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  1. On 3/23/2023 at 2:44 PM, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    Not saying it is going to happen, but you can fit a surf in if you just tear down the SOB station and use the wooded area along the parking lot and between Bat and Timberwolf. Just a rough drawing I came up with. It also has an MCBR to allow it to run 3 trains. 


    honestly, as cool as this would be, i wouldnt want this to happen. Kings Island's wooded areas are one of my favorite parts and its what makes the park so beautiful. id like to see them build a denser coaster in Vortex's plot of land to give The Beast its secluded feeling back instead

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  2. 24 minutes ago, tuxedoman52 said:

    What in the world does Funtime being the manufacturer of Slingshot have to do with this? It opened in 2002, long before the tower ride in Orlando. On top of that, hasn't it already come out that Icon Park themselves altered the rides restraint/sensor system, not Funtime?

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    its speculation. i doubt its connected at all

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  3. On 10/27/2002 at 4:43 PM, SML828 said:

    Couldn't disagree more...

    Why REPLACE the old with the new? Why not have both? I'm only 24 (not THAT old) and I don't think the park will be the same without Yogi, Fred, Astro, Cavey, and I think they need to get the Smurfs back too while they're at it. Go ahead and add SpongeBob or whoever, but older people won't know who they are (unless they have kids)...that's why they need both. Plus, it keeps people in jobs!

    Yea, I'm a KI person too...well, I was through last night.

    bad news

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  4. can i just say, thank you so much for bringing these preview day updates, guys. these past 2 years have felt really "off" with Kings Island, because of covid and such- felt like it was losing popularity. these pictures are throwing me straight back to pre-2020 when Kings Island was full of life and its making me very happy

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  5. I would like to see a place that serves breakfast type food in the park. It could have something like waffles, pancakes, donuts, muffins, etc. That would be a nice addition to the park since most hotels stopped serving breakfast. And then I could use my first meal on my plan when I first get there and that could hold me over until later in the day to use my second meal, sometimes I find it difficult to use lunch and dinner in both my meals, more so if it's an early close day.
    on Kings Island days, chick fil a is breakfast, its just part of the experience

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  6. Sounds like thirdhand information to me. Respect your mother's advice, but if you may go to KI, make your own opinion after visiting. I've visited KI (and other CF parks) many times this year. Everyone I've met has been friendly. I am also very courteous to other park visitors and employees. I hope this helps and you can enjoy KI.
    ive been many times, just not this yr. it wasnt gonna stop me but i was just wondering what it was all about

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  7. Not even sure what "rude guests" means. Obviously there were a couple fighting incidents but those were on pretty crowded days and certainly aren't *that* common.
    Most guests at any park just keep to themselves, which can come off as rude, but its just how modern society works.
    she said one of her coworkers went and said its nothing but loud, disrespectful teenagers

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  8. im planning on going soon, but my mom said that she heard the park isnt worth visiting this year because the guests are so rude. this wont stop me, but has anyone had experience with this?


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  9. Is there a benefit to onsite painting?
    they probably didnt wanna scratch up the paint during construction, or it was cheaper to do it themselves than to contract someone to paint the pieces before they were shipped

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  10. I thought of the third. “Chillin in a dirt road listening to George jones.”
    or whatever. I swear it’s just those three. 
    Today at the park I was at the Coney BBQ. And was super psyched about the 80s rock they were playing. Until I realized it was also a three or four song loop. I think I heard Journey sing don’t stop believing 3 times while eating. 
    id take a single 80s pop song on loop over country tbh

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  11. i remember being on the train as a young kid, and hearing the person on the speakers talk about how Kings Island was featured in an episode of the show "ghost hunters", and the fortress building in the woods was investigated in it. i never really bothered to try to find the episode back then because i was scared, but i just remembered it years later and cant find it anywhere. was this episode even real?

  12. some more answers:

    Diamondbacks roar

    Banshee scream

    Planet Snoopy in the distance

    the waterpark phones / buzzing for the lifrguard shifts

    wave pool alarm

    the sound of water moving

    random conversations fighting for priority in your ears in a long line

    the voice of that one person that always seems to be where you are

    backlots fire and heli

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