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  1. IMO Pipeline was very underwhelming. Capacity isn't so great as well. I think a flyer in front of park would be unique and fun.
  2. Hope it's not a Surf Coaster. Rode the one at SeaWorld and wasn't impressed at all. A flying coaster similar to the one at Universal Studios Japan would look great in front of park and would be amazing, IMO. But I doubt Cedar Fair would ever allow KI to have something that good.
  3. Is it just me, or does this feel like an intentional move by CF? Maybe they're tired of KI beating CP in the best park category the last few years. Seems like they are egregiously neglecting KI this year. Port Adventure is not good. Theming is ok but rides are horrible. Park doesn't look as clean. Baynum just stopped painting DB in middle of job only to leave and go up to CP to paint Dragster. CF issues chaperone policy for KI but not for CP even though they have had similar issues. Budget cuts to ride operations and Don leaving. Doesn't look good.
  4. Is Cedar Fair cutting costs by lowering full time personnel to make up for costs of paying seasonal employees more? Don't get it because park looked so amazing last year. They may be hiring more subs that are less expensive and don't do nearly as good of a job.
  5. Yeah, agreed. this was very odd to me. Park doesn't look very good.Mulch was not even close to being finished and some of the places only had half of it down and it looked sloppy. They cut Japanese Maple trees down in multiple areas that were beautiful just last year. Adventure Port not open until summer? Weird as well. AE closed for a long time too. They had all off season to finish this as well. Cedar Fair always seems to find ways to close rides down for extended periods of time. Never seen the park look this bad for opening day either. Worlds of Fun apparently had this issue as well. In the past, this seems like it would all be finished. Very odd and concerning.
  6. Any thoughts about the notice of commencement with Sky-high and B&M listed on it for 23?
  7. True, but the fact that O'Rourke Wrecking Company is on the notice does not sit well with me. They removed SOB, Firehawk and Vortex. That implies Invertigo could go if it's a front of the park coaster. Also, Don did say it was going to be a long time before they put anything in Vortex's place.
  8. I honestly think it's kinda silly, that you think it's kinda silly. KI was considered one of CPs main competitors before they took ownership of KI. So, the notion of CF wanting to keep KI's rides and overall guest experience scaled down because of them wanting CP to maintain its brand of best amusement park seems VERY SIMPLE to me. The simplest explanation is that in 16 years of ownership CF has yet to put in a record breaking attraction with the exception of longest invert in the world which no one really cares about. Before CF took ownership, prototypes and record breakers were common at KI. The simplest explanation is that while CP has been loading up on record breaking attractions while KI has been getting the scaled down family models. The simplest explanation is Cedar Fair has removed 3 roller coasters at KI and installed 5. That's only + 2 new coasters in 16 years. The fountains are now less than they were. The questionable removal of Vortex, which was a park ICON and many believe could have run for many more years and has left that area of Coney very lackluster, is yet another example. These are all FACTS. Not speculation. The body of work speaks volumes without any of the other white noise distorting the truth. I see better than I hear.
  9. Why should we believe that? Because they told you that when you were doing the research for your book? Of course they did! I guess it's totally coincidental out of the soon to be 6 Cedar Fair Gigas, that Kings Island happens to have the only scaled down one. Keep drinking that Cedar Fair KI Kool Aid. "With all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one."
  10. Yes, I love Knott's. Fantastic park! But If Cedar Point was located in Southern California, do you think Knott's would still get this ride? That's what i've been saying about KI being in the same state as CP. I just think we get scaled down rides and downgraded in other ways becuase CP doesn't want KI to outshine them in any way.
  11. You're missing the point. Look what KI LOST to get it....and it's the lesser of ALL the gigas even though KI has so much land to work with. Look what Knott's is about to get in a landlocked park. That will probably be 50 million dollar investment without losing anything except parking spaces. Get it now?
  12. Yep, Cedar Fair is very sneaky about downgrading KI. Here is your Giga, oh by the way, it won't even be 300 feet high and will be very short plus you'll lose Vortex and Firehawk in the process. Here is the "upgraded" fountains that look much less impressive when you walk in compared to before, but hey, they are synced to music and lights and you have new pavers! I'm worried their "sneaky" ways are continuing with the work that's going on with The Beast. Hopefully, the work doesn't lessen the experience. All of these things at first seem like "upgrades", but after you think about it, are they really? And if they are not what they seem, then why? I think we all know why.
  13. The rumors from some CP fans is that it's going to Michigan's Adventure. I personally hope it comes to KI. I have always loved that ride. I wonder if it would fit in the large open space in Area 72 back by Orion break run where some people on here supposedly saw some soil samples spots?
  14. ^ I don't think the coaster would go in the trees like you depict. I believe they would remove Timberwolf, Invertigo and Congo Falls and it would flyover the entrance area and turn around in employee parking lot to fly back over again.
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