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  1. The frog is what joe hopes to become the PKIU offical mascot. I won it at the age weight or birthdate scales and joe was having a good time. Then he beat it up pretty badly.
  2. I was an employee last season this year Im GP.
  3. Hey guys I have lots of piccies Bout 100 or so pics. http://www.pbase.com/ssm316/pki_4-27 Videos http://www.unitedanime.com/degen78/MWCPindex.htm
  4. Me and teenage ninja arrived around 8:45 this morning. After another pain free dectector entrance we head into the park. We goto the HB Gold Pass ERT. Scooby was down so we went to beastie We road beastie I made a ass out of myself (what else is new) Then with all the rides down I took pics. I got everything in HB that I could. We then saw SDATC was open so we road. I got some pics of the line area. we then made our way up front for posing with nick characters. (teenage ninja got chuckie and I got jimmy neutron) Then we watied for the rope to drop and we head to Delirium. Guess what THIS WEEK I CANNOT RIDE! Joe was jumping on it but no avail I was ****ed and got the manager. That did a whole load of nothing again(see fof from last week). I saw erik at skyflyer and bsed about my concerns. I said I would fly later (didn't have time sorry erik). We then went to SOB had a great ride. It made me feel better. We then went to Top Gun. I saw some friends at Gun. Me and joe road in 1:1 and on the way in we sung a very badly ablibbed version of the George of the Jungle theme that goes like this "Top Top Top gun watch out for that truck" while congo dancing. I had 2 of the ops rolling with our antics. We then took more photos of Action Zone. we made our way to Adventure Express where we got a 1:1 ride again (two 1:1 rides on arrows) We then did cyber sez. I had never done it I conviced joe to go with me. It was the haunted carnival one. I was the freakiest of freaky Joe came in 2nd some little kid didnt even score. I felt all happy again we took more pics and got the spite remixes I smuggled into the park out of my backpack and drank em (cyber sez is hard). We then road recaR great air on there. the 2nd lift wasn't on nore was the trim. I won joe a frog for free (we gave the girl a 20 we got 4 5's back) Then we went down to the flyers. The line was long so we decided to skip the flyers. Joe then road beast (I wasn't in a beast mood today) I took vairous photos of TRTR and other rivertown attactions. I went into outfitters supply and bought The Beast Triathaon shirt. We then Road KI&MVRR got some nice photos. Joe made out with the frog. We went out through HB took more pics. Took 2 videos. "the roll" and flyer frog 1. It was time to go. I was going somewhere with my dad and joe had to work. I bought the guide book and on the way out joe abuses the frog and kills its eye. While on the way to the pickup we took a few more quickie movies then we went home The end. Final thoughts WHATS UP WITH Delirium? I can ride one week and not the next 4 clicks and everything! makes no sence. The manager made the excuse I worked there I knew the rules. Well I have a season pass this year and I paid quite a bit for it. To be told nothing you can do about it sorry and o yeah dont bother riding again(yeah the manager said i shouldnt try). The greeter didn't even know what the rides extension was when I asked to speak with a manager. Nore did she use the pagecom to call up she just sat there and ignored. What changes so much within a week? I haven't gained weight. I was in a t-shirt and some pants no big thick heavy shirt. If the Nogo is buckled you should be able to ride. I understand the computer system but that makes no sence. Somehow the excues given by the manager didn't cut it. I left saying "well sorry for wasting your time" Cause thats what It seemed like it was. Wasted my time and apprently his. Now sparky You did your job I have no ill will towards what you did. Did your job and didn't offer excuses. I went over you cause I know the pecking order at PKI and you didn't deserve my *****yness. The other guy was fair game. I wasn't looking for a exit pass I wanted my ride that I paid a season pass(with parking mind you) I deserve a ride that I can get into and the nogo "goes" Delirium is a ride that boders on discrimination. I waited in line got in got it down and buckled it myself. I had joe bounce on it a but so i made sure it was down. It was 4 clicks down same position it was in last week. What causes a green/red light what does the exact position of the restaint? PKI's usual rule is 2 clicks or the nogo has to well "Go" Also if the seats are the same as TRTR (as was the belts accoring to the manager) how come I know I cant go on TRTR but fit into delirum. (then get squeesed into it cause it needs that extra click? whatsupwitdat?
  5. Very good Idea will it ever happen. Nothing.
  6. The day started planned as me and FOF going to PKI. While I was waiting for the detectors to open I saw rob Nungester(chucks brother hehe). We started a conversation and he admitted he didn't know my name either. LOL (theres a back story to this IM me and ask). Anywho we get inside the park and meet back up with FOF. FoF wants to do the ace walkback Rob and I pair up for the Action Zone Gold pass ERT. We agree to meet at 10:20ish at the flyers. Rob and I decide on Delirum. Rob could not ride last week but he wanted to try today. We got there with NO wait and got in. There was a chance for me (YAY!) The buckle was so close after being so far away on TR:TR. With a push I was in the ride! Rob was in too and we were off. The ride kicked butt. I was very happy this ride was a winner. Next Rob and I went to SOB. A 3 train station wait. We had a smooth back seat ride on this. Running a bit slow but it was nice. Very smooth. We attempt Drop zone but the seatbelts just were not coperating. Face/off was closed. We had to meet FOF at the flyers so we did just that. We had 3 cycles in a row without stopping! That was just cool made for hot snapping action. We attempt TRTR Course same seats diffrent belts I can't ride. O well I will have to loose a few more pounds. We then decide to goto daddy Beast. We get into the station ride goes down. We leave the line. We go back up to flyers closed due to puke. Shake rattle and roll Closed for a few. rob asks. "Whats Temporarily open?" We decide then on Sponge bob in 3d. Rob had never watched SB before and we missed the preshow so he didn't know what to expect. He came off saying it was the best ride in this theater beacuse "its funny" Next we went to Vortex. Back seat ride good air blah blah blah whats been said thats already not been said. Back to the flyers. They were kicking stil. Then shake rattle and roll. Then to FOF. Now it takes a little doing to get me in there. So i get in and ask for assistance and they give me a baby push. So me and rob couldn't ride. (seemed to be theme of day when asking we didnt get much help) I road last sunday just fine and I really wanted a new onride. Alas maybe next weekend. Over to scooby doo's haunted castle. all 3 of us squeeze in. I won with 1111 points Rob in second and foffy in 3rd. The line moves SO quick on this thing its not funny. They also need a stroller parking lot Then we hit up beastie for fun. Cheep kicks while in line. Beastie is a fun ride. Then we try reptar. once again belts have to have been shortend. Like I said Loose a bit more and I'll be fine We break up for a food and water break. FOF goes to the employee lounge(hey he works there :-P) We had planned on wings but there was a line so i went to coney express. I got a footlong and it was better than the slop they called skyline last year (another notch in the food belt for PKI) Rob and I sat on the patio Bsing about random crap. Then we rememberd were meeting FOF in wings so we head over there and I buy rob a pop. Relax I slove his PC problems and were on with ridng. next up was daddy beast. I road on the left side of the seat which I don't do often. I got a nice ride on there. I usually get beat up in the helix's because of my size not so. we went back to the flyers and we stunk up. The wind was out of touch. Then Fof and I Parted ways with Rob. We road recaR(yes it was open and smooth and air filled as ever). The top gun (watch out for that maintance truck its a doozy!) Then I saw a 10 buck special on Skyfler. 2 of my Friends were working they were busy so it was a good time to **** em off by adding more to the list. I didn't really get the speil that much cause they knew I knew it aleady. My buddy Tim was doing harnesses and Erik was at assiatnt site controller. Erik likes to mess around with me a bit cause we worked togeather on SOB/gun last year. I get Pulled up and then they wait for a bit before 3...2..1.. fly! I flew. I didn't utter cuss words like at SFKK this was fun and a nice rush. Erik then grabbed the portable loopy thingy thinking he could hold me I took him for a ride that was much fun! We left the park sunburt and I was tired. Thanks to Rob (hey I rememebered.) FOF and everyone else for a good day. good friends+good rides=good time! PS: chuck if you read this forward my contact info to your brother please.
  7. Timberwolfs seating needs be dosed over. Fresh coat of paint would help the stage too.
  8. Last time I checked PKI wasn't a movie themed park. Movie parks are bult on studios(Universal hollywood) or made to totally look like one(WBmovie world). Action Zone is a backlot themed area. We have a few paramount licenced named rides. That comes with being owned by them. TRTR could just be called. runins adventure or some crap they choose Tomb raider cause of how people would relate that to the movie more extent the games. Sprite remix I will buy one tomarrow maybe If I get around to it. Depending on how packed its gonna be.
  9. Thanks LS. Every park has a master plan. Scooby was in the plans. The darkride gets redone every 10 years or so. Myself I enjoy SD more than PT cause PT became boring to me after riding it so many times.
  10. Does PKI plan on opening it yes. Will that go as planned maybe? if The Beast fall over and there is no one there to here it does it make a sound? Does that help? Anywho My area of choice is that spot between HB and international cause you can catch a nap alot of the time cause its so quiet.
  11. Coaster No doubt Ghoster coaster! Flatride Shake rattle and roll
  12. This was an idea I had what can you do with your pass photo. heres what I came up with Try you luck to the mods. Run with it and see it may be interesting
  13. It is a 1 of a kind ride. Its the 1st weekend. So get off your soapbox and wait a few DAYS! You have all year to ride it.
  14. The lion tamer did hapen. There has been no deaths on racer KC or drop zone for that matter.
  15. Yeah Hi I was a op on SOB 2001 and 2002 THERES NO FOOTBARS! HAVE A NICE DAY
  16. Maybe they were just closed Face/off usually made money
  17. Yeah I saw it, they had it up front. I didn't bring the cash to buy one but I did get one of those maps they had left over from last year.
  18. It stalled out, It happens.
  19. Inrader Tomb raider may have hard time getting out of off season mode. You know they have a lot of other rides to rehab you know. If you think you can do better with the ride please join flat ride maitnance. SOB is 3 years old and it still doesn't work 100% of the time and its still comming out of winter rehab a bit late. You have all summer to ride TR:TR. Sit back relax and enjoythe rest of the park. The big deal about telling people is THEY WILL GET FIRED if they tell.
  20. I decided to goto PKI this morning. I made a good choice. I arrived at 9am. HB was open for gold pass holders I went to HB and got in on scooby doo right before it opened. Scooby was fun. I had 2 blasters so my score was high. It was good fun. Next up was beastie. I road in the front had a fun little ride the breaks were on hard this morning. I tried to get on taxi jam but no one would let me rent a kid. I waited around for rivertown to open so I could ride The Beast. Beast was ummm I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it was just problems waking up. 1st half was ok second half was a tad slow. Flyers were next. I did 2 cycles got good pops and snaps. Vortex. It was running well I sat in the back so I could get that airtime. Not bad on the headbanging either. SpongeBob in 3-d It was fun but not as good as 7th portal. This should of been on the B side of the theater and kept 7th portal. FOF Very fun. On ride photo is back! Monster I had a nice time on it.Spun alot Adventure Express it was ok all the effects worked. Top Gun. Short sweet and to the point. Congo GOD THAT WATER IS COLD! ------------------------------------- food for the day was subway. BLT and blueberry icee good time. Rides not operating recaR TRTR
  21. Legouts Thats the most likely reason. If your leg is out of the restaint they they have to stop the ride and go down. They made em switch most likely cause they wouldnt fit on a side
  22. You know what is the cause of this is? OUR CRAPPY winter. PKI is the big thing for the summer its 1st weekend should be packed.
  23. We entered the park though the drop off area and made our way to the new security area. We waited about 20 mins for them to let us though. The system was painless and easy. Then we went into the park We went to season pass processing and got our passes done I had parking so it seemed to take a bit longer. We got in line to make the new Scooby doo run. We were about 10 back and there was a 20 min delay. We went and I must say I am impressed. The theming was great. Still could still see some of PT themeing. There is also a fast pass line. The ride itself is a blast. Me FOF and Teenageninja squeesed into a car I had 1400 I did better than FOF but not teenageninja. After that They wanted to ride tomb raider. I chose beast. Beast is back. The redone turn makes alot of diffrence. We were flying. There was a bit of air there well. I had 2 very nice backseat rides. When I returned FOF and teenageninja came back from a brokendown TRTR. They got on and got there ride in BUT They were stuck. They had to manually open the trains! Next was Vortex but alas it was broken down and it was evaced. We hit the flyers and put on a small show. We walked around and all the rides were packed. By this time it was time to meet chuck down at the flyers. I got chuck and his brother mixed up again. Next time name tags. They look alot alike to me We got on and put on a nice show of how to fly. We got 1 lousy ride we wanted to eat and we wanted to try the new chineese food. So back up to the front of the park. I must say the food is good. Cheap too.10 bucks for a combo and drink. Then I wanted to do a little shopping. I bought beast hoodie and a beast 64oz mug. We ended our day down at the flyers doing a flyers fest we kicked butt. Overall it seems the park was WAY to busy. lines were long and rides went up and down. I had fun and its all good http://www.pbase.com/sobrider2k2/inbox Theres some pics.
  24. My plans for opening day will be to have my pass processed and then to ride Scooby doo. Then saunter on over to SOB and ride it. Do Action Zone and then papa beast. Then most likely a flyers fest.
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