
  6. Since webcams are down, I think a moment of off topic is fine. Mods will probably think different. lol
  7. Yes, and it has been very smooth all year so what happened? We were on train 1 which of 1 and 2 is better.. Something changed.
  8. Yeah no thank you. Just 1 comment off topic here but I hope its not like that every day next season. I'd hate to not be able to make a trip to CP due to it getting rekt'd.
  9. You mean bursting at the causeway?
  10. If it helps at all the CP cams are real boring...……………...oh that might be because the park is closed and not bursting at its seems.
  11. Ha! You guys crack me up. We can survive a couple days without a webcam. My lips need to be sealed, just so I dont ruffle any feathers, or whatever you want to call it.
  12. Today
  13. I believe that the crane in the parking lot is this model or something very similar. https://www.sterettcrane.com/pdf/Truck Cranes/Sterett-LTM-1500-164ft.pdf It does seem that a larger boom can be added to this crane to increase its height so that is what may be done to get it up to ~300 feet.
  14. This is from page 81 on this thread. The crane in the parking lot is much larger than Cleo and friends. I drove by when Cleo was in the parking lot and it is noticeably larger.
  15. Is the white truck crane in the parking lot even tall enough to reach that high?
  16. Don't forget to credit your source even if its yourself!
  17. That is not correct. There will only be the two large cranes currently assembled. The large white one in the parking lot will be used to bring up the coaster workers to bolt the pieces together.
  18. LOvinMe is right. Wonder what they will get done while the cranes are being built? I suspect basically any area that will need crane use. I guess I am wondering most when they also start on other areas of the coaster. Either way we are getting much closer to the good stuff.
  19. They still have another big crane to assemble before they complete the lift hill. There will be two big cranes holding/lifting track and one crane holding the basket of workers.
  20. Same number of operating days as previous years - just happens that Thanksgiving this year just happens to be the latest on the calendar that it ever can be. What is interesting is that Carowinds Winterfest opens on Sunday Nov24 which is after KI debuts their Winterfest on Nov 22.
  21. Yeah probably more like Nintendo’s standard note with each system update: On another note has anyone here tried Google Earth in VR? It really is fascinating being able to fly around a park and look at stuff in 3D from whatever perspective you want. It really would be incredible if in the future the park could set up a camera system with a live VR feed of a coaster construction. Possibly could even be technically accomplished now on some level with a few stand-off drones hovering a safe distance away.
  22. It didn't look like the big white crane was complete over the weekend, so I'm guessing they wont be installing much lift tack or supports until that's done, guessing that will probably be today hopefully
  23. I eat La Rosas every time, but do love Skyline...so I agree that perhaps it isn't a food I crave b4 flying down huge hills and walking for miles. I still luvs ya though Skyline.
  24. I don't think a software update is going to give you a different view. Guess i'll watch the CP cam's for no reason until Ki's are ready!
  25. I would imagine since the brake run is pretty much done that they will probably get the supports ready to put in place for the next section of the lift. They also might place some more of the drop since they moved those pieces over on Friday.
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