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  1. Interesting note on this podcast, at one point Barry mentions that KI is a "great park" and is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and mentions that they will be celebrating that this year (paraphrasing). 

    Think about it.  Why would he be mentioning the 50th anniversary and how they are planning on celebrating it this year?  Those details would not be known from an actor/podcaster unless something was in the works.   

    I'd bet anyone a blue ice cream cone that they will have some sort of Brady-themed celebration at some point this year with some of the actors.  You heard it here first :)

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  2. On 8/21/2021 at 10:10 PM, standbyme said:

    I will not comment on any of your opinions…but as for this, it is up to both the employees & the park’s customers to decide whether they feel if it is a safe environment…no one is forcing either of them to be at the park. People need to take responsibility for their own choices. 

    Disregard.  This reply was intended for the "they probably deserve" comment which really hit a nerve with me.  Not telling anyone what to do, just a prudent middle ground.  Or something.  I'll take my 2 cents back and exit the conversation. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, PatchesC said:

    Personally we haven't had bad waits. The only 2 we've had longer waits on were FoF and Beast. Those were around 30 minutes on a Saturday at the end of July. There was an increased crowd due to Carnivale, so I assume that impacts it a bit. Previous visits were maybe 20 minute waits at the most.


    5 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    If you time it right, most FastLane+ waits will be under 10 minutes. Occasionally, the waits will be a little longer, but my advice would be to come back to rides later that have long FastLane+ waits because they usually don’t stay long all day. It really depends on how busy Kings Island is. Weekends in May and Saturdays in July were very busy, so these days probably had longer FastLane+ waits. However, on the average weekday, FastLane+ usually results in a walk-on. I know that Kings Island is moving to weekend only operations soon, so I would say that FastLane+ is definitely worth it if you plan to go on a Saturday. Flight of Fear will probably be the longest wait due to its low capacity. I still wouldn’t expect any FastLane+ waits to be over 20 minutes, and most will probably be around 10. If you go during Halloween Haunt, though, the FastLane+ lines will probably be longer just with how crowded the park gets.

    Thanks for your input! 

  4. Earlier in the season, I recall stories of very long lines even with FL+.  With the weekends being so busy all year, I was curious if that was the case?  I would hate to buy them only to end up waiting 30+ minutes for the more popular rides.   We can’t make it out as much as we'd like but would consider this option, but don't want to buy them if they are over sold.  Since it seems to be a busy year I thought I’d ask.  


  5. "Suspect information will be presented to Warren County Juvenile Court for charges. Further investigations are being conducted to identify others responsible, according to the city of Mason

    Assistant City Manager Jennifer Heft said five people have been identified as of late Tuesday afternoon, and that there may be more because the investigation is ongoing."


     IMO the park should charge any and all of these stupid kids to the fullest extent.  I feel that would go a long way. 

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