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  2. Team Skyride or some kind of transport system for the park
  3. With 12 votes, @VortexBFForever is the winner of the KIC Slogan Contest! Congrats VortexBFF. We will be sending you details to get your shirt ordered.
  4. I would love to see a the Ferris wheel return.
  5. I put this in the Miami Brewing thread but
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  7. ^^ I agree.. we are all here because we all have a common interest. There is no need to turn to childish games. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. Props to the admins for getting that taken down so fast.
  9. Last year during Winterfest, the 2 pedestals closest to the bandstand were removed. The other 4 were left in place for the ice rink. I’m kinda curious as to what the park did with them. I’m assuming they just tore them apart and threw them in the trash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ^^It'll be interesting to see this weekend if anymore clearing was done since the weather down here where I live (about 5 minutes from the park) has been gorgeous these past few days. Also @Maverick44 are you going to create anymore giga concepts?
  11. The cauldrons (or whatever they were called) I personally can't ride them, but I think every amusement park should have something similar to the Tea Cups. The Beastie...yes I know its still there, and I know it was originally the Scoobie Doo, but to me, it will always be The Beastie, and that it what my children have learned to call it. KCKC. Re-purpose the Tomb Raider building, and have the thing flow in and out. I'd even go so far as to add an element like the flume ride at Epcot used to have where you'd turn and go down a small hill backward. They could do a lot of multi-layered layout in there. Recar The Talking Tree They brought back The Beast foot prints, bring back the Votex ones (top gun might be a little awkward, but I'd settle for a nice Bat Logo painted back that way. German food in the Festhaus; talk to Schmidts and make it happen. You can have the Chinese side, the one area for pizza and what not, and the other side of that area for Schmidts. Winner.
  12. I totally agree. With the clearing right now, no way a 300+ foot coaster would fit. Honestly, a dive would fit perfectly with the area cleared out now. Curiosu to see how it looks come late May/early June. Going along with other discussions, I also do not agree the station would be near WindSeeker. Just too crowded!
  13. I agree with you about KD's fountain....the berm really doesn't make a pretty entrance..let me see the fountain please! I felt like KD's fountains just kinda were there...nothing great...the last time I watched them, it didn't seem that they did much. I mentioned to @pianoman this past weekend, it was nice to be able to actually hear the water splatter throughout the fountains....it didn't just seem like a rush and water falling off the side of the pedestal bowls. I have mentioned in private to a few folks about my surprise that the flag poles were still located at the front of the fountain...I can understand why (it's not really all that easy when you get down to it, to move them)....but I could find a better place for them if they decided to relocate them in the future.
  14. I have eaten there at the last two Winterfests and I have really enjoyed it. I’m so happy it’s reopening this summer and not just for Winterfest!
  15. Hawaiian Coasters 325 is just having some fun, Starkey111. No need to degrade him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Okay, I'm not going to lie...that would be awesome...I mean sharks too!
  17. Looks good to me.. why the hate? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. so realistic and i think this 2020 coast has been successfully decoded thank you so much this is 100p autocad design i'm positive
  19. Not really an old promotional video but a little bit of nostalgia for you guys. Here’s a couple of videos of the puppet stage tree in Hanna Barbara Land back in the 80s.
  20. I am going to guess during Winterfest they removed 2 of them because according to the photo that I have shows there are six and in the photo @IndyGuy4KI provided there are four by the looks of it.
  21. Not for sprinklers, the insured value of the entire property - including its business operations.
  22. It'll be interesting to see this weekend if any new clearing was done this past week. I live just 5 minutes from KI and the weather was gorgeous several days this week.
  23. Makes me wonder if they replaced things elsewhere or had to do some work on a central system that has something to do sprinklers all over the park, not just in that building. They may of even had to replace a central system at some point, that just might explain the 7.3 million. But it would be a long shot that wouldn’t really make sense. It would make more sense if it was $73 grand or $7.3 grand
  24. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    I'm not 100% it'll go all the way to the SOB plot. It could just go up into the old safari clearing and turn around there. I could also see the station ending up somewhere by the existing maintenance buildings and tying into X Base there. But overall, that layout does fit with rumors we've heard.
  25. I’m in complete agreement. I think that makes the most sense and Firehawk plot can still be used for a flat. Plus it’s less clearing they’ll have to do. Size wise this is what I’m hoping for.
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