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  1. 4 hours ago, DJSkyFoxx said:

    And I mean, in a way, it makes sense for it to be over there with the antique autos. At least Orion's trains aren't done up in a wrap or you know, remember the days when The Bat was known as Top Gun and had Gillette Mach 3 ads on the trains themselves as well as over the intercom? Haha.

    Gillette Mach 3  Hopes you enjoyed your ride on Top Gun

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  2. On 1/24/2024 at 3:34 PM, teenageninja said:

    Unfortunately, no, it's not a Marvel property even.  Closer to an Amalgam comic type than anything else.

    While looking this up, I had no idea it was actually a web series.



    They were WEBISODES!  Stan the man said so. 

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  3. On 5/14/2022 at 4:35 PM, decyferite said:

    Anyone have a link to the full list of park rules and regulations?  Just wondering because I noticed someone in the park today who is on the Sex Offender registry for a pretty bad incident involving a child from Indiana.  I know who the person is because they worked at a place I've worked at in the past, but can't find a list of dis-allowed individuals

    With as many people who come and go in and out of the park I doubt the park has checks on everyone. Not like you even have to give a real name on a pass. Unless you been trespassed from the park I doubt security will do anything. 

  4. 16 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    Probably would have been as well-run as the street car. 

    You know what's sad when you go to a city with a really well run Metro System like Chicago or London and you can get completely around sans car. Cincinnati could of been that but in Ohio we are afraid of trains for passengers for some reason? Would be really nice to come into town, Take a day at KI, Then ride a line down to a Reds game or the zoo. 

  5. On 10/11/2020 at 10:32 AM, Dee said:

    I get that non smokers don't want to inhale it. However, its OUTSIDE and they could have at least a small area on all corners of the park. I went yesterday and had no idea they banned it all together. I actually won't be going back to the park because personally, whether I smoke or not, I won't support any place that takes away ones rights. As long as people are being considerate, there should be places to accommodate ALL guests, period. 

    Smoking isn't a right. Get over yourself. 

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  6. If anyone is interested. The Comfort Inn down on Fields Ertle Rd is about 70 a night on the weekend. I've been there 3 times in the past month and its pretty nice for the price.

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  7. So its been close to 7 years since I have been in the park. Due to some family issues I was back in town and today I decided that maybe I would make my return and try and clear my head.


    I arrived at around 5PM and got my season pass and got it processed. I figured for the price I could make a few trips.

    Once I got in I took in all the changes.  I decided to make a clockwise circle. I started in Action Zone and took in the sounds and sites of the hotness  that is Banshee.  I just sat and watched it cycle for a while. The line didn't look long but I decided not to ride.

    I then walked over to The Bat. My home my old ride. I walked down the exit not intending to ride it but just to watch and try and clear my head. However.. the line was non existent and the cut though was open. I figured what the hell.

    Grabbed a no wait front seat ride on it. Brought back a lot of memories for me.

    After that I took a walk back though Coney and sat for a moment and took in the familiar sounds.


    I walked all the way back took in the massiveness that is Wind Seeker. Then I figured what the hey I have never seen the dinosaur thing and I have a pass. May as well use it.


    I have to say even though its a few years old and you can see the wear it was pretty neat and a long walk.

    Sadly during my trip reality set back and I was told my attendance was required back at the hospice my family member was in. This however was not a quick trip as it does take some time even using the quickest route to get from Coney Mall to The front gate and out.

    With that I left the park and went back to the depressing reality of watching someone you love deteriorate before your eyes. I had been at this persons bedside for a while on Friday and I needed to clear my head and try not to cry more than I already had.

    I may have only road 1 ride. However the trip did bring back a flood of memories of the summers of my earlier years. The friends I met as a teenager when I worked at the park. The fun times I had during college coming during the summer.  Hopefully my next trip down is happier and see all the rest of the changes.

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  8. I had some vacation time coming and I wanted to do something fun on budget. I decided that Kennywood's Holiday Lights would be fun to do since I have already been to Columbus Zoo's lights. My mom who loves the holidays decided to tag along with me so we packed the car and we were off to Kennywood.

    Its about 3 1/2 Hour drive to West Mifflin from my house in Dublin. Our hotel for this trip was the Double tree Monroreville Convention center. The hotel is about 20 Min away. It was a very nice hotel and even better it was EMPTY. While we waited for check in we went to the Monroeville mall. Where I got to see a crazy guy buck ass naked in a bathroom.

    After checking in and grabbing a quick lunch at TGI Fridays we headed to Giant Eagle to pickup our discount tickets. Then Waze in its infinite wisdom sent me the most backwards way possible to the park. I went up hills and down hills. I am pretty sure I went back in time for a bit too. We arrived shortly after 5PM and enjoyed the free parking and had a spot 2 rows from the gate.

    Bag check and metal detectors were quick and soon we were walking under Kennywood BLVD

    Sky Rocket is the 1st thing you see. Sadly It wasn't open. I will have to come back and take that on!

    There is also a tunnel of lights as you walk in. Sadly my DSLR decided its battery wanted to completly die even though i charged it the night before so i switched to my galaxy s4

    Once your in there are lights everywhere and anywhere

    The Paratrooper,Train,Carose, Ghostly manor and turtle were up. Those being the only rides the lines were long. I only partook in The Carousel and train as I have the other credits from my previous trip.

    You can see santa in The Racers Station

    I was able to catch father Christmas walking around

    After seeing santa we walked around kiddie land and took in the sights.

    There is a synchronized light show that runs every 15 mins or so . Its very similar to the Columbus Zoo's with its music selection but the lights twinkled off the water very nicely.

    Phantom Jr was running as was the ferris wheel and other assorted rides.

    We then made our way to the holiday train.

    Mom decided to steal my hat as we boarded and road around a gingerbread house.. It was cute

    There are easter eggs everywhere. Santa was going up the Thunderbolts lift

    I introduced my mother after this to Potato Patch Frys. We went with Cheese and bacon covered. She wondered why I made her queue up for 20 mins waiting on spuds but once she tried them she was hooked

    As we were waiting there was a magic show and a telling of The Night Before Christmas. It was very cute. After the frys were head we started making our way back around and up. We stopped at the gift shop where I added a Kennywood Holiday shot glass to my collection and we picked up t shirts for my niece and nephew.

    We grabbed 2 hot chocolates in collector cups $5.99 with 99 cent refills ( a steal) and headed to the Carousel The line was short and we were able to get a ride quick.

    My ears were cold after this so I replaced by stolen cap

    9 hit before we knew it and it was time to say goodnight

    So for 16.99 I got a great event and my money's worth. The park was busy and everyone was in good spirits. I wonder why It can never work at our park in Ohio?

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  9. With computer controlled LED lights how hard would it be to change the colors on them to reflect the season. You could have them have a lovely warm glow during the summer. orange and reds for haunt. Then for winter put up red green and blue. It would be a big one time expense but it could last for years if maintained nicely. You could do up I street and Coney.

    As for some indoor activities. I wonder how hard it would be to swap out Haunt items for a holiday maze or 2.

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  10. There is also another reason this is a very bad idea. Most of the schools in Ohio are older and lack AC. I know my elementry school lacked it and no learning was done when the inside of the classroom was over 100F. Fan's only helped so much. If anything we need more technology for teaching that way you can change things up for kids who need more or who need help.

    I had an IEP in school. Apparently if i go back to college its still valid. I did the same tests everyone else did. This was back in late 90's early 00's.

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