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    • As someone who prides himself on going to a plethora of haunts/haunted attractions across the US I take these callouts pretty seriously. (Currently at 10 events/attractions for this year alone) I get it the first night can be somewhat rough but when practically every haunt besides Slaughterhouse at KI felt like it wasn't as scare inducing it was extremely depressing. (That being said a lot of the Slaughterhouse crew returned this year from what I could tell.) Cedar Point only proved that you could do without the major scare zones and still have an amazing haunt experience. Of which at this point I would not be disappointed to see KI do away with a scarezone like Coney Maul to recreate Carnevil or make it Fearground Freakshow. The park could easily create a tombstone territory area in the Rivertown section, reimagine backwoods bayou for the walkway once again next to I street, remove pumpkin "what have they done to my Knotts baby" eater and focus more on the houses. Which I should mention here in no way shape or form am I trying to put anyone who is working the event down, I know a lot of blood sweat and tears goes into the event and that the park needs to focus on what it needs overall. With that being said I wouldn't be upset to see the show aspect of the event be whittled down to the drum corps return, and maybe a show in the festhaus. Forget everything else, maybe even theme out some of the 'area' zones to the coasters around it? I E zombie lumberjacks near Mystic, Banshees near Banshee/tomb stones in the midway. 
    • They wouldn’t even have to touch the Paramount years unless they wanted to…there are enough older rides still unaccounted for…plus they could do things like The International Restaurant, original marquee sign, the inflatable theater, fountain with pedestals…I could fill out probably 75 pins…but then of course most people wouldn’t want most of them! 
    • I'm glad you brought up HalloWeekends! I'm also super impressed with it, especially compared to how the event was last year. All the mazes seem well-staffed, screamsters seem very engaged and involved. The new Opening ScaryMoanies and Midnight Syndicate show are great fun--the actor who plays Mr. Midnight is FANTASTIC! The event is night and day compared to last year. A lot of the improvements are no doubt because Michael Roddy, who used to be the head creative for Halloween Horror Nights, is now the VP of Entertainment at Cedar Point. I'm finally making it down to Haunt this weekend and am interested to compare the two. I felt that last year, Haunt was definitely the better, more immersive event compared to HalloWeekends. But I'm with you @BB1, Cedar Point really upped their game this year for Halloween.
    • I wish I could understand the audio. Probably defined for young kids, not old-men with rock concert ears. Thank you for sharing the video though! I was hyper curious if there was a plot since I could hear garbled words occasionally but had no clue what it was.
    • Kinda funny if this does turn out to be a 30 million dollar B&M. Like within the past 10 years including this hypothetical coaster they would have spent like 100 million on new rollercoasters but just around 10 or so million on new flats (This is a guesstimate I have no idea how much the flats cost). I feel like when I look at my day at Kings Island one of the biggest things I wish I could experience would be more high thrill flat rides. Flatrides I feel like provide very unique and memorable experiences at times if I'm being honest. They're a nice change of pace instead of just marathoning roller coasters all day. Now I won't complain about a new rollercoaster and I think it is needed but flats would be just as good imo.
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