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  1. Was Pig Pens mess hall announced with the expansion? I didn’t even know that was a thing! 
    …or I just forgot about it

    Food lines (especially blue ice cream) always spill onto the midways even mild crowd days. Having another quick service I hope will help crowd flow. But some permanent queues at Blue ice cream would be nice!

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  2. 2 hours ago, DonHelbig said:

    It's not a state thing. It's a decision a park would make. 

    So, considering this “webcam” practice has been done well over a decade and during your tenure can we sum up then this webcam on and off bit was a choice not by you but from GM and park presidents?

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  3. 3 hours ago, DonHelbig said:

    They don’t want you to see the train for Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers has been delivered and taken to the ride, nor do they want anyone to see it testing when that begins. 

    Who is “they” because out of Dorney their webcams were live showing off Iron Menace first test runs before the POV dropped earlier yesterday.

  4. 1 hour ago, CartersCoasters said:

    Right after the Rundown On Fun released an episode saying it will probably be gone!

    Try giving a listen to Coaster Radio. I’m really not into opinion pieces / rumor milling many current podcast’s rely on. I remember listening to them way back in high school on my iPod nano lol. 

    Glad Knotts was able to salvage the ride though! 

  5. That’s a sparkler that was in the upper right corner of the building. When the ride began the gondola would slowly move clockwise. If you listen to the ride audio at that moment there is electrical sound effect. Part of the rides story line, it represents the ride vehicle “loosing power” as the planets fully align, thus the sparks you see. The effect only lasted a few seasons.

  6. I don’t really have any issue with this choice. I just came from BGT 2 days ago (Had a great time). The park is enormous and thankfully has now 2 modes of transportation with the train and now the sky ride. I got the sky ride credit a long long time ago, for those that never got this experience it provided unparallel views of the Serengeti area of the park and the animals. I totally see why this would become an up charge attraction. The Serengeti Safari Tour is $40. If the sky ride were free I’d just take the sky ride than pay 40 for the tour. So for me $5 is totally worth it for those views!

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  7. 1 hour ago, IBEW_Sparky said:

    These assclowns are even doing drastic SATURDAY staffing cuts now??  The people in the glass offices in Sandusky and Charlotte need to take the firearms out of their hands and quit shooting themselves in their overpaid feet, because that is exactly what their short term gain stupidity is akin to.  Ive already said pass renewal is at a tipping point for me, and there is absolutely no way I am alone in my thoughts on that, at least not in the World outside of fansites.

    In my adult years I’ve come to see how conservatively (from a corporate standpoint) the company is run.

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  8. I should mention I rarely see any advertising for any of the CF parks outside local shopping grocery stores. I’d be interested to hear from Ryan (BoodaH1994) his take if he thinks some of this could be in result to poor corporate marketing.

    I’ve seen billboards and ads for Dollywood as far as Dayton and ads for Dollywood are littered all over my socials.

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  9. Hearing the pathetic staffing issues makes me (A Nevada native) not want to visit which I think is the opposite of what Cedar Fair wants to hear.

    can anyone confirm if Knotts is staffing the same way? I certainly hope not because having to deal with SFMM operations and staffing is already one park too many!

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