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  1. The other thing that's been bothering me about the bad PR is that the Cedar Fair, Kings Island, and Cedar Point higher-ups allowed for such bad PR.
  2. Hershey's still sounds harder. Its this Hershey Kiss shaped symbol on the wristband that you have to line up with the subsequent Kiss on the scanner, and its facing on the wristband makes you twist your arm around awkwardly.
  3. Looks easier than Hershey's scanner where you have to line up the band with the scanner a certain way.
  4. I do get not integrating lockers into the line as the space in the TT2 infield is at a premium between the queue and transfer track and there isn't a lot of space for new access points. Also, is TT2 still using a 2 station system?
  5. I think a lot of locals have high expectations for KI opening day with how well Reds opening day is done each year. The Reds set a very high bar for how to start a season.
  6. Not all that abnormal. The Reds, Bengals, and Bearcats practice that on gamedays all the time.
  7. The best comparison is to Thunder Run at Kentucky Kingdom which has a similar layout to the Hurler twins (I've ridden both), but TR has tighter corners, higher and better shaped bunny hop and camelback hills thus having better lateral and negative Gs and better pacing. The Hurler twins are too drawn out and forceless.
  8. The online park map has several locations of Fast Lane logos at places you can purchase them including the by the front gate, Action Zone, Rivertown, and the entrance to Area 72. Or did the park change it this year?
  9. Fast Lane are available in the park to purchase in person.
  10. Unfortunately, you can't do much for a bad layout. I found it not really all that rough, but just boring.
  11. I just realized that whenever we want to prove its open, we usually post pictures, so this thread will also become a RT Freestyle Stand/train station photo gallery.
  12. I have one stipulation to add about me wanting a RMC in Vortex's spot- not Topper Track. I think I've seen Wildfire as well as Outlaw Run both having structural issues involving their track in a way where at least OR may need to be converted. Lightning Rod is another culprit. I've also seen Wonder Woman at SFFT already needing new trains, so their single rail design is also a no-go for me.
  13. On webcams- Racer appears to be down with Red stuck on the lift. EDIT: Red Racer is being evac-ed from the lift. EDIT 2- Racer has reopened.
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