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  1. A diversion?

    1. Diamondback FOF

      Diamondback FOF

      Not sure why, but I giggled when I just read this

    2. Gemini XL-200

      Gemini XL-200

      That's Classic Terp

    3. Banshee Back VII

      Banshee Back VII

      Maybe a diversion?

  2. The FUN is back. Coming soon to a park near you!

    1. The Racing Racer

      The Racing Racer


  3. The FUN is back. Coming soon to a park near you!

  4. To Truth Seeker:

    Only if you are possessive about it...

    Terp, of the castas...er...apostrophes...

  5. Random Hello's! :)

  6. Time to say Hello!


  7. You still got Remington?

    How is he?

  8. KI: We don't sell any fruit...well, at least not much.

  9. One of my favorite posters...where are you???

  10. And to you, too, my dear! :)

  11. Where'd you go already?

  12. And I LOVE your new Avatar, too...!

  13. You, sir...are missed.

  14. Awwww....

    This is SO cool!

  15. The Legend is truly a fine coaster, but you will find me raven more about another coaster in that park! :)

  16. You are more than welcome. Consider me your full service Interpreter! :)

  17. I espied you epsying my profile...I watch and I get watched. Such is life!

  18. It's amazing what he watches...and what watches him!

  19. Now known as "Only you can prevent Wildfires..."

    Go figure:


    And note, like most coasters, there is no The in Smokey Bear.

  20. SCBB, be still my heart!

  21. Congrats on the new moniker!

  22. Good. I was afraid they moved Ashton while I wasn't looking! :)

  23. Uh, don't you mean NORTH?

    Terp, a geographic one...

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