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  1. What the entryway would look like if they did that area. Still, Very Unlikely.
  2. I specifically said in my post it's very unlikely that they would remove Vortex. That's just something I came up with.
  3. I meant general area. Like it wouldn't use the whole area. Gigas are huge rides. But still very unlikely they would use this area since they would have to remove Vortex.
  4. Dark green = giga area Blue = skyline relocation Light Green = ride relocation (most likely scrambler)
  5. The queue would also start near where the new Smokehouse restaurant will be and will go in and around tower gardens near the carousel. Remember, very unlikely.
  6. I'm not saying 2020 at all. I just mentioned we may get it somewhere around there. 2020 is the most unlikely one since that is Cedar Point's 150th.
  7. If we don't get it in 2019, we would probably receive it in 2020 or 2021. 2022 is a possibility, but not very likely in my eyes. The 50th anniversary in my opinion will be used for general park improvements like paint, new flowers, new lights, etc. Also, even if we don't see construction on opening day, we could still see some stuff popping up throughout the season, but our expectations should be lowered now and definitely if we don't see teasers or construction on opening day, you should definitely lower your hopes. I should tell everyone to not get your hopes up that Kings Island is getting a coaster in 2019, which there is a good chance they aren't and you'll be disappointed when no coaster is announced next August.
  8. That's the type of airtime I'm trying to say we will get. I think the main airtime moments will be on the banks like Fury.
  9. I'm not saying that it is coming only because guests asked for it. Im saying that Cedar Fair tends to add things based on guest feedback. Tony Clark said it in an interview that they look at guest feedback and make some decisions off of it. There is more involved with getting things in, but guest feedback is a big thing. Also, Kings Island's new PR manager said that bringing back Winterfest was based on guest feedback. He said they have been asked a lot on bringing back Winterfest. I know that probably the #1 question was about a giga because you know that's a huge rumor in the coaster community. And there are some people trying to kill it, but I'm here to say it's not going to die anytime soon unless Kings Island were to confirm that Diamondback will never be topped or something like that. I'm not saying that they would do it specifically on guest feedback, but I'm saying that it would play a role since a giga is what people want. Usually Cedar Fair and Kings Island want to give what the fans want. Mystic Timbers I believe was something the fans wanted since a lot of people wanted a rollercoaster more families could enjoy together. That was a huge factor on Mystic Timbers. I think we will definitely see more flat rides and things improved throughout the park. I'm not saying that the giga will 100% come, but I'm saying that in the direction Cedar Fair is going with the major parks, a giga would be a great choice for Kings Island since it would really boost the competition between Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World which are Kings Island's competing parks since they are in Kings Island's market. Cedar Point is in a whole different market so having two gigas in Ohio would not hurt either park because it would actually encourage more people to go to both.
  10. We don't know for sure, but I'm on the "THEY WILL" bandwagon. Come at me Cedar Point fanboys. This is Cedar Fair we are talking about and this is one of Cedar Fairs most prized parks and they don't have a giga! We have the land for it too (unlike Knott's which is also rumored to get a giga as well) Cedar Fair tends to add stuff based on guest feedback. If they didn't, we probably wouldn't have Steel Vengeance, it was added since the guests were constantly pushing Cedar Point to RMC Mean Streak. I think they are doing the same for Kings Island since the guests are constantly pushing Kings Island to add a giga! We have a very similar lineup to Carowinds (with the exception of a few coasters) and both of KIs sister parks have gigas. So I think it's about time for Kings Island and Cedar Fair to go all out and go big for the Cincinnati area and really impress the Kings Island market!
  11. What he said was "that second hill could easily be 200-300 feet tall, but it's not, it's 180 it's a giant banked turn" when you have the big hills like Diamondback, it slows down, this giga would look on keeping the speed consistent and try to make it not lose speed. That's why Fury doesn't have the giant airtime hills so that it doesn't lose as much speed.
  12. I believe it would have some airtime hills, but not as much as Diamondback. Also, go look at Rob Decker's interview from Fury's opening where he discusses the difference between Fury and Intimidator (and other hypers) he talks about the speed factor. I believe that would be a reason that they would (not 100% guaranteed) install something similar to Fury to Kings Island since it's different from Diamondback.
  13. I don't want that much airtime because that would take away from Diamondback. I think we should have maybe one large floater hill (like Leviathan) with some smaller floater hills like on Fury. I think we will have only a few airtime hills and more banked turns. I think that most of the airtime we will get will be from the banked turns like on Fury. Remember that Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, and Racer will be the main airtime coasters. This coaster will focus on speed and maintaining the speed from drop to brakes. Like I think the second hill will be like 170-190 feet tall and will be a banked turn and I think they will want to keep the speed going from drop to brakes.
  14. This is only a concept. I do get what you're saying. Like I can't create a picture like this with the elevations. I definitely think that they would find a way to make it work and have the coaster definitely use the terrain. Also, the ride can go over Banshee and The Bat. The Son of Beast station is much higher than that turn The Bat does by the station and it's a steel coaster so there would only be a few footers. There is more room between the Son of Beast station and Banshee than people think. This will be a terrain coaster for sure.
  15. A giga I made where it reuses Son of Beast's station. Yes, it does look a little long, but it's going to very fast so it has to be long. Also, it's a twister layout. It will combine the other 4 North American gigas in one. They'll also make the drop face Great Wolf Lodge.
  16. I think a campground should go near The Beast in the wooded area. Campgrounds tend to be in a wooded area and I think there should be one near The Beast where you could take a trail that could take you up to The Beast where you can get footage of the ride. Definitely they would need to have safety standards set in place to be sure nobody gets hurt. Like gates around the wood and have restricted areas.
  17. I agree. I find it annoying when people think that Cedar Fair won't allow for a Kings Island giga because of Cedar Point. The main competition is Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. I think the Kings Island market will some day get that huge skyscraping rollercoaster. I think for water park expansion, they should do it in 2020 since they tend to do a water park expansion every 4 years. I think they should put the water slide back in the back of the water park where the woods are where that out of the way family tube slide is. It would attract more people to that part of the water park. Giga in my opinion is definitely, but I'm constantly tossing years around. I'm currently thinking 2021, but I've tossed around 2019 (Diamondbacks/beasts anniversary where they usually add a coaster in years that end in 9s.) And 2020 (Millennium Force 20th anniversary which Kings Island added Banshee on Raptors 20th anniversary and added Diamondback on Magnum's 20th anniversary) I agree also on more flats. For example I think they should definitely put a flat on the old flight commander pad and use the old queue.
  18. We'd still get that. A giga would just be another huge thrill coaster like what Diamondback and Banshee are. The reason they put in Mystic was because they wanted something that more families could enjoy together. Don Helbig stated at no coaster con that when they were thinking about putting in MT, a lot of different options were available to them and he said this "what do we do dark ride we put in a giga what do we do" so that spoke to me that it confirms we will see both eventually. I know they explored the options. He also mentioned that a factor was something that more families could enjoy together. So I totally get what Don Helbig is saying. I think that this giga will be for the thrill seekers. And after the giga, we won't see another coaster for a long time after that so I think after the giga, we will see more family stuff added. I definitely would love some sort of dark ride in the crypt building. Kings Island tends to add a lot of stuff for the thrill seekers as well. Mystic Timbers really in my opinion did great for the families which was the reason they chose it over a giga. I'm wanting a giga mostly so I can see if it changes the GPs view of Diamondback. Like to most GP, Diamondback is like the tallest thing ever (to those who haven't been to CP). Also, this giga would please both the enthusiasts and GP.
  19. I am so shocked that so many people are against the idea of Kings Island getting a giga. C'mon this is one of Cedar Fairs most prized parks and they have no giga! This coaster would really attract guests! If Cedar Fair really did care about competition, they wouldn't have built Diamondback or Banshee because of Raptor and Magnum at Cedar Point. Also, Cedar Fair tends to make improvements based on guest feedback. Like for example with Cedar Point, guests wanted waterpark improvements so they gave us Cedar Point shores and guests kept asking them to RMC Mean Streak so now we have Steel Vengeance. I am sure that they would do the same for Kings Island. I know that bringing back Winterfest was from guest feedback even Mystic Timbers was back when Prowler beat out Diamondback people talked about Kings Island working with GCI to get a modern day wooden coaster to the park. Yes there is more involved with building coasters with business stuff, but I believe both Kings Island and Cedar Fair want to give the guests what they want and people are constantly asking for a giga so I believe that they would give it to us. Not to mention that Kings Island has the land for it with no low height limit. Also, gigas are awesome so I don't think we should be against it. Cedar Fair, Kings Island bring us our giga!!!
  20. I think Cedar Fair will still install big coasters. I definitely have beliefs of the KI giga being a record breaker. I also think that Cedar Point will get a record breaker of some type.
  21. My theory is that Cedar Fair is looking to remove their boomerangs. So I think in the next few years Invertigo will be gone. I think they will also remove Congo Falls since no body rides it.
  22. I always thought of a campground near The Beast. Campgrounds tend to be in a wooded area and I think one not too far from The Beast would be awesome.
  23. I think they should do a course in the woods. Like a ropes course hanging from the trees. I think they should also have a play area for kids as well.
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