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  1. Not surprised a tombstone is hiding in the Project2017 splash page considering a Haunt attraction literally called Tombstone Terror-tory resided in those specific woods for the better part of nine years (even though no cemetery resided in said maze).


    I can only hope the reservoir remains (mostly) intact and not neutered to the point where it becomes another kiddie pool but with a No Splashing rule.

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    I swear I remember that they had ice skating in fountains during Winterfest I only went to once when I was younger. Am I right about this ?

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    yes they did.  IIRC, they removed the capabilities from the fountain several years (perhaps even a decade) ago.  Equipment was too costly to maintain for a feature that doesn't work when it gets too warm.



    Halfway through the '05 Festival du Fear, they started doing infrastructure work on the fountains for the skating rink, including the concrete ramps on opposite ends of the fountain. They may have also sneakily started installing the many Christmas lights around International Street.

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  3. Just out of curiosity, does the picnic grove make the park money? Cause if you take it out, or reduce it's size, it really opens some ideas that fit well. They could also tie the water park path to Rivertown and create a whole new area. 



    Not high on the probability scale, but I'm confused by this project and am throwing things at the wall.


    Every day the park is open, the Picnic Grove is being used for something. From a tiny family reunion with barely 50 people to a major manufacturing company outing that buy out the entire park (with patrons numbering in the tens of thousands), the Grove makes way more money than people realize.

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  4. Unless Don is personally operating one to showcase progress on Project 2017 construction, don't expect to see any drones flying around Kings Island anytime soon. The park has enough trouble trying to dissuade goers from (un)intentionally dropping objects from atop rides and towers; we don't need a re-enactment of the Fabio incident with a UFO in place of a goose on Diamondback.

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  5. IMO if it's a wooden coaster or anything shorter and slower than DB, it would be total waste of money. Gigas are by far the best coasters on Earth. It's all about speed and height. Wooden coasters are inferior to steel and cost a ton more to maintain.


    Someone should tell Six Flags that and get the ball rolling on removing every single RMC install and replacing them with gigas at all of their parks.


    Also, Worlds of Fun's Prowler beat the taller, faster Diamondback in the 2009 Golden Ticket Awards. Not saying those awards are meaningful or anything (they aren't)...

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  6. Now I want to go to Shanghai. I loved the original and the Disney remake. They're in my top 10 favorite movies for sure. I've always thought a Tron ride would be amazing. I wish they'd build one at Disney World!


    The redesign of Test Track is probably the closest thing you're gonna get to a full-blown TRON experience stateside. Had Legacy been as much of a critical & commercial hit as Curse of the Black Pearl (and had TRON 3 not been cancelled), Tomorrowland would have been overtaken by The Grid, and maybe the former Rocket Rods at Disneyland's New Tomorrowland would have been resurrected as a Light Cycle attraction.

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  7. Another thing. No offense but some of you guys are sounding like spoiled kids. "If it's not a roller coaster I'm going to be really mad"...

    Seriously? Kings Island is one of the top parks in the US; in the past few years they have gotten some great park improvements, a giant roller coaster, a great flat ride, and a new amazing water slide complex. Now people are going to be MAD if KI doesn't get a new coaster? Even though it would be extremely unusual for KI to get a new coaster so early in the first place...

    Again, no offense, but Banshee is still pretty new, and you guys are already expecting KI to make another GIANT investment just 3 years later.


    You should have been here during the 2010-2011 off-season; people were about to start wielding pitchforks and torches after the double whammy of teasers leading to a mid-February announcement of an upcharge walk-through attraction and the delayed opening of a prototype flatride. Not to mention the park's Facebook fan page becoming more irate with the (in)decision being made on another GIANT investment and their frustrations on the previous season's kiddieland overhaul with an IP they argued wasn't well-known to children (despite the fact that a mere 20% of the rides in the former Nickelodeon Universe were based off of shows that are still on the air).


    Just remember, they aren't mad if they don't get a coaster...they're just mad if they don't get the "crown jewel" of coasters.

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    All I saw was the sign.



    Did it open up your eyes when you saw the sign? I know it did for Ace of Base.



    Cedar Fair isn't known for indecent attractions.

    Well, except "no limits" Haunt a few years back...

    And this forum drank that Kool-Aid hard.

    Amusement parks should never have "no limits" entertainment. Sexually charged heckling and distasteful displays of dead celebrities? Um no...

    I bet Don hated having to push that crap. I'm sure he knew better.

    Why did Cedar Fair, which was at least then ran by a very conservative family, bring that about?



    Because they saw the massive success of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights events (particularly the then revival of Hollywood's event) and thought they could capitalize on what they believed worked. Not realizing that 1) the Hollywood market is VASTLY different than the Cincinnati market, and 2) the Haunt's "bite" (its lineup of mazes and attention to detail) wasn't anywhere near up to snuff with its "bark" (its marketing campaign and emphasis on "Gore Is More").


    I feel like moving the dinos would be a huge waste of money, I mean the themed gift shop is already there, there's that pathway through the whole thing with all the footprints stamped in it and everything, etc..

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    Previous to dinosaurs roaming the backwoods of the Island, Haunt had a haunted trail running through that same spot for years. The trail was originally all dirt but they eventually paved the entire walking path with blacktop, and everyone assumed it would last another several Haunts. They demolished it almost a year after paving it and replaced it with DA (I believe the Haunt trail is still accessible to workers as it cuts through the DA loop).

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  9. The only 5 year plan which is public is for the chain as a whole and includes no details for individual parks. We know the chain plans at least one major ride every year for the next several 5 years. But we have no idea which parks are getting them. We know the chain is spending $150 million this year on capital improvements. But we have no idea if Kings Island is getting $5 million or $35 million.

    Having said that we can make some pretty good guesses early in the season about who is getting the major ride. Land clearing and teasers from the park would start early. Which points towards Kings Island. For the last several years large attraction means B&M. Which is why I personally think we are getting another B&M. Which based on our current rides leaves me to think giga, or wing. Since we are the only major Cedar Fair park without a Giga my guess is Giga.


    I can think of another major Cedar Fair park that does knott have a Giga.

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  10. Would a woodie really generate the sort of excitement, anticipation and ticket sales that a Giga would? And don't give me that Golden Ticket Awards nonsense. That's irrelevant.


    Considering Rocky Mountain Construction's meteoric rise to fame with their Topper Track & I-Box installations amongst nearly every park in the Six Flags chain arguably ushering in a "3rd Age" of roller coasters?


    Yes. It would. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a ten-year gap between Millie and Timmy when it comes to Giga installations.

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  11. In 2008, the first Hyper coaster install in Cedar Fair's recent acquisition of the former Paramount Parks was beaten by a CCI Wooden coaster that some would argue couldn't fill a line like a Hyper in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2009, Kings Island's tallest, fastest, meanest, and first B&M roller coaster was beaten by a GCI Wooden coaster that some would argue couldn't fill a line like a Hyper in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2010, the second and final Giga coaster manufactured by Intamin for Cedar Fair was beaten by a next-generation dark ride based on a lucrative IP that some would argue couldn't fill a line like a Giga in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2012, the world's first Giga coaster from B&M was beaten by the nation's first (to open) Wing Rider that some would argue couldn't fill a line like a giga in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2013, the world's longest and fastest Wing Rider coaster from B&M was beaten by a next-generation Wooden coaster with multiple inversions that some would argue couldn't fill a line like a Wing Rider in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2014, the world's longest Inverted roller coaster was beaten by a wooden Bobsled coaster (that spent nearly a decade in SBNO status) that pretty much everyone would argue couldn't fill a line like an Invert in the Golden Ticket Awards.


    In 2015, the tallest and fastest giga coaster built by B&M took first in the Golden Ticket Awards.

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