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  2. The Maverick restraints are awesome. I am not sure if you mean to say those need to be replaced?
  3. Who knew all those classes would lead to a job as sanitation engineer?
  4. Soak City needs a water coaster ..... and a new theme. Can they pay homage to the area and rename it Surf Cincinnati? Not sure how the trademarks and naming would work, but give it a "local feel" rather than the generic Soak City (seems like CF is moving away from the Soak City branding for all.
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  6. All I know is that a ground-up RMC that went through the woods would be universally embraced.
  7. Husband got this, I have yet to receive any rewards myself, I'm signed up for emails, check mail settings, still receive newsletters, and have used the pass 2x as many days as him this year. Kid has also received nothing.
  8. Well they don’t do that at Zoombezi Bay, probably because they have lions, tigers and bears they could easily be fed to.
  9. In the parking lot, they have the street sweeper that drives around at the end of the night so at least it doesn’t have to be a person walking to deal with people’s abandoned food bags and dirty diapers. That is one job at the park that looks fun and I wouldn’t mind trying sometime Just drive around with approximately the flight path of a bumblebee, and not have to directly deal with people much.
  10. Waldameer in Erie has gone exclusively to card only system for everything. No cash accepted in the park.
  11. I’m among the lighter of the “heavy” players at KI. Believe me, the loss of a few dollars here and there from extremely casual players must be far made up for by the convenience that encourages those of us who spend hundreds of dollars a season on games. There are a select few who spend literally thousands. There’s also some very good reasons casinos don’t use cash, and most of them apply here. For me in particular as a player, it’s nice to not need to carry enough cash every visit to be certain I won’t be left hanging if I see a couple Totos in the Wizard of Oz coin pushers throughout the day. And while I can’t say for absolute certain because I haven’t tried amounts that low, I believe you can absolutely add less than $5, even with a credit card transaction, by selecting “other amount.” I think it goes as low as $1. I will confirm this next chance I get to attend.
  12. Haha!!! I second that. Our kids are old enough to go off on their own so I think that would be a great addition. Now that I think of it they definitely need another bar in Soak City anyways so why not a poolside bar like Cedar Point. @Kingshaven I agree with you about The Racer. Some say it is much better but I do not agree. It needs a lot more work becuase it shacks the s*** out of me. Unfortunately not fun to ride for me at all.
  13. Banshee loading more quickly is a combination of factors. In part, it's the slightly higher capacity. But also, part of it is the lack of bins, and part of it is due to the trains being half as long, which means less walking for the ride ops to check restraints.
  14. Then the underage people would try to organize an event saying "Storm that lazy river. They can't stop all of us" Lol
  15. Soak City needs an over 21 lazy river with alcohol like Crocktail Creek at Zoombezi Bay. Want to increase per caps? That is how it is done.
  16. I dont honestly want bins on any ride if it speeds up process of riding, I also have a pair of shorts with zipper. Just seems better this way all in all.
  17. I found The Racers way worse than they were even 3 years ago. Was looking forward to seeing what "improvements" they did but found out there really werent any
  18. I get that. That’s why I asked becuase I didn’t exactly know what you meant as expansion. Definitely needs a few more slides and the kids area definitely needs some fixing up. Kids area could possibly go under regular yearly maintenance kinda like they said they were going to do with The Racers. I would love to see more track replacement until it’s 100% smooth
  19. I understand that but at the same time no one expected Mystic Timbers to come when it did. It was not really a need for the park and they built that. Now we are getting a giga again 3 years later so just from that stand point the mind frame makes sense it will be every 3. However I agree with every 4 years though every three years would be crazy fast for building that many coasters that often.
  20. Yeah, I feel bad for the workers who have to clean that up. Some people would say "well that's there job!" No, it's your job too. I for one have respect for all workers. I went as far as picking up ice when I dropped some on the ground and threw them away since I dropped it so I clean it up. It's simple.
  21. While I wouldn't say no to another B&M especially if it was a Wing Coaster or some new coaster we haven't seen yet. I'd rather have an RMC ground up, RMC Trex, Eurofighter, Mack, Intamin. I want something different. I want variety.
  22. 2022 would be 6 years since the last Soak City expansion (unless Soak City stuff is planned for 2021 instead). So it would definitely be time for some new Soak City stuff like a new slide or two or even upgrades to the little kids stuff.
  23. The restraints for Copperhead Strike is not the most ideal one. I can see how this could happen. I always have my hands and arms up when they check the restraints and let the attendants bring down the restraints. It reminds me somewhat of Skyrush system. This coaster, newer Intamin rides, and RMC trains all could use redesigned restraints.
  24. Sorry for the double post but also do we really need a Soak City expansion. I am not saying we do or not. I am actually curious about what people think about this. My opinion it could definitely use a few more different slides in the back but I feel like the lines are not to bad. Actually what they really need is more chairs and lounge chairs even if it is in the grass areas.
  25. It’s a 30 million dollar coaster, if the attendance doesn’t change much then I see us moving to at least a 4 year cycle considering Cedar Fair has indicated that they will be making less large individual investments. And since it appears they’re going to move back to the one coaster a year (maybe two) I don’t see Kings Island getting a coaster every 3 years.
  26. I do not agree with this. Cedar Fair has already shown that they are investing in the major parks more than the others. I do not see Kings Island going over 5 years with out a coaster just for the reason they need to make sure Kings Island stays relevant. Also someone mentioned Blacktopping would cost roughly 6 million not saying they would do it all but really 6 million is nothing when you look at how much they put into the parks during an off year. They could easily break this down into a three year project at 2 million a piece but I doubt it will happen.
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