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  1. Whew. Looks like the white out has cleared up. Thought it was WINTERFest for a while LOL
  2. They’ve also posted this cool map showing where everything is. Looks like it’s gonna be a free-for-all!!
  3. I know our family did. We went many times for it. It was a great early season event. Jim Stump was great in the SketchSchool. My youngest went over and over to draw each character.
  4. Not sure why PEANUTS festival only ran one year. It was a copy of an ongoing event at Knotts, so the development cost was pretty low since a lot of the material already exists.
  5. I’m wondering that as well. I’m sure there will be SOME daytime shows, but as of now nothing is listed. Surely no chance everything is being pulled into CARNIVALE is there?
  6. Yeah. Seems like they are shooting temdelves in the foot with this decision. Must be some logic. Maybe to actually cut down on food cost/wasre with people doing like you said- getting things just to try because” why the heck not, I’ve got an extra punch”
  7. This is not the 5th year. It’s the 4th time. It was 2019, 21,23 and now 24. It’s being “going on” for 6 years. We skipped 2020 and 2022, but do agree that we might see more, smaller events like sone weekends and a few bigger things that can all share infrastructure.
  8. I do think 9 is late for the parade, but there’s usually an exodus right after it and they seem to be intent on keeping people in park later (to increase spending) maybe if they could justify it as a “kick off” running without show stops and without float riders from Coney to IStreet at 5 to open the event. it could go up the Starbucks side to the entry area where the cast could peel off and walk back up to the bandstand while the floats exited that front gate to temporarily be parked there. Maybe even use the push units from the 50th parade we still have-just redressed to bookend the character parade. Parking them on with side of the stage as decor. Then they could then run it at 9 back home with show stops. But I think that would be a real struggle cast-wise.
  9. Still think it would work to come out - go down the path on the backside of DODGEM for show stop 1 (might have to reshape the planter a bit and add a wider sidewalk on that path, but plenty of space to add it) then travel up to the tower, around Showplace, down LaRosas side then spread out more to do show stop 2 with the units spaced from Wishbone around to Graeters to make all of IStreet into one big party zone (more room at the entry area for the dance break - show stop.) Then travel around to Coney for show stop 3 - again making that whole corridor a party zone, then complete the circuit back to parade storage. Eliminate one show stop, but make show stop 2 and 3 bigger Maybe just do those 2 stops even with rooftop low pyro and rooftop confetti cannons.
  10. Hope thats the case as the way they’ve done it with the “hey kids, shows over!” Mass exodus in full view on stage view is sloppy and has always bothered me.
  11. Maybe due to heat? I know KI has cut the stops before if there’s threat of rain. They are running theirs “one hour before close” which can be 8 or 9. Maybe too hot at 8.
  12. Sounds promising - hopefully they can use the parade as a "lead in" to the final show on the bandstand and flow right into fireworks/closing. Wish they could use the floats in a better parade route to end circling the tower, so performers could just get off and go right to the closing show. Parade goes back to the old route, turns down IStreet by the funnel cake place, comes back up the other side, then after final show stop, goes back into parade mode as the floats go around the tower. They park and the entire area around/under the tower becomes big party zone surrounded by the floats.
  13. Still nothing listed on website other than “coming soon” sounds about right as a way to hype this event.
  14. Does the ap usually not show show times a week out. Interesting that all shows are not listed for Saturday (day one Carnivale) and no specific times are listed for those events yet either. Website still has no menu listed.
  15. Too much. The discount needs to be more than 3 bucks off for members. At least 50%. Will be interesting to see how well this sells and if we see some “pack the house for word of mouth” deeper discounts for members
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