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    The Beast/SOB war will go on for AGES! Personally I like SOB and its one of the smoothest woodies out there. I like beast too Its hard to ride alone though.
  2. Face/off is great ride I just never feel like waiting in line.
  3. Seems the snapping is out of control again. The park may not allow it again. It may be time to cut back on the flyers a bit. Its fun and all but if we keep hitting trees they may not allow it any more. Lets avoid it for a weekend or 2.
  4. This was a quickie get moms pass done and leave. We went though pass processing. Then she had to see delirum so we saw that. Then we had a quick ride on top gun Time in park 25 mins
  5. Dont feel bad. I road 1 time after that iwas never able to again. oh yeah Sparky b4 i forget sorry AGAIN. Being with security killed my time.
  6. Black White makes no diffrence. Thats just what I used to describe em. If they would of been white I would of said white girl.
  7. I arrived really early at PKI around 3:25 and I was let right in. I walked around and everything had a long wait and international was REALLY packed. I went over to the return ticket window and Purchased a Timberwolf concert ticket(Weird AL JULY 27th.) I got a great seat in row k seat one of section 2. Very nice seat and for 15 bucks cannot beat that! Rob and Chuck showed up around 5 and we headed to the back of the park where it was less crowded for some flyers action. We had 3 good rides on the flyers and we headed to beast Beast a good ride still trimmed too much. then we went over to TRTR Now normally NO CHANCE of me riding. SOB TOM FOF and SOBSHEdevil(or whatever her sn is) was all there. They tried 1 time didnt work so we unlocked it and tried one more time CHACHING! I was on TRTR for the 1st time. Abit uncomfortable (i wasnt breathing chest was compressed really far down. ) I loved the ride though it was GREAT! I got off and got my lungs to go back to normal and then we walked though HB witch was really busy this evening. We went to actionzone. We hitup faceoff for the 1st time this season. The paint looks like crap and it needs to be painted that aside we had a 20 or so min wait and we were on. Great as usual Then down to sonny SOB was running good a 10 min wait for 2nd car Great ride and so much so I got the onride. Then down to TG for a nice ride in the new train Delirum still cannot ride! Then back over to the flyers Good ride trimmed some trees. Now down to The Beast! We enter the line. were in the 1st set of switchbacks. A girl pushes her way though the line. Rob stops her. Then I stop her. I yell to the greeter line jumper. Rob has snapped and is YELLING!Then Craig (i believe) Was cleaning and came and helped by this time she was with her group. Security showed up and we were asked to leave the line so we could get the story straight. Rob and me complied. I said sorry to every one on my way out though walk on wed/fastpass line. The girls were still fighting with the security guards. PKI police and I believe a mason cop were there cause it was called in a brawl. we told our side and we were right. The other group left escorted by security. We finsished up We were happy it was 10pm and we did get our ride in! Too many lights in tunnels turn it off. Other than that good night ride. We then left the park tired but not upset. It was a fun day and I am happy! I would like to personally thank The Beast sups (if you guys post here hit me up) and beast crew member matt for there assistance today. Also PKI security You guys were on the ball! You guys have to be the best security ever! Situation was handled so efffently and professionally I was impressed needless to say. TRTR crew this evening thanks! Well Im tired. But i wanted to type before the fight details left as it was moot now.
  8. The employees VS gold pass holders who will win? The Pass holders will win every time. Those perks are there as a selling point. They do not offer them out of the kindness of there hearts they do it so people will buy a pass early thus making more money early on. If the customers aren't happy (from what I heard about april 11th alot were not) Then the park suffers. If they gave same old crap every year no one would buy it. Before gold pass it was a coupon book ect ect. PKI isn't alone in the perks catagory My sixflags pass came with a great looking calander and a crapload of coupons a bring a friend free one also. Cedar Points joe cool club gives you early ride time as well. If PKI gave up there gold pass benifts then they would loose money. If they do not keep the locals comming back they will loose cash. Theres Really not a whole lot to do during a summer around here. See a reds game a concert or 2 the beach maybe a movie or 400. The locals do keep the park going and if you treat them bad then they don't come back. April 11th was a very unlike PKI day and many people base the season on the 1st visits of the year. Dragonlord Your post saying the park owes you nothing is wrong. The park owes the Guests everything cause without them there is no PKI. The park should feel as if its your own personal playground. According to a manager who will remain nameless PKI lives and dies on how its reviewed and how people see the park.(this was last year when i got *****ed at for somthing i didnt do) The park only does it when they HAVE to not to screw with the guests. Customers can whine if there not happy about somthing. How else is the park going to know. Goto Mejiers they do have the I am better than you attitude on there signs. not withstanding I enjoyed april 11th and had a great time I just thought I would make some points. Now back to my random and funny self.
  9. Yes She would! If we see a camera if its small enough they will ask you to put it away before we restart the ride(every coaster has cameras and they can zoom in). If its a large video camera they WILL send a OP up to the lift to retrive it. You can be kicked out of the park for having a camera on the ride. Its up to the ride ops if they want to call security or not. Wrong and Wrong Ride Ops would not be fired noe would a manager even bother with you of your camera was taken away. If you violate policys you forfit your purchase of ticket/season pass. Its unsafe and it should not be done. Plus its a ohio law too. Depending on the Op you may get a warning. You may have security there to escort you off. Leave the on ride to the discovery channel.
  10. Yeah big cool dude who works at skyfler they fit me just fine. much more liberal
  11. You could be the one that drives weird al Finally mad! CRAP TIME HAS BEEN ALTERED!
  12. I attempted to do a bill and ted spoof and Matrix in one. The next one will be coherant.
  13. what did you do from 6-9:44 there yogi? showing up 3 hours early is odd!
  14. Disclaimer This is all in good fun. Please finish all food or drink before reading as you may laff(not really) so hard (yeah right) that you will choke on some chicken. My time machine is © myself and I. Note to mods this is a Aaron apporved posting! Void where prohibited. tires must be rotated every 200,0000 years to keep your deposit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now last week I said I would travel back to 72 and I did. After looking around for old money I went back to 72 and arrived at opening day at then known Kings Island. There was a parade and everything it was pretty cool. The characters around the park looked like crap though. I paid my admission (5 bucks!) and went in. The place looks really weird without season pass processing and face/off. International street is REALLY diffrent. The walkways arent just crappy astphalt either its really nice. The trees are so tiny and decorated well. The shops have alot of diffrent stuff in them. Salt and pepper shakers. Tea sets and other stuff you would never see today tops the list. No UDF either. I make my way down into Coney Island. Its like a diffrent area here. The flat rides are diffrent and oh so much fun. The area is a bit small though and not seeing Vortex or action theater is oddity. Time is short So I Board blue racer (whats known as racer backwards today). The buzzbars are a tight fit as usual but OMG this is one sweet ride with no dividers or head rests. The air on there is barnon the best I' have ever had. I head into rivertown. Not much here. Place is really small theres a canoe ride a walking trail and KMLF and thats about it. Canoe ride sucks people were as lazy in the 70's as today. My shirt struck up some attention though as I was going though the park because well no one has ever heard of Six Flags in these parts. They thought the hang on to your hat was funny. My shorts caught them as odd as well because they were cargo shorts and well there diffrent from what they had. lucky my shoes were not noticed. I then go to the tower and go up all 3 levels! its really neat on the 2nd observation deck. Boy theres nothing around here either. Lots of farmland and LOTS OF woods. I then head to the happy land of hana barbara where I ride scooby doo and dark ride.The stuff was weak compared to today I looked really REALLY bored while the others where ooh ahh! Not much else I can ride here but it looks diffrent again the characters were crappy. Now onto octoberfest. The ride selection here is amazing. Der kegger spinners ect ect Man this place was diffrent its a hole now. Its about 6pm now I have one more thing to do before I leave. SYNCHING SEIBERT JEFFERY GO NOW! Jeff is a cute baby. Now heres a suprise hes not in a tie! Its time to go now. 3....2.....1........*insert big budget movie effects* oh crapola somthing aint right here. ME: pardon me what year is it. Random person: its 1994 you loon! ME: oh just checking. Im now in 1994! The star Trek earth tour is here . Im gonna get a photo. I have just realised the grievious error I made. I am in front of MYSELF! My aunt and uncle are there. This is bad VERY VERY bad! Oh no *insert big movie effects* thus I dissapear again! I am gone! BEEP BEEP BEEP Me at 11am: what the bloodly he... Why is the time machine blinking! Maybe I should look Myself trapped in interdiemsional portal Hey Idiot somthing happens today I think its the thunder storms NO STAR TREK! with that everything fizzles out to black. I Must save myself I must put somthing on over my boxers! I do everything exacly as I did before but! I dont get my picture taken WHUT ERMALALALPHELAD woah that umm hurt. Now I have 1 more mission! lets go ahead 5 years Yogi Our lovely escort has been imprsioned for downloading the weird AL MP3 Couch Potato. Not only has he been jailed but this is a offence with a punishemnt thats a bit odd. Today is is when the sentance is carried out! two men that look exactly the same have him. He has been hooked up to a odd looking machine. Bots: you have messed with the matrix now we have you! ROY: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME! *his body is compressed into a data stream. His screams sound like a modem. and then he is placed in the net where he will never die just to go on the net for all etnerinty! Bots: Get him!| ME: Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neo: Get down Me: Okay! *gets down to a funy beat which confuses the bots and neo for a min or two while I run* I believe its time to GO! What a very weird thing that was. Neo: You know you can stop the matrix from forming WHERE THE HECK DID YOU COME FROM!? Neo: Sorry but make sure this ROY gets a legit copy of that CD. VERY BAD things will happen! If it doesn't! like the matrix forming right? Neo: yes. SO if he buys the Cd you don't exist neo: yes *in bill and ted fashon* return of yogi will win a free copy of the cd on the 20th that I bought for him. neo: You did nothing NOOOOOOO!!! *sounds like a modem now* Thats it for this installment of random stuff in time!
  15. If you talk with PR they may let you or provide you with predone footage. Holding onto a camera is tough on a ride. I did it on roadrunner express down at SFKK and that ride is breaked heavly but its still hard to hold on.
  16. I got 24/25 The rock stop was the one that got me.
  17. This isnt pulling this is hitting them with the tubs.
  18. Hey Aaron said I can do this like 1 time a week. Remember I travel back to 1972 Time of disco and the opening of KI!
  19. Thats cause Rides OWNZ! I just went back and checked. Yogi you have had a great time. You are head of entertainment in 2010. You order international showplace to be tactically destoryed by a airstrike in 2011 and a huge new stage is built. Shows are decent too. Festhaus now has standup and local bands playing daily. While Im here InRaider you sir have been imprisioned with SOB tom after dressing up as laura croft and knocking the person playing her (thanks to ROY). You were released in 2016 on good behavior. GreenGhost You find your 2003 pass in 2022 and they HONOR IT! italianchef is in a band that plays at PKI. But dies on over the rhine the ride.
  20. I do have a time machine ya know so time isnt a problem!
  21. Fine I already did PKI looses the P in 2016 New area is lost lands of PKI 14 new coasters are isntalled over a 20 year period Racers are removed and rebuilt after a twister destorys them. Beast has new trains. SOB is still awaiting new bars in 2020 FOF was removed and a new ride was installed with new invisable track(i was told a special plastic) Saturn 5 opened in top guns old area That 600ft drop in the ravine is awsome! The core opens in 2005 and closes in 2010 after just 5 years the ride was removed due to its "old" flying technology. PKI becomes Six Flags Kings Island in 2014 when paramount parks buys six flags. HB returns after a 7 years. Scooby doo is replaced with invader zim's Planet stealer. ZIM is bigger than ever! Aaron was killed when he road over the rhine the ride. Teenage ninja was horibly disfigured when I finally got the operators booth on the flyers (he was the op) I paid to have him turned into a ninja turtle. He is happy. AZ_KINDA_GUY(or however its done) is head of rides departent for all Six flags parks. FOF stared in the new adams family movie as lurch the servant. SOB tom is awaiting relase from jail after He found out that Scooby doo is infact NOT real!. Fyrfyter is now chief of whatever fire department he works at. Losing streak finally lost that losing streak when he got laid finally. StxBomber has gone on to be a fighter pilot. As for me I graduated in 2006 with a degree in computer science. I opened my own store. I still reside in west chester (abit weatherinton) and I am 52% owner of six flags parks I purchased alot of stock when they went under Little insider trading shhh) 34 years later at the end of my journy the park looks different I saved the girl and I got myself a nice position. Next Time Back to the past 1972 KI opening day!
  22. shh *hides time travel device behind curtain*
  23. KC I doubt will ever be togeather again. Standups aren't popular. A B&M floorless or flyer would be nice.
  24. Arrived at 9:45 and metup with pete No joe no paul no ringo no gerorge. Actually it was Rob Nungster (aka: chucks bro) Went into the front gate and got ambushed by the Keyhole people. I got my revenge by getting there pic 1st (cute couple). We made our way to the coney Gold Pass ERT. recaR was our 1st ride of day. Rob was hohum but racers did very well especally in the cold. We then made our way to FOF. Now I have been boycotting this ride cause of the crappy service before but today was a total 180 walked on the ride. Got in a good seat. 4.2 and got buckled just fine. I was quite pleased. We road again same seat but GASP BATMAN I COULDNT RIDE! I had proven that the belts are diffrent and the diamond Plating made a diffrence. They asked me to step out and they would get me on the next train. They did just that. It was all good I was happy as a kid in candy store with moms visa. Next was Dodgems by request of myself. I hadn't ridden. The ride was so SLOW!!!!!!! it was not funny. I made a comment to the op that " i just saw my shadow go by(on a cloudy day and a dark dodgem pit). We found out later that the ride did go down after a few more cycles and was fixed (still slow!). Flyers were next. We got warmed up on those a bit. Good snaps and PKI landscaping is back as I took some small branches out! We then made the trek to AZ. We went to SOB and the ride was down on the lift and the line was being sent back out. We went down to top gun. We saw Jeff Seibert we waved he waved back. Then as we went down past the overpass we saw him again. I ran ahead and snapped a pic. After a 20 min or so wait (if that with rob story telling it goes so quickly). We got on and there he was AGAIN! I took another pic. Jeff Seibert fan page click here. We hit scooby doo. The car sucked they must of heard us cause our car was closed off after our ride. Then we ate lunch at the chineese place. Went back and road SOB and AE went to flyers Met up with FOF and cyndi where I was abused. If the TRTR sup is here WRITE FOF UP! We road beast togeather. Good ride then FOF and cyndi had to work so me and Rob went to Flyers again. Then to Scooby again This time there was techs in there and I told em that the car we had again couldnt hit the broad side of a barn and half the targets didnt light up. I caught them off guard so I got a straight answer of we are here to fix it see the tools on ground. Great customer service! We tried delirum rob could Me no. O well no big loss hit or miss for me anyways. then it was cold and we went home the end! Big ups to: FOF CREW morning shift Sparky(sorry Mom had to work and needed car couldnt stay to do the little test) Beast crew SOB crew dodgem Crew
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