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    • And to add some context for those that visited Coney Island recently.  The image that TombraiderTy shared of the Monster, the building to the right of the Monster was the LaRosa`s building (Across from the mini-golf course).  Wipeout stood on part of the area that the Monster used to occupy.
    • If anyone wants to make a simple cloth mask MUCH more effective, you need some sort of filter in there. And a good hvac filter cut-to-size can do just the trick.  http://diyn95.com/index.php/make-it-yourself-the-guide/ It's not going to be perfect, but it's way, way better than just cloth.
    • Masks that tie or have the connectors on the back of head aren’t going to budge if they are well fitting; which they should be  otherwise you’re not keeping germs out. I’ve seen many on motorcycles wearing some type of masks. Not just ones for riding motorcycles but medical type.    glasses stay on with the holders that tighten around your head so i don’t see wearing masks an issue on rides.   I’m game for them less likely to catch a bug in your mouth that way Lol
    • That was last year- I was there. It did not help that Cedar Fair had just updated their policy on Arrow coasters needing to reach 50 degrees to open, versus 45 in years before that. It also rained a decent amount on passholder preview and a bit more on Opening Day (though Opening Day was not as bad). Because of the "bad" weather though crowds were very light for opening day standards and many rides were under 10 minutes, save the new Kings Mills Antique Autos and The Beast when the 40th Anniversary T-Shirts were being given out. 2018 was warm (70s), sunny, and crowded. I was there for PP 2018 too- my sister didn't even fill me in that we were going until we were halfway to the park!
    • I don't want to put words in your mouth, but this post almost makes it sound like you think it would be more financially sound for the park to remain closed in 2020, even if they could open. Which I doubt is the case---at least not on most weekends---but I admit I don't have any numbers to know one way or another. Edit: My perspective is that they are already recognizing it might be really hard to sell anyone a 2021 pass. So let's give 'em out and hope the masses fill up the park and open their wallets as best they can.
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