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  1. 18 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    You rode together? Who's idea was that? 

    Honestly, I think that was truly how it was presented. There was a bit of a long line and it just made more sense to ride with a buddy, or a "bud-ay" as @ZosoBeast would say. 

    Still, that wasn't even the worst ride at their weird holiday event from Hell. That award goes to the paddle boats in the lazy river. Just ask @CoastersRZ. A better name for the attraction would be: "cold, confusing, and frustrating ride through an abandoned waterpark." 

    EDIT: Just remembered, I think @XGatorHead 8904 has a terrifying story about those paddle boats. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, TOPGUN1993 said:


    YES! Hahaha, that was the most terrifying thing I’d ever done in an amusement park. Fairly certain those two slides in your video came from Surf Cincinnati. In 2006, they let @Dane and I take our pick of sleds (out of a pile where we had to decide “which one is less broken”)—and then they let us ride together. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, beastfan11 said:

    At a certain water park across the street, you were able to do just that. And if I remember correctly, said slides were relics from Surf Cincinnati. This was a long time ago. 

    @BoddaH1994 would know better than me, but I’m pretty sure only one former Surf Cincinnati slide got used and that was circa 2006 for their weird and definitely questionable “toboggan” attraction that Boddah, @Dane, and I wrecked on. I don’t think they ever brought that back. The “tubing” they had in later years was just a giant dirt pile in the parking lot and the slides sitting in pieces out there were from… Columbus’ old zoo waterpark thing?

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  4. Sounds like someone just put out an old tombstone/decoration where the coloring on the name had deteriorated. I don't think there's a whole conspiracy afoot here. 

    Probably some seasonal employee grabbed it from the storage area, threw it on a truck, set it out with a bunch of others, and then went about their day.

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  5. 1 hour ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    I don’t know what would be worse: buying a Six Flags pass by accident, or having to admit that you have LaRonde pass. 

    You're not wrong - didn't even realize it was a Six Flags pass until I took it to KI and they wouldn't let me in.

    Weirdly, though, I somehow got a bunch of pass perks at the front gate every time they tried to scan it. 

  6. 47 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

    I would love see a Virtual Queuing and getting rid of fast passes. 

    Honestly surprised that this has never been implemented given all the other customer-service focused improvements in a post-Kinzel era. When Fast Lane was implemented, it was very clearly a quick way to make profit. The overhead was low (wristbands) and the revenue had to be off the charts, but then the park continued to vastly "oversell."

    You'd see rides like Flight of Fear with a regular, slow-moving line and a slightly less long, but still slow moving "Fast Lane" line. Given the experience at other parks and the name having the word fast in it, I couldn't believe that they were letting that happen. Hell, even on Firehawk back in the day (RIP), they'd do one station for Fast Lane one for regular guests with both lines being awful. "Fast Lane" was like 45 minutes for that ride. And the park just kept selling passes all day.

    The debut of Fast Lane was typical of that immediate post-Kinzel era: profit placed way over guest experience (or, rather, certain park VPs of "Kingzee's Ayyland" trying to make themselves look good). Given the strides CF has made in recent years, I'm surprised to see the "system" still exists and hasn't been upgraded to something more modern/guest friendly/advantageous (with the other benefit being that guests with a virtual queue are out of line spending money). Could even make it app based... but then they'd have to figure out an app. 

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  7. I think such a conversion only happens if each ride gets a major overhaul/rebrand as a “new” attraction, but at that point with the cost of installing LSM’s (not that I have any idea what such a cost is), are you better off just buying a new coaster from the ground-up? It’s a great question, though, @SonofBaconator.

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  8. 3 hours ago, DispatchMaster said:

    From a business perspective, it's always better to sell one item at $1,000,000 profit rather than 1,000,000 items at $1 profit/each. In other words, amusement parks should be aiming for the highest-spending guest as much as possible, even if it inconveniences the "regular" guest.

    Should print this out and post it in the guest services office. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, disco2000 said:


    Look at Dragster where they ran one loading station for FastLane and the other for the regular line.  You cannot tell me that doesn't increase your wait time...

    Or Firehawk back in the day when the “Fast Lane” line became the “slightly less long wait line compared to that other long wait line.”

    ”Premium Experiences” certainly aren’t anything new, but what’s your bottom line worth once you start to reliably inconvenience the “regular” guest?

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