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  2. If it puts it into any more perspective, the sprayers for the fountain are clearly Home Depot caps on the flanges with holes drilled into them. This was the alternative to simply not having a fountain at all for the first few weekends. What I’m saying is, to think it’s not done because it’s simply not synced up to music is the understatement of the week. Stay tuned.
  3. So, I have another question in light of a conversation I had with @malem and co while riding the Train on Opening Day... will anything special be done for WaterWorks’ (Soak City) 30th anniversary? I would totally get in line for a throwback T-shirt!!! #shutupandtakemymoney lol
  4. 1. TRTR making a return (unfortunately this won’t ever happen with the actual Tomb Raider theming) 2. Sky ride 3. SOB 4. Phantom theater cant really think of anything beyond that. But I leave you with this... ”Great memories never die and as years roll on and as days pass by in our hearts a memory is kept of those lost but Not Forgotten” -Anonymous
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  6. Not a bring it back, but can we get a tilt-a-whirl with whatever is going on in XBase?
  7. Cincinnati.com posted an article last October (2018) that included plans filed in August of 2018 with the Warren County Recorder's Office had the plans for the remainder of 2018, as well as for 2019 and 2020. B&M is definitely working on something at the park, because they were on the filing for a project to be completed within that time. I believe that this might be the Notice of Commencement that is floating around in several threads on this site. Thank you, public records for helping us decode the the likelihood of us getting a giga in 2020! It will DEFINITELY be a B&M coaster with the filings already in place. Link to the article is posted below. They even cite KIC! Cincinnati.com Speculation about Giga
  8. It can be pretty easy to see what the park is looking to do. The permits and trademarks filed, to my knowledge are no longer under the control of Cedar Fair after they are filed. This is because if you have to file a permit, it normally becomes public record. This is probably why the permits are very vague. Anybody can request a copy of a public record, so it is almost impossible for the park to keep anything a secret for too long. I know that is how the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati.com journalists got the information from the Warren County Recorder's Office from a proposal or a permit filing. The park may not like it, but they cannot do much other than use code names to an extent.
  9. Anyone know why the restaurant became not-open to the public? I’d assume it was for logistical reason.
  10. Ben43065

    Decoding 2020

    I’ve gone through the Notice of commencement and listed companies that seem likely to be involved with the coaster. B&M (Obviously), Fenton Rigging (Construction), Baynum (On site painting work),ASHLEE FENCE ENTERPRISES(Fence work, they did Invertigo), Exhibit 3 fabrications (Ride plaza sign), Beacon Electric (Did work with Banshee), Reflect Systems (Giftshop display, Queue TVs?) One company not on the notice is TRA design, since they design things they likely won’t need to be listed. They have designed several stations for Cedar Fair.
  11. Your items will get to you before that Thursday. I would imagine they will start sending the items out at the beginning of the month.
  12. Even with it being renovated in 2011?
  13. The park has said they are still working on it. We do not know what additional changes that will bring.
  14. I think that Cedar Fair has really been good in the thrill department for KI. Yet, within the past few years, the theming is beginning to return. I hope to see this trend continue, as CF parks seem to lack theming.
  15. Not sure. I bought my grandson's pass. You'll have to ask.
  16. I have seen several references to the fountain not being fully operational. Can anyone elaborate and what exactly wasn’t or isn’t complete? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yesterday
  18. Anyone else notice the info about international restaurant reopening for “special dining events” through the season. Could we be testing the possibility of a full reopen down the road?
  19. As in they sent it out a week before? Or you got it a week before? Asking because I’m in Virginia and I would be really disappointed to say the least if my stuff didn’t get here in time before my flight to Ohio that Thursday.
  20. Half of me thinks this is brilliant, half thinks it’s over engineered. I’m very curious as to how this ends up working out.
  21. That girl’s style is weird. Quotes with no credit. More of a “this is the buzz” over “this person speaks with authority” feel. I like it so far.
  22. I want guess that those are the insured amounts. My best guess for Coney BBQ is that it is supposed to be $7.3MM, which is possible.
  23. Its obviously going to be a new water ride.. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  24. Yes, they could have, but I'd imagine it was a cost issue. Beware of anytime something simpler is pitched as "modern", it usually means cheaper When I think of the Kings Island fountain, I think of those pedestals. Here's to hoping this is righted at some point in the future a la the Glockenspiel, which they did an EXCELLENT job on.
  25. Who needs a giga when you have those Coney bbq sprinklers? And the Golden Ticket for best sprinklers goes to....
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