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    • Out of all the giga coasters you’ve ridden which has -2.0g’s of airtime? Just because it’s not ejector airtime doesn’t mean the airtime isn’t good.
    • First of all, I don’t recall anybody saying Orion was a HORRIBLE ride. Second of all, I said the VAST MAJORITY of people love Orion! Some people have blatantly criticized Orion, but those people are honestly just entitled “enthusiasts” who can’t seem to get enthusiastic about a freaking GIGA COASTER! Some people can’t admit they had a great time on a coaster if it doesn’t have crazy lateral forces, -2 g of airtime, and a zero g stall. People who can’t have fun on a ride really shouldn’t be riding rides and throwing their negative opinions out there. And regarding El Toro and Skyrush, some people absolutely HATE those rides, especially Skyrush, but that doesn’t mean they are bad rides. It just means some people have different opinions. In Orion’s case, it will probably be a lot more universally loved because not only enthusiasts will find enjoyment in it, but the general public will enjoy it too. Sorry to break it to you, but a lot of the general public think El Toro and Skyrush are painful, but again, that doesn’t mean they are bad rides.
    • Haven't read anyone say Orion is a horrible ride?
    • Maybe you just rode Orion under some unfavorable conditions. I don’t know. The vast majority of people say that Orion gives some pretty strong airtime, and I can agree with that having ridden it. Like @DonHelbig said, let’s just enjoy the ride! We don’t need to compare Orion to other giga coasters, let alone Skyrush and El Toro which are completely different rides.
    • Its widely known that the rolling thunder hill produces over -2.0 g's.  This recording may have been when it was a cold early day or anything else etc.
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