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  2. Yeah I agree with Brent. I think what I dislike is how they removed the “grand” elements from the fountains, which I would consider to be the pedestals and the high shooting water. It might still be the same height now or even higher, but the little streams aren’t impressive. The water that used to come out of the fountains was substantial, now it’s tiny streams like in a mall. It reminds me of the fountain that used to be at Tri County Mall, if anyone remembers that.
  3. I found them in Emporium at the registers.
  4. I get the "they're not like they used to be" kinda thought...but a lot of people make these assumptions in their head of what it's going to be like and then they get let down when it's not how they thought it would be.
  5. I think it’s more a case of people see there was so much potential in a “major renovation” that wasn’t met. There were design choices that seemed like lateral moves or down grades. For me it has nothing to do with “wanting the old back” but more seeing where it could’ve been better.
  6. I have a feeling they will rotate the trains each year, they can rehab the one not on the track during the season, less they have to do during off season. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. Did anyone notice how much more friendly all the workers seemed to be this year? With Kings Island being my home park it was really nice to feel like a stepped into a magical place with the new IE renno. Amazing!!!!
  8. I noticed that yesterday, I was super disappointed, that was my favorite things to get there.
  9. Yes panda express is back to 2 entrées. However, I was told that they will not have chow mein this year. So your options for sides are either fried rice or steamed white rice. It also appears that they had some new items on the menu. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just saw this - Had a lot of fun chatting with you guys on the podcast. Thanks for having me on! and now that we have verification of land clearing, LET THE FUN BEGIN
  11. To be completely honest, I talked to a park official that you spoke to this weekend and he was surprised to find out that the park was adding a Vekoma Madhouse...yet you had no evidence to share with them either.
  12. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    Are you talking about by The Racer, or the small area in the pic above just above the boneyard?
  13. There is definitely new clearing that has occurred between mid March and Preview night.
  14. Yes. The fact came about as was talking to a ride op (specifically, the one assigning seats) and admiring the green paint. When I asked if the train got repainted, she told me the train was from Stinger and that if I looked, I may be able to see where the logo used to be. She also told me that Invertigo’s (actual)!train was in storage. Also, I think another ride op said something about it to when they were checking restraints.
  15. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    Thats from October. They hadn't even closed Firehawk yet. They just started clearing by The Racer in the last few weeks. Even if that is legit clearing, theres no reason to think it has anything to do with the 2020 project. They wouldn't start clearing then stop for 6 months.
  16. It’s hard to tell if that is new clearing or just stands out because of the contrast between Fall and Summer foliage. If you zoom in on the Winter picture it already may have been cleared.
  17. https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2019/twisted-timbers-update?fbclid=IwAR1kXX6_Fob9h3YpKLAfMSU1BUzvK7TqH_xbk84b3RXAltuDnlH2kOv3qL0 From the Kings Dominion blog post (posted on April 19th, 2019):
  18. I visited Chicken Shack this weekend to try the new smoked wings. The layout of the restaurant has changed from last year, with 4 automated ordering kiosks to redeem dining plan meals or purchase food & drink. Cash customers are given a receipt to take to a cashier to complete their order. After I ordered, I was called up to the counter to ask if I wanted barbecue or buffalo sauce on my wings. I requested them plain, which was a good decision because the wings are quite tasty as-is - very similar to the Island Smokehouse version. I'm really glad to have these as an option in the main park. Panda Express at the park was indeed offering two entrées and a side yesterday as the meal plan option.
  19. Remember, that the fountain shows (both the night time and day time versions) are not supposed to debut until Memorial Day weekend. I am sure they are still fine tuning the programming of the fountains with the lights and sound. And, yesterday and Friday were considerably windy at times, so I am sure they adjusted the fountain to compensate for the winds.
  20. Yesterday
  21. “Kings Island, the home away from home.” (EDIT)*sorry for double posting *
  22. “Go where the thrills come to life!”
  23. I notice on the Kings Island website that Panda Express has changed back to 2 entrees. Can anyone confirm this was the case in the park? Panda Express Two Entrées Bowl & Side
  24. I’m personally very excited for this as I hope to get into the whole monster jam driver /industry, I might be in an internship next year with one of the monster jam independent teams (bounty hunter/scarlet bandit)
  25. I agree that's neat, and a great touch. But whats up with the mismatched awning?
  26. Has anyone been able to confirm that they are Stinger’s trains? I’m sure there’s way more to this, but Stinger was a year older than Invertigo. Seems like the Invertigo trains would be in slightly better shape than Stinger’s.
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