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  1. Can confirm, was there last night and spoke to a ride mechanic on the way out. One of them is down for maintenance, but he didn't clarify anymore. Rode it May 3rd on the train down for maintenance, my seat was loose and the back car sounded like nails on a chalkboard whenever it swung side to side, so I assume they might be addressing some issues with the second train.
  2. I'd love a dark ride sooner don't get me wrong. Always looking for something else to do when rain and bad weather hits. Also acts as another Winterfest crowd pleaser.
  3. See I'm thinking 2025 is some water park work, 2026 is the survey ride, and then 2027/2028 is a dark ride. But we'll have to see, that's the fun part of speculating
  4. if we even got a Voltron clone..., I'd be over the moon
  5. I received this as well, but figured I wouldn't be the one to leak it. To me the indoor/outdoor rollercoaster sounds like the best concept to me, especially if it makes use of the tomb raider building. Done right, it could really be a stand out attraction. They threw in a Revenge of the Mummy ride photo from universal. Something even close to that would be awesome. With the right theming and a switch track or drop track, this really would be something KI would benefit from. I also like the idea of the multi-launch family coaster, but to me it just resembles a larger version of Soap Box Racers. I would also rather not have another shuttle. It works fine for a shorter layout, but not for something that size, for a park with the volume of KI. KI could have two gigas , I love Yukon striker, but I just feel we have better gaps in our lineup to be filled than a dive
  6. Saw this on reddit today, gave me a good laugh. Clearly we're not the only ones https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasterjerk/comments/1cb7l6z/what_else_do_you_think_theyll_charge_for_this/
  7. My guess is it's for the new single Fast Lane kiosks too, otherwise you could easily photocopy or edit what they disperse. There was a new kiosk thing over by Diamondback
  8. Today would be an unfortunate day to rent out the park. I don't think half the rollercoasters can run yet due to the temperatures, with a high of 51 later too, but also it's probably more familys so the flat rides will probably be alright for the time being
  9. Fastlane scanners and digital wait time signs are now present outside of rides. They look quite nice
  10. Been having the same issue as well across multiple computers
  11. Isn't this standard for most trains at KI. Outside of Mystic Timbers and the trains themed like trucks, and maybe the spaceship shells on the FOF trains, the teeth on Diamondback. Most of the Cedar Fair Parks have pretty standard trains with some sort of paint scheme. Makes it easier for maintenance, I wasn't expecting any radical train design for this, especially when themed to a soap box racer...
  12. I feel the operations are often more consistent at KI. I've had some good days at CP, but I've also had some days with miserable dispatches on MF, Maverick, XL-200, etc. Knotts is also a mixed bag in my experience. I've visited summer and it's been smooth sailing. I've visited spring break and winter break with a packed park with one train ops, I've never quite been able to figure that out with their operations. I get they're open year round and they have to find time to refurb trains, and that many of their rides aren't terribly high capacity, but the ops just never seem in a huge rush.
  13. Saw this yesterday and it gave me a good laugh. Everything was well done, well except the "King's Island Ohio" part Joey Drew Studios makes some crazy good dark horror games, honestly I think they would make some great source material for a Haunt maze, but probably too dark for the target audience CF wants
  14. So I've been hearing through the grapevine that the park has started putting job applicants on a waitlist on most seasonal positions outside of ride operators and lifeguards. Checked the job portal and yep, it's there... https://jobs.cedarfair.com/job/mason/kings-island-jobs-waitlist/42509/62940387760 Lifeguards makes sense, there's a general shortage, helping operate a local swim club near coney, I've seen the struggle the last few years. Though KI pays their guards higher than most surrounding pools, so they usually attract a good crowd of applicants by memorial day opening. It'll be interesting to see with most being moved to a waitlist who haven't been hired, will we see better staffing levels at KI this year for ride operations, or is it just because they're hiring a lower amount than last year due to cut operating hours of certain operating attractions, food service locations, games, etc. Just something I found interesting. I'm optimistic, but we'll have to see. Lets hope to a wonderful 24', full of wonderful new memories at the park
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