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  2. I was there Saturday and you can see land that was cleared from The Tower. It is close to where they are building the new coaster. We asked the Elevator operator and they said a new hotel was going up there but looking at the above map that is the exact area I saw from The Tower.
  3. Behind Beast of course. Now, I believe Voyage is second longest. I would love if we could take the most airtime on any coaster record from Steel Vengeance if we get an RMC.
  4. Nah, the LaRosa’s people have all the answers. Those ET people are out of the loop on this one.
  5. To be fair, this was the first time I was able to get to ki since it was built. So I've never experienced the shed. Wasn't the biggest reason I wanted to ride it was a little disappointed that it wasn't working. But it didn't take away anything from the ride experience given that I'd never ridden it before.
  6. Son of Beast was the second longest coaster in the world if I remember correctly.
  7. Um, yeah! I love the shed. the mystery of what song you're going to get, and the anticipation of wondering if you're going to get the tree. Between that and the awesome ride experience, it's my favorite ride in the park.
  8. Here now, Brown is still put to bed with green and red running.
  9. Do you really thing the park would care if there was a small scratch on the paint. Not like anyone is going to ever see it. hey look there is a scratch on the piece 500ft away. Im not riding.
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  11. If we get an RMC, I want it to break 200 feet like Steel Vengeance and have a 90° drop and loads of airtime. If they go topper track, I would hope for them to go after the wooden coaster records. I doubt they would go longest because of how Beast is in the same park and I would doubt the park would want to make a coaster longer than Beast. That's probably why they didn't go for the steel coaster length record with project X.
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  13. Another possible option would of course be to get an entirely new model from B&M, it’s been almost 10 years (at least when we likely get our next coaster) since B&M would have released a new coaster model so I’d expect they’d have something new by then.
  14. Please don't turn this into another Intamin trolling thread or I'll just ask to have this page locked. I started a thread on Cedar Fair and Intamin a while back- go post on that.
  15. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    I don't know about paint, but it'll sure ruin a pair of pants. We had a 70 ft tall light tower flip a crane once.... At least with that track piece they didn't have the boom extended, so it didn't fall far.
  16. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    Does this scratch paint?
  17. Have you tried asking Eiffel Tower employees?
  18. So you just say "can you believe that the Dippin Dots guy told me that it was...."
  19. Hey now be nice! Everyone else is saying other things as well! I boy can dream! I also would like a new flume and a return of the Phantom!!! Is it really tjhat bad to ask for a Blitz coaster? They are pretty amazing.
  20. Service life ends up being thrown out as a conveniently vague reason to remove an older ride. Sometimes it's they want to use the land, sometimes it's just too expensive to keep the ride going. In Vortex's case, it seems like they can still get parts, so I don't think it'll be an expense thing. I haven't heard much about the track or supports breaking like was supposedly going on regularly with Dragons at Universal. So I don't see Vortex getting removed for maintenance reasons in the near future. The question about do they want to use that plot for something else is another question. From a practical standpoint, as long as it keep running relatively full trains, it would be hard to replace it from a capacity standpoint. Anything else they put there isn't going to have a dramatically larger capacity. So it would take ridership dropping quite a bit to make a swap for a newer ride make sense. You want an Intamin? And a Blitz at that? Wow. Why have you never told us this before?
  21. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    Talk about something being hyped up just to let the entire fanbase down... I wonder if they will remove the coaster in 2021. You know, one and done. No... The first we saw of Banshee was the storage shed. That was May 2013. No track or supports were delivered until August. After the the announcement. Nothing has changed that would make that timeline need to be different. Hershey track and supports are starting to leave CSF, freeing up room. Diamondback was being built before the announcement IIRC, but all we had for Banshee was footers. You just put cribbing down to keep it from sitting directly on the ground. Right now at CSF they have painted track in gravel and grass areas. Mud splashing from rain does not scratch paint.
  22. If I got to pick our next coaster after the Giga, I’d want a floorless. The two I’ve been on were really cool- I’m really looking forward to getting some laps on Rougarou next month! Also, if the sky were truly the limit, I’d say get an Intamin Impulse coaster, but they’re not making many of those anymore (also, Wicked Twister). I’d also like to see a unique ground-up RMC someday.
  23. When they purchased the Paramount Parks, then it was removed the following year.
  24. There was track delivered to Hershey not too long ago, so it's likely they're delivering the supports needed for the track there.
  25. I think we'll be seeing work from companies like RMC, gerstlauer, and possibly Mack in our future. Mack coasters are extremely expensive since they're manufactured overseas so that might be a deciding factor for the park. I like Gerstlauer but it seems like a company that's better fit for smaller tier parks like Worlds of Fun, Knott's, Valley Fair, etc. For our next *big* coaster I suspect either RMC or B&M. When was the last time Cedar Fair got a coaster from S&S?
  26. ^^ Bring back the Phantom & Keelboat!
  27. Bump! I am very much looking forward to exploring in July! Anyone (that has been) know what time Forbidden Frontier opens each day (specifically on Saturdays)? Thanks in advance!
  28. Just drove past CSF, grey Supports on a truck getting ready to be delivered to a park, they were not the the gray color on the piece of the giga track, slightly darker so most likely for Hershey
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