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  1. The part you see above ground can be square when using caisson tubes. Take Batwing as an example: Photo Credit CoasterGallery https://www.coastergallery.com/SF/SFA96a.html
  2. Intamin uses InDriveTec, most others use InTraSys. Intamin doesn't own either.
  3. Those are probably caisson tubes for the footers, not pipes.
  4. That part was built by park crews with traditional track, so fixing it would be simpler. Just need to make sure a fix there gets repainted properly.
  5. It's not just Banshee, Delirium needs new paint again too. The 2014 paint hasn't aged as well as the original. I think it's unlikely either get repainted for 2024 with Camp Snoopy and Blue Racer return run retrack (and then repaint like was done with Red), but it would be nice to see both refreshed. An offseason behind-the-scenes would be nice, it's been a while since the last time there was a construction/backstage tour with dinner and presentations in the IR. Anyone remember the Firehawk construction tour? Pretty sure everyone was nearly frozen to death by the time we all got from the construction site to the IR, it was beyond cold that afternoon.
  6. I took some photos from whatever the Nickelodeon name was for Woodstock Whirlybirds (originally Lazytown Sportacopters I think?) back in 2006 and nothing was said. I don't think Paramount had a camera prohibition for it on their safety guide sign either. I know Paramount officially didn't care about cameras on the original Antique Cars but I'm not sure about KMAA. I've seen photos and videos from KMAA but that might be a matter of the crew not enforcing rather than the actual fine print on the sign. Boo Blasters has security cameras throughout and if someone uses a camera with video night vision mode on (IR mode) it would blind the cameras and white-out the monitor for each one getting hit by the IR.
  7. It'd be nice to get that eyesore out of there once and for all. With it no longer being used as a Haunt location, there's simply no reason for it to stay.
  8. The Family Invert trains have been the pull-over lap bars since the original design concepts, but they're not aggressive enough to need anything else. Monster is, uh, a VERY strange structural design. I wonder if B&M considered the vest trains to be a design failure due to being too light so did a new restraint design with the four-pylon trains. The vests are very open, I wonder if there's a way to use them with four structural pylons on the train like I said before so you have the vests but also enough weight.
  9. If that's the case, I'm sure it was unexpected and for future inverts using the new train style, B&M could modify them to be generally the same, but heavier. Perhaps go back to four main supports, one for each seat, to increase weight while otherwise staying the same kind of seats. I believe you mean Banshee USED to be purple. The paint fade has brought it to more of a maroon now.
  10. Further thinking about this and looking at it in the video, considering the location in the park, I'm actually wondering if they've uncovered a long-lost remnant of Sunshine/Marathon Turnpike with the cinderblock bases and tiling.
  11. Hurricane Harbor is easily the more recognizable name because of how Six Flags markets the waterparks a lot more than Cedar Fair, so that would be a good application of one of the original Six Flags names. If they take the DC route on the current Cedar Fair parks, at KI Action Zone would be the obvious choice for the dedicated area. We've just now gotten to where Paramount's damage to the themed areas of the park has been essentially fixed by Cedar Fair, with Camp Snoopy taking care of the last major thing, that being the rough transition between Rivertown and Planet Snoopy. Action Zone is the odd one out, having been worked on and improved but never fully overhauled. Our original themes and areas are perfectly fine (Backlot is a completely different story...) so there's no need to clutter them with random instances of licensed IP. Paramount threw stuff around the main park like IJST and TRTR where they didn't fit, and hopefully with Cedar Fair management in the lead for this deal, keeping the integrity of the various areas will stay a priority. Action Zone would be the ideal place to do a total overhaul and use the DC IP. At KI at least, it seems obvious how to best implement DC if it's used here. Obviously other parks vary but the Cedar Fair method of managing themed areas would seem to lean in the same direction of having a DC Universe area instead of placing things randomly throughout the parks like Six Flags tends to do. Regarding Looney Tunes, I think that IP is rather stale and outdated. Peanuts continues to age well, but Looney Tunes just feels old and irrelevant. We'll see what happens with it, but I certainly wouldn't object to that license eventually being completely dropped and Peanuts being used across the combined chain. Cedar Fair has a lot of history with Peanuts, and I'm not sure how they'd be able to use it in the non-SF parks without it feeling tacky and out of place. It certainly wouldn't fit in with any of the Camp Snoopy type of areas. I'm cautiously optimistic about the entire thing. I think it's telling that having rejected both SIX and SEAS before because they wouldn't have been the majority, now that a deal came around where Cedar Fair DOES have the majority, they accept it.
  12. Well, that answers the question about how they're dealing with the elevation difference from midway to old theater floor level, just dig it all up and have a slope! Not complaining, that means they have an open slate for the playground layout without having old parts of steps or ramps mixed in. Also, wow, the surfacing that hasn't been completely removed yet is down to the REALLY OLD Splat City era (or maybe even older with the cinderblocks and tiles) foundation layer.
  13. Location is once again a factor here as Holiday World was able to start work on the site earlier and not disrupt park operations. Combined with the very cold winter we had, there wasn't much that could be done for Adventure Port until WinterFest was over due to being within an open area of the park.
  14. Yeah, some proper theming for the queue and entrance would be nice, and I wouldn't mind some more landscaping around the pool including the giant rocks inside the pool that were on the original renderings. There's also a lot of empty grass all around the pool, brake run, and transfer track area that could be filled in with trees between the ride safety fence and the midway. A tunnel for the first drop would be interesting, and could be tied into the over Miami River theme with, say, a mine tunnel appearance.
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