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  1. ^^^^ Is the rest of Planet Snoopy typically open at the same time? I can't recall.


    Usually, the only attraction open (& rideable) in Planet Snoopy was Boo Boo's Blasters (the Kiddie Carousel ran constantly as a prop for Freak Street). Everything else was closed and most of the paths were roped off, leaving the path from Boo's to Great Pumpkin and the path from Great Pumpkin all the way up to the former Peanuts Playhouse (with both entrances to Rivertown as well). Of course, now there's no maze in the Playhouse, so the path now (supposedly) ends at Snoopy Boutique and the restrooms.



    I thought that too, maybe like a mirror maze? Wait did anyone ever go through mysteria? I heard it was really bad, but did they have mirrors in there?

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    Mysteria was....an interesting attraction. It was a slight redesign from Death Row/The Asylum, which was chain-link fencing, mirrors, and a god-awful siren and strobe system, all set up in a pseudo-maze layout with dead ends and u-turns. Mysteria removed the siren and strobes, covered up almost all of the mirrors with white tarps, and dressed the actors up in full-body Morphsuits. Oh, and they cranked up the fog a TON inside.


    It wasn't as bad as the year prior when Death Row was an all-female cast made up of former Club Blood dancers thrown into an environment they had no experience in and told to act like deranged inmates, but it only lasted two years before they transformed it into the current Board 2 Death.


    But Blackout is either exactly what it sounds like - a literal black-out maze where everything (save for emergency exit signs) is pitch black and it's more of a sensory overload with the absence of sight - or a more abstract concept, maybe a Trapped or Alone-style attraction with elements of interactivity. 

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  2. Thank God and Greyhound It's Gone.


    It must have been a tough decision for them to remove it.


    Well, at least all the teenagers still have Delta Delta Die.

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  3. [...]Also I always thought the extremely long path to get back to The Bat or the trail for Whitewater Canyon would make for a great relaunch of Psycho Path.[...]


    I had always believed Tombstone would be re-themed to Psycho Path when DA! debuted in 2011 (there was even a rumor that a new wooded trail was going to be built for PP) as it was the far better of the two attractions. That or they could pull a Kings Dominion and do their own Camp Kiluaee with the Observation Deck being the main campgrounds and the connecting path be the surrounding woods (although this would render Wolf Pack obsolete as it's really the same theme). Ooh, and they could snag the old Kings Island Resort buses and retrofit them as Camp buses instead of using the trains!


    The only thing about that idea is the same thing that's plagued that Haunt location for now 10 years, which is having a line for the train/bus AND a line for the maze once you get off. My idea would be to eliminate the second line and basically have an entire busload enter the maze as soon as they leave the bus, run almost like a scare zone of sorts. It would be the same setup used on Halloween Horror Nights' Terror Tram:



    Of course, the White Water Canyon path isn't anywhere near as wide as, say, the path from the Floral Clock to Rivertown where Backwoods Bayou is, so the Guest Flow has to be dramatically reduced compared to what's seen in the video. Using the train isn't really an option, either, as the stopping point for letting guests off for the maze (Pumpkin Patch) is barely 1/3 of the train's route, and there are only three(?) engines they have available; so an alternative source of transportation that can cut a path through the section of track that goes to Soak City and loops around the fort is preferred.




    Red line is the train route (duh), and the red box is the Pumpkin Patch "station". Yellow line is the proposed route for the buses (which would be driving above the train tracks), and the yellow box is approximately where the entrance to WWC's Observation Deck/Tombstone queue is. There's apparently a maintenance truck route that starts right before the Pumpkin Patch and cuts behind the storage house and WWC, with a crossroad that leads to the Picnic Grove, so the buses can easily hop back onto the track. As you can see, it easily cuts the original layout in HALF, therefore taking much less time to get back to the Losantiville station. So with maybe 5 or 6 buses, it could be a really effective means of cutting lines down for that attraction in an area that has three mazes literally in a straight line with their queues overflowing into each other.


    /end psychotic Haunt design rant

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  4. I loved the design aspect of Wolf Pack even if it was a really short maze. I thought the 2011 iteration was the best version of Wolf Pack (when they ditched the Twilight parodying and upped the intensity of the wolves).


    Even if Club Blood does close down (oh please, let it be true), I could still see some aspects of it stick around for Haunt. They could make Action Zone one big vampire-y club scare zone using the lighting packages and effects the maze had. Or they could even slightly revamp DDD by having the sorority girls be vampires themselves and bring back that weird "human blood farm" bit they tried to attempt the first year of Club Blood (maybe to poke fun at the tweens/teens who love those Monster High dolls). Here's what I'm talking about using Knott's far superior version:




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  5. Kings Island seemingly gets more attention from a mystery stage than Ed Hart's PR minions do for a $15 million ride.

    Imagine if KK had a real and unfettered marketing machine.


    The Best of Hollywood Entertainment...Now In Bluegrass Country!


    Where's Jeffery when you need him?

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  6. Massacre Manor/Sleepy Hollow Horror, but that was the year before in 2005. It got moved to Rivertown Mining Company in 2006 (where Diamondback's queue sits now) as Cowboy Carnage that season. Then it changed to Red Beard's Revenge in 2007 and stayed there until the end of 2008. The maze was relocated again in 2009 to the backside of Outer Hanks as Cut-Throat Cove and lasted until 2012.

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  7. There's some part of me that wonders if it's Haunt-related. A brown stage doesn't exactly scream "new ride teaser" to me.


    A maze used to reside in the exact spot that stage and lovely fencing sits now 11 years ago:




    It would be interesting to see a white tent make a return to that grassy field, perhaps as a companion piece to Backwoods Bayou. However, I really want to see them address some of the much older attractions that haven't had any TLC or upgrades in years or are clearly flawed and need to be redone or removed. Ones like:


    • CarnEvil - Clown mazes are an easy cop-out because clowns are scary. Duh. That isn't an excuse to leave a maze untouched for what is now almost 14 years. Take the clowns out of the Theater and have them run around Planet Snoopy with the Freak Street folks and put something new in. Do a Doll Factory maze like a majority of people have been screaming for since 2007 (or a Toy Factory to grab the Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase), or even a Grimm's Fairy Tales-themed house. Just....SOMETHING.
    • Tombstone Terror-tory - Long lines for the train. Which leads to long lines for the maze after you get off the train. Which leads to walking past crates and boxes and guessing which crate or box has a monster behind it. It's one of the few attractions that a vast majority of people have complained about, both on here and at the park, and still it stands to this day. Get rid of the maze portion, put the trains in storage, and just have a haunted hayride with large set pieces to traverse. A truly brand-new experience for the Haunt, and one that could rival other local hayrides like Springboro's with upkeep and TLC.
    • CornStalkers - Even with a few visual upgrades, I would really like to see more than just "scarecrows". Bring back set pieces and aspects of Psycho Path/Trail of Terror and turn it into an actual farmhouse environment. Heck, you could even tie it into Backwoods Bayou and even Slaughter House as one mega scare environment (Southern Discomfort) like they did when Stalkers first debuted alongside Headless Hollow and Massacre Manor in '05's "Curse of Sleepy Hollow" zone for FearFest.

    ...sorry, went into "Hardcore Halloween Haunted House Fan" mode. 

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    2. Is it a cheap version of any modern first person shooter?


    Considering the technology behind 4-D interactive dark rides these days (especially now with Justice League: Battle for Metropolis), I'd assume they're more expensive than even your Modern Call of Black Duty Advanced Ops Warfare 3.


    Although someone really ought to team up with Activision/Treyarch and design an interactive dark ride in the style of and with elements found in the franchise.

  9. Spider-Man is, put simply, a thrill ride. Not everything needs to, or should, fit neatly in standard categories. Sometimes a ride is just a ride.


    As for Curse of DarKastle, again, I'm not familiar with it. Can you describe it for me?


    Curse of DarKastle is, literally, Spider-Man without Spider-Man. Same ride vehicles, same ride technology, even some of the same perspective tricks like simulating a free-fall. 

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  10. When painted and designed right, those flat-painted sets can achieve an incredible amount of depth even with disposable glasses.


    Here is basically Haunt's Carnevil maze in a 21st century design. It's a bunch of snippets rather than a full walkthrough, but it gives a glimpse of things like forced perspective and physical sets/props.

    Speaking of Carnevil, one of the stupidest things they did in recent years was start charging for 3D glasses (because, once again, if it works for Knott's, then it'll clearly work for everyone else). Another way to make a quick buck, yet I still don't see any of that 3D glasses money being invested into making the woefully-outdated Carnevil a better-designed attraction.

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  11. Here is Six Flags' take on a 4-D dark ride using the Justice League brand as the theme:



    And a video going a bit more into detail with different views of the vehicle and some ride scenery:



    So to be clear, this is using ride vehicle technology seen in Universal's Spider-Man and Transformers rides.


    And it has interactivity with laser guns like Boo Boo's Blasters and the two Triotech attractions at Canada's Wonderland and Knott's Berry Farm.


    AND it is quite expertly themed. 


    AND...it is at a Six Flags park. TWO of them, to be precise (St. Louis and Over Texas).

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  12. Star Wars World or Park needs to happen.

    The possibilities are endless, and it's an absolute goldmine waiting to happen.

    I'm not really even a Star Wars fan, but I realize the potential in it, and I could possibly be marketed it


    One would figure Disney would have pooled their resources toward a land themed after an immeasurably bankable (and still culturally relevant) franchise with a new film debuting this December, rather than one themed after a mildly bankable "franchise" with a new film "potentially" debuting two years from now. Granted, AVATAR is the highest grossing film of all time, but when you now own an intellectual property worth over $30 billion and you can erect theme park attractions to your liking without worrying about licensing renewal fees, I feel like that's a pretty big disturbance in the Force.


    That said, this is also the same company that was about ready to go hog-wild on a TRON-centric redesign of Disneyland's Tomorrowland at one point because they were so certain Legacy would be a box office smash...oh, wait.


    EDIT: Fun Fact, Disney isn't the only company to attempt major attractions around films that end up not doing well on the silver screen, as Universal actually had plans for a Van Helsing-themed dark ride in the exact spot where a certain Wizarding school sits now...

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  13. "Imagine a world...


    Where the imperfections of human existence...are a thing of the past.


    Where hunger and poverty..are unknown.


    Where everything is beauty, tranquility...and peace.


    Where we can shape your experience to anything our imagination can conceive.


    This, then, is our invitation:


    Come with us.


    Enter our vessel.


    Follow our path across the cosmos, and discover that which lies beyond this mortal sphere."



    I have a...deep love for Flight of Fear.  :rolleyes:

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  14.  I would ride it more often except its line doesn't move very fast, and I feel like I'm looked upon a little suspiciously being a lone middle aged woman riding what many consider a "kiddy" ride.


    As the guy who had the entirety of Plankton's Plunge (now Kite-Eating Tree) to himself for two cycles after a storm the year it debuted because I had time to kill after I got off work, I feel your pain.

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  15. Welcome to Kings Island Central!


    To answer your questions:


    1. It's not smooth like Diamondback or Banshee, but it's not rough like Vortex or Adventure Express.
    2. Its top speed is 54 mph. Its launch is also instantaneous, unlike the other launcher in the park, Backlot, which has a more gradual speed increase.
    3. For a normal ride-through, even with your eyes being somewhat adjusted to the low-light environments of the queue/station, it's fairly difficult to see in the actual ride building. Like Cody said, sometimes they'll have the entire interior lit up with work lights, and other times they'll have it pitch black, which makes it even more terrifying given how tightly compacted the coaster is.
    4. For maximum scariness, take the front left seat for an unobstructed view of...nothingness. The left seat is ideal because when you hit the mid-course brake run, that downward turn after the brake makes you feel like you're about to fall out of your seat.
    5. Still to this day one of my most favorite coaster experiences. I've ridden it probably 300+ times.
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  16. The problem would be staffing. In most cases, the quality of a haunted maze / walk-through is directly proportional to the number of people working. Actors and attendants.


    Thorpe Park had a SAW-themed horror maze that stayed open year round for two years before becoming Halloween only.


    I guess it's possible, but I'd expect an up-charge of at least $5 a person. And like Dinosaurs Alive, I'm not sure that that could be sustainable long-term. 


    I mean, I guess to some extent, they might as well try. What good is it to have the thing set up and gathering dust in the Tomb Raider showbuilding all season? Might as well put a few workers in costumes and make some extra money off of it.


    You won't find any problems with staffing given how many people there are within the Greater Cincinnati area that would KILL for a year-round haunt to open up.


    If they put an up-charge on the attraction, it had better be on par with the likes of The Dent Schoolhouse (or even the USS Nightmare) on all fronts. I don't want to waste $5 walking through Club Blood and be done in three minutes.

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  17. (The only thing I can possibly critique: it would have been so neat to see the queue enclosed in a bayou-esque cabin with subtle references to the legend of the rougarou inside. But that's me. Banshee, Thunderbird, and BGW have spoiled me in the theming department.)


    One would think they could have at least re-purposed props and set pieces from Halloweekends' Blood on the Bayou scare zone for Rougarou's queue/station.

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