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  1. We went Saturday and it was the best year of haunt since pre-Covid at some point. The houses seemed better than ever, except for Kill Mart, which was absolutely abysmal and needs to go for sure. Hotel was again amazing. I'm just glad fog is back. That alone makes it feel better than it probably actually is.
  2. Here is my question: Why is Knott's Scary Farm, which is in the Cedar Fair chain, one of the absolute best (and possibly the best) Halloween event, while Haunt, which is also in the Cedar Fair chain, has become such a low budget, bottom of the barrel event? Why is there such dramatic differences between the events? I know one is in LA, and one is in southern Ohio, but why can't KI take some of what makes Knott Scary Farm so great and apply it here? I just don't understand it.
  3. Are you seriously trying to tell me you cannot discern what "Does anyone know where is selling discount tickets to Fear Fest?" means? There is absolutely nothing about that sentence that is incomprehensible or difficult, but then I go on to qualify it with the follow up statement about Blockbuster having discount tickets earlier in the season. I recognized I received an near answer from one person saying they assumed Blockbuster would still have discount tickets now and another saying they heard on the radio that Blockbuster would have them but they weren't sure about it and I appreciate the help of both people. However, then a bunch of people who apparently lack basic reading skills decided to start telling me about online purchases when it was blatantly obvious what I was asking for. So I'm sorry for assuming the "community" here is more intelligent than what you actually are. I'm sorry for ever posting here to begin with. I should have just drove over to Blockbuster myself (like I did today and found out they actually DO have discount tickets for $26.99). Enjoy your "community"
  4. Is reading comprehension hard to come by around here? I recognize you can get the tickets cheaper online, but that recquires some sort of credit/debit card, which is something my friends do not have. This is why I asked WHERE you can get cheaper tickets, if you'll go back and actually read the first post.
  5. Does anyone know where is selling discount tickets to Fear Fest this year? I know earlier in the season, Blockbuster Video had discounted and two day passes. Will they have tickets for Fear Fest or not? Any help into the matter will be greatly appreciated.
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