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  1. How to tie the Junkyard Coaster into Rivertown, your post, and heck, even the Coney Mall of yesteryear with the shaped ginko trees. Start at 9:10:
  2. I wonder why the Belschnickles only lasted one season at Kings Island? Seems like it would be a natural fit for the park, with the German heritage of the city. They are very popular at Kings Dominion, according to their fan pages on socials. Kings Dominion: I judge you admirable. Kings Island: I judge you impish.
  3. I think, in the past, the title was "Area Manger, Digital Communications" ( or maybe social media?)
  4. For those with multiple visits this season, is it a rotating menu or different carve it ups each weekend?
  5. I'm ever the optimist. But what corporate did across the chain this year was very short sighted. I guess you take the good with the bad, though. People whine that KI is spoiled and gets everything, but when the cuts come ki was hard hit,, to the point of it not being hidden. Anecdotally, I was at three other cf parks this summer and didn't see visible cuts. But then again, not being a regular there, I couldn't see deets.
  6. I live in the country. We don't have recycle bins here. Ive never heard of Reach Magazine...must be...past it's prime
  7. Canada's Wonderland sold BIC when I was there in May as well.
  8. What recycle bin? Didn't the environmental Grinch steal them all into his gray bags to take any cost savings back to corporate?
  9. One word: moist. Try to avoid the use of the word moist while being in Kings Island in the summertime. (Shudders at the thought of it)
  10. I saw this was being talked about at Kings Dominion, but haven't heard about it at KI. Sounds really cool! Thanks for getting the word out!
  11. Having the webcam on at work, on the 2nd monitor. Idiots are mounting the polar bears and acting a fool. I hope the polar bears are anchored into the ground. This is what you get with cheap passes. Bah humbug, I reckon.
  12. Did anyone here ride the train last night, and if so, can you update?
  13. Wait, so they have a cash register there?
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