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  1. Passholders can get All Day Dining passes for $26.99 currently. Find it in the Meals/daily dining section of the store pop-up.
  2. All Parks Passports have been out for over 6 months, not just 2. Great that it's fixed, but shouldn't have been a problem in the first place. That's all I'm saying. Just typical poor training. Although I do suspect it was the employees working at the time not being aware of policies. All Parks Passport worked fine last season at non home parks.
  3. All of the parks were open when the passes went on sale. They've had nearly 7 months of these passes being in the wild and things like parking are still (or were) being screwed up? It's exhausting for the customer to guess what will actually work or be may be granted now days. It's exhausting fighting all the time just to get what you paid for. It's the nature of The Beast and seasonal workers, etc. I get it. But supervisors should know what's going on and be able to handle this without another park calling them, etc.
  4. I think people are just talking some real idiots. Gold pass at Knotts does not include parking. Gold pass with all parks addon includes parking. Theme park training is often terrible and this is another example. It's clearly stated on Knotts website (and all other sites) it's included.
  5. Fast Lane prices are a good indication of expected attendance.
  6. There is no processing center. It's all done at the turnstile. Takes a few second to snap a pic, scan a card and hand it to the guest.
  7. If you are going on a Sat you might save a few bucks buying the 'any day' offer right now.
  8. Just a heads up, express starts at 4pm for Premier passes.
  9. More parks (Hershey, SEAS) are moving to a tiered rewards system for X numbers of visits. They need to send perks to folks that don't visit and create a reward system based on number of visits for freq visitors. Also keeps people engaged and active on social media even if they are just trying to understand the rewards or showing off what they have earned.
  10. Beware, buying through CW means you'll miss out on the incredible Pass Perks that Kings Island frequently sends out.
  11. You're fine. Nothing changes with current pass.
  12. Glad they made 2 home park dining plans and 2 all parks dining plans that are the same price and work exactly the same. No way those could have been combined into 2 products. Then, cut the petty $19 to use it other places and you really start making things simple.
  13. Changing to 5, once a day, skip the line passes seems brutal for folks accustomed to the free FL wristband. I always visit once in the fall to take advantage of that. Good chance that doesn't happen now.
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