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  2. ^ So is there still a lawsuit being filed anyway?
  3. I’m wanting it to be different than RCDB. I believe that there isn’t an archive of merchandise that was sold or promos (I know some rips exist on YouTube, but not at a central location).
  4. They got exactly what they wanted. The ability to open. Dewine was supposed to announce dates for amusement parks on Thursday but did not. If they didn't sue who knows when they were going to be able to open.
  5. ^ Where was that taken at? Also what is Cedar Point and Kings Island hoping the gain by sueing Amy Acton when DeWine announced today that Amusement parks could open in two weeks?
  6. Knowing CF they will charge $2 for the privilege, unless you purchase the All-Season Face Mask Rest Área Plan for $49.
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  8. ^ that article also shows this! I wonder if and how many locations KI would have for this?
  9. I don’t think this has been shared...it’s from the Dis site. It would certainly be a memorable photo op. https://universal.wdwinfo.com/visiting-universals-parks-after-the-covid-19-closure/
  10. Park capacity is right around 70k, the average weekday during the summer is between 22-25k with weekends being 30k and saturday being 35k. This is what I've seen on average and what I've posted on this site in the past.
  11. That number is just the long term care facilities number. https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/dashboards/key-metrics/mortality According to this chart, 78% of all deaths in Ohio to coronavirus have been from people over the age of 70. If you take the number back to the 65+ number that I originally said, the percentage will increase again. That is just the stats. Again if you are under the age of 65 the risk of dying to coronavrius is minuscule.
  12. And you simply lie and misrepresent whenever you want.
  13. 29% of a bit over 100k is around 30k, again so far this year. I think you would agree that 29% is going to well top that 36,120 number by the end of the year.
  14. He paints the picture how he wants, just go through the posts. No arguing with him...
  15. Speaking of stats, The NHTSA reported that approximately 52 percent of all automobile accidents occur within a five-mile radius of my home and 69 percent of all car accidents occur within a ten-mile radius from my home, so I moved
  16. I think that person was specifically saying you, yourself has a higher chance to die of a car crash than to coronavirus. Unless you are over the age of 65 you have a super low chance of dying to coronavirus. In Ohio alone over 71% of people that have died to coronavirus were from long term care facilities. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ETm51GayRjlnoaRVtUOWfkolEeAQZ-zPhXkCbVe4_ik/edit#gid=435667374
  17. I understand why they stopped the actors/actresses because it became a transport ride in the late 80s so it didn't make sense. Still if you look at other amusement parks that have railroads they still offer props for guests to view. Look at Cedar Point:
  18. They are linked somewhere in these 116 pages of posts LOL. Edit - here is one I found quickly: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/cedar-fair-considering-capacity-limits-virtual-queuing-in-reopening-of-cedar-point-other-parks.html and from their Q1 conference call: But what I can say is that given the fact that most of the parks don't operate anywhere near theoretical capacity and only close to half, we can do numbers that are significantly less than theoretical capacity and still be at a very profitable level in terms of daily operations.
  19. This is the second time this false argument has been made in this thread. NHTSA estimates 36,120 traffic fatalities in the US for 2019. How many COVID-19 deaths have we had so far this year? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-traffic-fatalities/u-s-traffic-deaths-fell-in-2019-for-third-straight-year-idUSKBN22H1OF So we agree then? Since the park does not enforce the rules, they should not have them.
  20. Earlier in this thread, employees had said it was around that 65,000 number, so 20% of that would be 13,000 guests. They will have a demand for much more than that...based on previous articles Cedar Fair reps reported most parks run at 50% capacity during the summer, so a typical Wednesday at the park will now be half of what we used to see using that analogy. A lot of social distancing can occur with that number, except for at Orion
  21. Ummmm phones on rides? KI PR has even shared people taking selfies on rides. What about smoking in lines, I called the tip# last year and even sent pics of someone smoking, they didn't do anything.
  22. Whats capacity? I worked at Kings Island when we had 65,000 people in the park which was about 7 years ago and the water park was not open.
  23. If there are no consequences for not following a rule it makes no sense to have the rule.
  24. As of right now masks are up to the business not Dewine or a DR. There is no state law requiring you to wear a mask. Not saying I'm not going to but I agree it's kind of silly, especially since all these projections are far wrong. Wheres those 5k+ new cases everyday like they said? I mean your more likely to die from a car crash to or from the park than Covid so there's that. Don't see anyone freaking about driving though...
  25. This is an even more telling piece from that article: In response to a reporter’s question after Friday’s press conference, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said the parks will conduct temperature monitoring prior to entrance. DeWine said capacity would be capped at 20% to start, and work up to 50% later in the season.
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