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  1. In general, yes it's worth it to me because I'm a casual visitor to Cedar Point, so I want to take advantage of my time in the park. The last time I got FLP, if you were a platinum pass holder, you got FLP at FL price, but I'm sure that will change with the new pass structure. As others have said, the merge point is further back on many coasters, Kings Island has us spoiled.
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  2. Thought this was pretty rad. Was perusing Reddit and came across some stills and video of The Maestro walk around character in the park circa 1992. He makes a brief appearance here in the 20th Anniversary parade (as well as the KI Clown Band): The mask for the character eventually found it’s way into a Fearfest display in front of the Action Theater in 2005 (per the photo gallery): Pretty cool stuff!!
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  3. What! No way! They should have him roaming around at haunt or something
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  4. Raptor, Magnum, Rougarou
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  5. I do not remember this at all! Thank you for sharing!
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