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  1. Sorry about that I"ll post in the right place next time. Yes, it is taking a logn time to make the recreation and there is a great amount of detail going into it but just to make sure the detail is even better I am going to wait for the expansion pack so I can have Delerium and X - skyflyer and even better detail.

  2. I would definently like to see a lot of the rides re-painted and a much better upkeep of the theming. I also think KI needs to put something good in the theatre to the right of spongebob finally. I missed it when they brought days of thunder back for awhile. They need to put bond or thunder back in it or maybe a 3d Indiana Jones expereince since there is supposed to be a 4th INdy movie comign out soon. I think they need to put Bond or Indy in.

  3. Hello everyone, Im new to the site, and I jsut want to start of saying how awesome this site is and how great a job the staff here does. I wanted to see if any of you guys could help me. Right now Im building a recreation of PKI on RCT3. Its coming along really well and I think its gonna be extremely cool when its done! Unfortuanently I've run into a snag. Today I finished the main entrance and started work on International street and got the Eifel tower elevators up (oh yeah by the way most of the rides will be at approximately their correct height in the recreation) and I put in the pond in front of the tower but as I looked through the RCT3 scenery objects I realized that there is no fountains!!!! What would International street be without any fountains? So I wanted to know if anyone knew how to make custom scenery for the game or knows where I could get some? Id love it if you guys could help me out with any suggestions you have for the recreation too. It should be out about a week after the park opens (so I can go through and see all the changes and ride IJ:ST) Ill post some screen shots soon.

  4. I always thought it was themed to Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom because you could hear Indiana Jones theme music in the que lines sometime, in Temple of Doom there is a big chase in mine cars that resemble the Adventure Express trains, and at the end after you go up the 2nd lift hill the temple preist or whatever is pousring posion over you just like in temple of Doom when they forced Indy to drink the poison.

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