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  1. 1 minute ago, MDMC01 said:

    Maybe they'll put the partners on the back like they've done in past years (I'm currently thinking about the 2005 map, how all the "official (such-and-such product) of Paramount's Kings Island" was on the back side of the paper in columns).

    Orion still wouldn't fit, would it?

  2. Just a quick question about the map this year, how do you guys think Orion will fit on it?


    Theres really not enough space for it to fit up there, especially with the partners box. Could we be looking at a bigger map this year? Total redesign?

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  3. A bathroom themed ride would be pretty sweet. You could even keep the name Vortex. The ride ends with you being flushed down a giant toilet.
    jokes aside, they should really make the next coaster named "Vortex" as a tribute...

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  4. stuff like this really ticks me off... these people are just not smart. how can you move into a house not even a mile from an amusement park and expect silent days? they should be whining to themselves, not the park.

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  5. What lesson would they learn?  The shed is a great ending to a story line on a themed coaster.  I, and many other people, rather enjoy the intricate theming they put into the coaster.  
    there was a lot of disappointment as people expected a ride element

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