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  1. 4 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    What do you propose they change to make it better?

    As an old person who experienced Winterfest ‘05, I’d love to see something like the “Home For The Holidays” show. Doesn’t need to be a carbon copy, but something more show driven. 

    Honestly, though. I’d be content with just new, fully functioning lights and displays accompanied by some popular Christmas songs. I really love the “12 Days” concept, but I just don’t think it’s easily executable in the right way. 

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  2. Honestly, the KI&MVRR is the most underutilized aspect of the whole event, when it could easily be one of the “E-Ticket” Winterfest attractions. I hope it gets sone attention. I mean, what’s better than Christmas and Trains? 

    (Answer: legitimate Prestige Pass perks) 

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  3. Just now, Leland Wykoff said:

    Stranger combinations have happened.  Carnival, the K-Mart of cruise lines, merged venerable Cunard into their family of brands, rather successfully.

    This was accomplished by maintaining brand integrity of Cunard.  It is not clear, at this point, if brand integrity will be maintained, much less expanded, by legacy Cedar Fair parks.  Should legacy FUN Parks take on the Six Flags moniker it could damage the premium consumer perceptions of those properties.  Customers would suddenly come to equate a Six Flags Kings Island with the likes of a Roses Express discount store. 

    Great points. I certainly hope they can do this the right way.

    But regardless of what direction the legacy CF parks go, the association with Six Flags could potentially be damaging. They could make every right decision, but for many the Six Flags name alone is enough for people to walk away. Example? Ironically enough I made a joke about Six Flags last week in front of my mom who more or less said, “I’m glad we have KI close because those Six Flag parks are dirty.” 

    Mind you, she doesn’t know anything of the industry. She’s not an enthusiast (even though she used to drop me off at the park all the time when I was younger. Thanks mom!) 

    But that’s the cultural attitude a lot of people have of the Six Flags brand. And that would be a big concern if I were one of the overpaid fat cats driving this bus. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

    What needs to be done with it?

    Well, as of the last few weekends… a lot apparently. But in addition to maintaining the updates they made for the opening of AP, I’d want to see them: 

    1. Add the lighting to the first tunnel

    2. Return of the first lift hill masks that were painted last off season 

    3. Address the inconsistencies with the audio 


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  5. 1. Phantom Theater’s Return teaser campaign.

    2. Adventure Express to be “finished.” 

    3. Improved operations 

    4. Maybe a few more craft cocktails and throwback merch/pins.

    5. Everybody’s Prestige Pass perks to come back. You all deserve better. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, KIghostguy said:

    I rode Adventure Express on Friday and was shocked at the condition that it was in. Still no audio or masks on lift 1. In the final tunnel, all the work lights were on, there was no audio, and the mouth of the final statue was gone! Not broken, not unmoving, just completely gone. On the bright side, the audio on the brake run is working again and the Stationmaster audio is pretty loud in the queue, which is good. 

    Last time I rode his mouth was just barely hanging on. Disappointing to hear. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, DispatchMaster said:

    I just can't wrap my mind around this mentality. These are businesses engaging in commerce with customers, no one "deserves" anything more than the agreed-to transaction. Neither party is being forced to engage here.

    Agreed-to transactions? Like the Prestige Pass bait and switch perks? Oh, wait. That’s right. They have the ability revoke any agreed upon “transactions” at their discretion.

    And while nobody is forcing either side to “engage,” this type of business practice is damaging to your potential/current customer base. 

    Yes, it’s a business. But taking advantage of your consumers in the way Cedar Fair has been doing as of late is absolutely the opposite of what you would want to do as a business owner. 

    I’ll echo other’s sentiments by agreeing that customers deserve better. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Klabergian Empire said:

    Also, Id rather do sledding on the waterslides in Soak City than the log flume lol.

    At a certain water park across the street, you were able to do just that. And if I remember correctly, said slides were relics from Surf Cincinnati. This was a long time ago. 

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  9. Hearing a lot of incredibly disappointing things coming out of the event tonight. Makes me sad. 

    My wife and I haven’t renewed our passes yet and we’re now thinking about taking a year off. That would be my first since 2004. Too much “lackluster” as a result of this season. 

    Cedar Fair- Do better. 

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