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  2. Actually, many of the teasers were really helpful with decoding the ride. If you look at this article from COASTER101, you can see that almost all of the ride was figured out from the teasers. https://www.coaster101.com/2018/06/30/carowinds-2019-teasers-what-do-they-all-mean/
  3. It was one of the loudest “booms” I’ve ever heard.
  4. That’s what I mean, a lot of folks though, in the beginning said that it was too small or not fast enough and it turned out fine.
  5. But almost every other coaster has belts of some sort at KI. And Goliath at OG doesn't have belts, and in my anecdotal experience, dispatches much slower. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Best food to eat during a storm if you ask me.
  7. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    Paramount was trying to do more of the Disney thing than the CP thing. Theme park over amusement park. They just didn't have the budget and the the ability to do year round operations for that to work. That being said, Paramount added 5 coasters to the park. As of right now, CF has added 4. During the Paramount Era, CP also added 5 coasters, only 2 of which were B&M. If SOB hadn't been so poorly built and was still here to be RMC'ed today, I think the Paramount era is looked at differently.
  8. You get a barcode for redemption. They can track which ones are used. So basically it’s (ones that have been used / ones that were sent out) as the formula. I bet it’s well below 1%.
  9. For you regulars, just curious, has there been a major increase in ridership this year so far with the added promotion due to the anniversary year?
  10. I think if paramount would of went with a massive steel coaster from B&M back in the mid 90's like CF did with Raptor / Mantis it would of changed my mind on the rides they installed. They were scared to spend the money and when they did on SoB it was was "junk"
  11. I'm not saying that they made bad choices in rides, but the difference in FoF and a $25M giga are pretty different. CP was getting B&M after B&M in the 90's and we got a themed off the shelf coaster that's been installed in 3 different parks. Not saying they were bad additions, but the fact that Cedar Fair has installed 3 B&Ms now in 11 years is a big difference vs. Paramount.
  12. This right here is a perfect and hilarious response.
  13. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    The electrical plans indicate DMX lighting will be used. I'm not an expert, but DMX lighting is far from being simple, 'dumb' lights. These are lights that I believe the color can be changed in an instant and can easily accomplish fades, chasing effects, lighting changing to the seasons, etc. (so, "fun stuff" for lights). KCL Engineering designed and installed the lighting package for Hangtime at KBF, while TPR provided the physical DMX lighting/hardware. KCL seems to have more of a relationship with Gerstlauer than CF, but they've at least worked with CF before (on Hangtime), so perhaps there's some precedent there that they'll work with CF again, possibly on KI's giga. The Drunk Rider's February 9, 2019 podcast has some more info there, as well as the sites below. I don't think KI's giga will get a light package as extensive as Hangtime's, but I think something like Fury's is certainly a possibility. https://www.kclengineering.com/lighting-theme-and-thrill https://tprlights.com/
  14. Curious why Action Theater is not used for shows at all?
  15. Would they even have a way to measure that? Seems like it is unlikely that it is really linked to you pass, I would assume they just have a supervisor "promo" the cost down.
  16. I agree, and I felt like the park was more diverse in what it offered back then. It definitely has a lot of great coasters now, but I miss having things like shows in the Action Theater and Tomb Raider:The Ride to break it up a little bit. FoF is still the best themed ride in the park, and still a good ride. Delirium is great, Drop Tower is good. If only they hadn't missed so big on Son of Beast... I can only dream of a KI that has an RMC'd SOB, Beast, Diamondback, and 2020 giga.
  17. I will agree with that as well as keeping Phantom Theater going for so long.
  18. fryoj

    Decoding 2020

    Sorry, but Budget Giga can only afford one thread.... The teasers for MT and Banshee gave no clues for what they ended up being other than vague hints at theming that made no sense until after the announcement. Also, didn't Fury's teasers hint towards the Centurion theme? At this point anyone who says they are fake are either in denial, a troll, or a contrarian. Well, theres another term, but we are not allowed to question people's mental capacity here.
  19. That is pretty funny. I mean I wouldn't ever make a brown coaster track either lol. I really dunno what HP was thinking.
  20. Today
  21. Paramount added some great rides towards the beginning of their ownership. Flight of Fear comes to mind first.
  22. Between a confusing program, nonsensical rewards, being email based, and a quiet roll out, I wonder what their redemption percentage is.
  23. For those of you who listen to coaster radio podcast they have already named this coaster Poop Chute
  24. I see that now. Embedded version didn’t seem to have the full title. The way the tower was lit up it looked like Grand Carnivale colors so I assumed it was this week. I was actually there when it happened. I was taking shelter in the “lobby” area of the front of the Festhaus. It was so loud that I thought the Festhaus had been struck.
  25. I got a discount off of Fastlane today, sadly I already have all season fastlane so this is completely useless
  26. I got a perk today. $150 for a cabana rental.
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