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  1. My initial concerns: 

    - Dorney may be a Geauga Lake part 2 

    - Six Flags Kings Island / Six Flags Ohio / Six Flags Cedar Point… (don’t think they’d do this)

    - CF now will own another CGA… 

    - Drop in quality across chain (already seeing this at Knotts to be honest) 

    Some good things though:

    - Better FastLane system (FlashPass is pretty cool imo) 

    - CF cleaning standards and maintenance upkeep across more parks

    There’s more but I’m not gonna write a block of text. Cheerio. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    I don't even know where to begin. First, I want to say thank you Cedar Fair for keeping our wood coasters up and in such good shape. I now 100% appreciate the track work done over the past few years. I know change is hard for a lot of people. I tend to think I am not one of them, but I am having a very hard time thinking what this will mean for our current CF parks.

    I feel like parks are going to be more stagnant in changes. Who knows though? I just want KI to keep on chugging, that’s why I love it so much. 

    Wild to wake up to this. 

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  3. 41 minutes ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    Might be having to move some data around due to space restrictions. We are working (well Malem) on a new server with more space and getting everything upgraded. It is slow going, but know we have all the data. I have the full photo gallery backed up in multiple locations. 

    More details coming out when we have news to share. 

    Thanks for clearing it up! Wish you all the best in migrating everything. 

  4. Photos in parts of the photo gallery on the main KICentral site have recently gone missing.

    Don't see any mention of this currently so going to make a post here so at least one other person can confirm it's not showing for them either.
    Attempting to view the individual files results in a 404. Just as a precaution I have attempted to access these through other devices, different networks, and different browsers. 

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Visit https://KICentral.com/photos/
    2. Search for "Maps" or "Haunt 2018" or any of the other categories listed below (some more are impacted too)
    3. Open the photo gallery
    4. Try to see if the photos within them load properly

    Some categories have some photos, but most are inaccessible/missing. I do not know when this started occurring or if it is the result of some backend work, but better safe than sorry.
    Please correct me if this is just some temporary work!

    Nonetheless hope this can be fixed, don't want to lose some of this history.



  5. 35 minutes ago, jdf21972 said:

    Park pulled an online switch and eliminated early rides on Fridays.

    don't mean to fart on your pizza or anything but the park is only open evenings on Fridays going forward til end of Haunt. I don't recall them doing ERT for passholders on evening opens before? 

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  6. Coming back from my grave to post this, so here's some fun stories of mine I've dealt with over the past couple of years. Sorry for the wordbomb, it's a lot.

    Incident #1: Middleman (representing a park official, don't know who specifically) reached out to me regarding a project of mine I had made public. No shade to the middleman if you know who you are, you're a cool person.

    Incident #2: Guess this one is more oriented towards the forum but it has relevance to the park too. When Coasterstock 2023 details were posted on the website, it was past knowledge to me that since it's on the website it's an "official source", so I thought posting it would've been fine. Nope! Alright, guess not then. Please update the KIC ToS as it's a little confusing. maybe it falls under the "Posting information that is not public record" rule? Define public record please. Got striked, won't elaborate on that, but very shortly after I was blocked on KI socials. I was unblocked a few days later, but that still stuck with me. I know I can be handful sometimes when I get excited over things but I only want to help and have a good time.

    It pains me, but that's that. I would love to interact with their socials and this site more but I'd rather watch from a distance. Shoutout to the two girls who took Kyles position after he moved to KD, they're doing a great job :) Haven't seen much mention of them here yet. Make sure to follow zpop7 (Elizabeth) on twitter, she's been doing a lot with the parks socials lately. I regretfully don't know the name of the other girl, sorry if you see this but you're doing great! Elizabeth was doing interviews with news stations over Grand Carnival if you didn't know.

    I have a lot of respect for Don, without him I don't know where the park would be. Sorry if this post comes across wrong, not my intention to spread hate or anything.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk I guess. :wave:

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  7. Was gonna start a new thread but noticed this one, so I'll post here.

    Recent news from Daddy Don, (via the Coasterstock Facebook group),


    Tickets for 2022 Coasterstock went on-sale around the end of this week last year. We may see something similar for 2023, but Don/KI usually give at least a days heads up by the looks of it!  
    I am going to try to attend the event again this year, anyone else going to try attending?

    I advise checking the Coasterstock page for any updates should they appear...

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  8. 2 minutes ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    On the other hand, though, it appears that no progress has been made on Diamondback’s repaint since Winterfest. A few areas of the track had been repainted near the station in December, but that seems to be it. Maybe Baynum Solutions is focusing on other projects before getting back to Diamondback. 

    I would say weather, but it's certainly been warm enough to paint recently. 

    Maybe it's something they got planned for later in the off-season. Seems very odd for sure though.

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  9. 4 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    I am still a little confused by the Notice of Commencement. A lot of manufacturers were listed that almost seem copied over from the last Notice of Commencement. If Kings Island is working with B&M, it could be for new parts for an existing B&M, and I believe SkyHigh Coasters also offers the service to remove rides like SlingShot.

    They could very easily have also used the fact Adventure Port was announced late (along with the notice) as a way to hide a later, major, addition. 

    Of course we won't know until later if anything does happen. It's fun to speculate.

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  10. 13 hours ago, Orion742 said:

    Really? Interesting. From what I heard it was the guests that asked the park to remove the magnet.

    I agree though. Taking it off might not be the best decision for guests. I know I would enjoy it though. Lol.

    Knowing they can disable the magnet… all the more reason for such possibilities at CoasterStock… 

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  11. 28 minutes ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    Also, to get ahead of the rumor mill, early in the episode, Joe Rozzi implies that they are doing, “Fun, Fireworks and Fifty” again this year. He later clarified that this year’s show will be different from last year’s show.  So we don’t know anything about this year’s show, we just know it will be a different show than “Fun Fireworks and Fifty.”

    Thanks for clearing that up! I would’ve had no issue seeing the FF&F again this year, but something different will be awesome too! 

  12. 3 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    We talk a lot about “Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty.”

    Great episode as always! It was very interesting to hear a bunch of the technical details and behind the scenes regarding what Rozzi's company does! I only had a minor tidbit I wanted to point out, nothing bad or anything (it's really minor)! Just when asking the audience questions you mixed up my user with someone elses, for the exact/hybrid movement question (55:20 ish), other than that another awesome episode! 

    I always look forward to these every week, also helps pass the time too before opening day comes around. 

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