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  1. Not if you have the all-season cheese/condiment plan
  2. That article is from 2019 when they sucked and this quote says it all "a $2 hot dog buys you more goodwill than a 7-9 season ever could." In other words they were trying to keep ticket holders as further in the article it says "to even get into the stadium for a standard Falcons game without hitting the secondary market, you’ve got to pay for a Personal Seat License that runs from $500 for the highest levels to $45,000 for club levels. The Falcons don’t offer any single-game tickets for sale; everything’s controlled by those PSLs." Then the cost of the ticket is on top of that. Apparently selling $2 hot dogs will entice people to spend $45K for a PSL lol. And they said "from the Falcons’ perspective, you get them in the door and you can get them opening their wallet for pricier markups like merch." It is all a shell game and it is where do you put the mark-up. Would you rather KI charge $400 to get in for the day and then sell $2 hot dogs? If KI costs $45k just for the ability to buy a pass, I would hope the food is free Think about it at this stadium - people are paying $45,000 just for the ability to purchase seats for usually 8 games. Or even the cheap seats at $500 just for the ability to buy 8 tickets. So they make it up before you are even in the door. So they gouge you to get in and then when the season is in the tank, drop prices to try to encourage those same folks to renew PSLs. And then they benefitted from the tactic that people feel like they got a good deal on a hot dog, so they spend more than they planned to. As a side note, most football games are played on Sundays, and that stadium is home to a Chic-Fil-A, which is closed on Sundays....go figure LOL. Granted they still offer the $2 hot dog. But it is essentially the game CF plays - have a cheap gate and cheap meal plans and hope that entices people to spend more on other stuff. Plus, plenty of single day guests buy the $30ish daily meal plan and not fork out $15-20$ per meal. And many then will buy a snack or other merch because of said single day meal plan.
  3. Since when has any place like amusement parks or professional sports, circus, etc. had "reasonable" pricing? It is part of the supply and demand and park strategy. If it costs the same as going thru McD's (even though that pricing is starting to not be reasonable), then the food lines would be even longer. Lower food prices in the park would create a bigger demand for food. With that increased demand would come new supply (restaurants) to meet that demand. Then that potentially means space for a ride is now taken up by a food place. Do you want yet another food place or a new attraction? Would everyone be happy if The Vortex spot became a food place instead of a new coaster? The higher prices help balance out the demands. People are paying for the convenience of not having to leave the park.
  4. Wrong Winterfest LOL https://local12.com/news/local/cute-quaint-little-village-greater-cincinnati-town-brings-back-winterfest-holiday-spirit-season-traditions-christmas-santa-hallmark-movies-elves-reindeer-festival-celebration-vendors-food-drinks-crafts-parade-fireworks-volunteers-sponsors-decorations?fbclid=IwAR10EghhdRNeLRssldCTdNyWQNPjGVKulnUf2mXh6KmlC1tS-H99f-LiXNA#?-fbpost
  5. That is what weather apps and radar are for LOL
  6. OR maybe it had some significant improvements coming up that needed to be made now or soon and they figured it was time to just bite the bullet now and not risk CA telling them to shut it down in 12 years even if propane is cleaner - it isn't zero emissions and that is the CA goal, and made the switch to electric?
  7. Next year when it just gets lumped in with all Six Flags parks (like Six Flags seems to do for this poll), the chain will take the top spot in 2024
  8. I love an article dated today 12/8/23 and states: "The event kicks off the day after Thanksgiving and includes more than 5 million lights, some 20 rides, ice skating, the WinterFest Wonderland parade, mouthwatering holiday menus, and a 314-foot-tall Christmas tree built around the park’s Eiffel Tower" Now granted that quote is from the USA Today poll prior to Thanksgiving and makes sense within that USA Today article context, but WKRC could have modified it to kicked off in the past tense and what about the 7 million lights? Did they reach out to the park for a quote or anything? Was the article just setting in the queue waiting for the USA Today article? Does only getting 3rd mean more cuts for next year LOL? https://local12.com/news/local/kings-island-winterfest-top-amusement-park-holiday-events-10-best-usa-today-readers-poll-votes-survey-third-place-list-ranking-christmas-winter-mason-cincinnati-ohio?-fbpost&fbclid=IwAR3sZwwJI6UtTaKohVaTzIipT8sdV8A_3A1komQhUW4iJoZukBo37y08ah4 https://10best.usatoday.com/awards/travel/best-theme-park-holiday-event-2023/
  9. Because California wants everything electric and zero emissions by 2035 - lawn mowers, weed eaters, cars, trains, anything powered... https://www.canarymedia.com/articles/transportation/california-adopts-first-ever-rules-to-decarbonize-freight-trains
  10. What a deal LOL. Is that valid for Prestige passholders as well, or did they tell them screw you like the WF BAF
  11. It is rented out thru the 18th and I think only one or two days have been the "select Nights" open to the GP, but I believe it has been the same for those nights.
  12. This way it will encourage people instead to do the decorating cookies or buy fudge or some other treat (being sarcastic but it could be their thought process too LOL).
  13. Now if this were Facebook, the next 20 posts would be "Is this on the meal plan"
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