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  1. One would think they would refund him no questions if he didn’t use his pass? I can see the park settling with him because it’s cheaper to do so than have this make it to court. That being said it will be interesting to see what comes about for this. It will surely create a ripple effect within the amusement park industry depending on the outcome.
  2. Soak City Water Park - Splash World They could theme it all with Looney Tunes. https://newlooneytunes.fandom.com/wiki/Splashwater_Bugs
  3. Metal detectors don’t prevent loose articles from making it onto the ride. https://www.mlive.com/travel/2018/07/hot_sauce_injures_steel_vengea.html Maybe CF should look into foregoing metal detectors and instead issue safety glasses with strap to riders, and after the ride take them back. Like what most 3D attractions do.
  4. Something like Disney’s Magic bands would sell like hot cakes at KI. During Winterfest the park sold out on the Wonder Wands which used NFC to interact with objects within the park.
  5. It’s nice to see the park embracing technology. I haven’t used the kiosks yet, but they look great! The scanners in its current iteration is a bit unintuitive. Having to wear and adjust my Fast Lane bracelet to get it lined up with a scanner is very dated. I say that because of the experience I’ve had with Disney’s lightning lane which uses NFC and can be scanned from a card, phone, Watch, or their version of a Magic Band. I’m assuming this is an NFC reader emblem? It appears so and that I find exciting because there is so many things that they could do with such a system. Imagine scanning into the ride and being able to see your ride count for the year/day/all-time. They could keep your ride count that you can compare with other guests ride counts.
  6. Anymore, one should expect the circus to be in town when CF attempts to deliver on a new season pass or add on. Adorable as it is predictable.
  7. If anything Hurler receives Titan-track. GCI has a better track record with CF.
  8. Except maybe it would take on a DC Comics name..
  9. They’re busy trying to figure out what to up-charge us. Salt and pepper on your burger sir? $1.29 please.
  10. Looks like a great event! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Coastermania tickets available for purchase for Summer and Silver Passholders.
  12. Yes, and we both agree and came to that conclusion last time this subject was brought up, but that is ONLY the single day visitor. But on the topic of passholders and their importance. Do you think Kings Island which is not a destination park with hotels like Cedar Point, Universal, or Disney could survive with just single ticket holders? I'm in the camp of that wouldn't be the case. Last year on multiple occasions single day tickets were reduced, sometimes as low as $20! Just based off the numbers a ticket right now to get in plus parking, is around $75. A gold pass is in the ballpark of $150. So, for every individual passholder the money they spent is equivalent to 2 single day visitors. Kings Island does not have the market area to make that up if people only visited once a year, and they certainly wouldn't be getting anywhere near the number of visitors in a season. And once you factor in the dining and drink add on's being eliminated. People would return to eating off site or in the parking lot. I think passholders are quite important.
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