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    • My complaint about CP's Corkscrew is the raised floor.  By comparison, MIA's has the same trains but a lower floor.  I could sit up right properly at MIA vs CP.  I think CP's used to be  42" height requirement (says 48" on the site, but I'm pretty certain it used to be lower), but it results in a much more uncomfortable ride.  I'm only 5' 7" and I'm cramped in CP's Corkscrew, mostly a pain on my knees and elbows.   The turn into the corkscrews on CP's isn't bad though as it looses a lot of speed on that hill after the loop.  MIA's takes its corkscrews a tad faster with some decent positive g's, not so on CP's.  CP's does have better forces up to the hill after the loop though, but the cramped cars aren't pleasant IMO.  
    • ^
      I didn't. It seemed like a very simple and basic coaster (Drop, Hill, Loop, 2 Corkscrews, brakes), and I figured maybe I'd ride it if it had a short wait, but by the time I was curious about it it had a 30 minute line according to the wait time app. I was also targeting more stuff CP has that Kings Island has nothing like, and I've ridden the same model but more complex & bigger Vortex at Kings Island a lot. (BTW I do enjoy me some Vortex, in spite of it not being in my Top 10 ATM). I only did MaXair because it was right there and had a super short wait while my friends did Giant Wheel, and Iron Dragon to snag a quick credit since I had only ridden 5 coasters at that point. Though both of those were fun so I regret neither (In particular right now I'd like to say again Iron Dragon is probably a perfect starter coaster). My sister is already talking about returning to Cedar Point, next May, on a weekday and going for 2 days this time so I will probably have a great chance of riding Corkscrew- and many of the other coasters I missed- if that goes as planned. Also on that list: Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Valravn, Wicked Twister, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and of course new-for-2018 Steel Vengeance. Not to mention I missed a TON of fun-looking flat rides, including Skyhawk and Witches' Wheel. I guess the ad was right- one day at Cedar Point really is not enough!
    • They will either use an existing building or a temporary tent structure like CP does.

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    • Maybe I just didn't see it on the list, but did you manage to go on Corkscrew? There's a wide range of opinions people have on it, and I'd love to know yours!       ..that is, if you got on it.
    • I wonder how this'll work, as the maze is outside-will the Skeleton Key people be taken down a different path or something? Oh well, guess some will find out tomorrow night! Also, Mystic looks nice on that map!