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  1. I like this profile...

  2. It's a starlight 'experience' you'll never get back

  3. Since when is anyone on this site, "nice"

  4. Oh trust me secondson, your post was very obvious!

  5. I think you mean, "Pmurg"

  6. Great avatar, looks like the ride goes on forever!

  7. Remove them as friends budday

  8. Awesome profile... and sig!!!

    Look out for s-s-some awesome coasters like: Sierra Sidewinder. Steel Venom, Mamba, Carolina Cobra, Diamondback, and Anaconda!!!

  9. Wonderful Podcast. Thanks for joining the site.

  10. I love what you do bud.

  11. Your sig is a winner!

  12. Thats interesting. September is a popular month!

  13. Forget about bringing Sexy Back, Someone bring Nostalgia back!

  14. How many '!' does it take to get to the center of a Beast!!!! roller coaster?

  15. Welcome Dip'n Dots Guy!

  16. I'll take the priveledge of being your comment.

  17. Either you are very popular, or a target Mr. most profile views!

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