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  1. They were on Friday and Saturday nights last week. (Yesterday and the day before).
  2. Yet, many will ooh and ahhh next week when it opens. Concept art is just that, a concept. It generally is more embellished than the actual execution. Kind of like how McDonald's advertised a perfect Big Mac™ and what you get as not so perfect. It's definitely going to be an upgrade that is surely needed...I'd put forth the entire kids area needs an overhaul as this enhancement is going to highlight just how ghetto Planet Snoopy really is.
  3. If you are an ACE member, check out their discounts. I can't publicly disclose them, but last years discount for BGW was phenomenal! When you make the trip back to Virginia, the membership may well be worth it if it's still offered!
  4. I agree a no eating pic would have been more representative. If you think of it on your next visit please share.
  5. Wasn't it stated earlier that Coney BBQ no longer has hush puppies? And at a cursory glance, @brenthodge, without the paper it appears ( to me) that the portions are meager compared to with it. I ate at Grain and Grill yesterday and tried the soy beef and garlic potatoes. The potatoes were quite good and the rest of the sides looked tasty. But, the beef had a chemical taste and I could see lots of blood vessels. The shrimp looked good, as did the pork, but I don't like shellfish and pork tends to have chunks of fat, so it wasn't for me. As with Chicken Shack, the tenders looked very small and did not appear hand breaded as advertised, rather they looked like standard Sysco issue elementary school tenders The staff was friendly and efficient there, as always. But I think I will stick with the three side items meal as it never disappoints. I think Grain and Grill has potential but is still finding it's way. They advertise locally sourced food on a regional map with a star. I think they should proudly feature the local sources to the public. Or are they doing what Aramark did with their University of Kentucky contract, which stipulated a certain percentage of food has to be sourced from Kentucky, so Aramark used Coca-Cola as a local source since it's bottled in Lexington. Also, it's supposed to be International Cuisine and healthier. What countries do the beef, pork and chicken represent? The only obvious menu item is that represents an international food is the Greek salad from my viewpoint. The others could be obvious, but without knowing, it's just another food option. And what health benefits come from these options? Of note, it was the shortest food line in the park with the hoards of school aged children on field trips. Since it's supposed to be "healthy food" they avoid it and go for the more well known foods.
  6. Id recommend Carowinds like others have said. Fury is, IMHO the only real draw for the dry park. Carowinds to me, was very corporate and sterile, generic. Kind of like Kentucky Kingdom with bigger coasters. Kings Dominion has charm, is tied in with the history of Kings Island, and in my experiences, has better ops than Carowinds. But if you are going to Virginia, it would be a shame to not do Busch Gardens. It's phenomenal. Of course, if time and money is of no issue, you could loop Dollywood into a Carowinds trip
  7. I saw that, too! I was pleasantly surprised.
  8. These chicken strips at the Chicken Shack are dry, stringy and smaller than a wooly worm. They appear to be standard kindergarten issue strips...are they even hand breaded anymore or just out of a bag and into the oil?
  9. Now if you could just get your saloon and beer/BBQ festival!
  10. And it's machines vs free refills so money making opportunities. Perhaps a small area for Prestige Passholders to come and pay for a bottled drink, with a trough off to the side where they can put out yesterday's leftover Skyline Chili ®
  11. I'm normally in agreement about your disdain for park communications. But in my opinion, inflammatory statements like this make you look petty. Do you really think that a bunch of people would drive three hours to look at a sign saying the area was closed? Or are you just expressing your thoughts that the KI team are idiots?
  12. I'm not the target audience for this addition. But I will withhold judgement until the area is finished. I remember last year people here were wringing their hands and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth about Adventure Port. But most everyone was impressed with it when the park opened. And they continued doing things after the season started (not talking about the new flats and updated roller coaster). There were many opportunities for AP enhancement that have yet to be realized. I think that most would agree that even a low budget upgrade to the Camp Snoopy area would be much better than what was there. I hope they absorb Planet Snoopy into camp Snoopy in the years to come.
  13. That would be amazing. The most wonderful garbage ever! Kings Island just does everything everything so good!
  14. I wonder what kind of trash bags they will use?
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