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  1. not to get off topic... but paramount probably had planned some kind of mission impossible ride... since the recent release of mi3 but with Cedar Fair i dont no wat they would do... im just taking a guess...

    my ride idea.... a new dark ride of some sort in coney mall... i think old coney island had a haunted house... would be cool if they made somthin like that

    but if it were up to me PHANTOM THEATRE WOULD RETURN!- too much sugar blink.gif

  2. update: i emailed marueen kiaser (sorry for spelling) and all that she told me is that asylum or maze of madness will be in its regular spot behind Flight of Fear.... some may already know this info but i thought it would still be worth posting... she also added that an official fearfest announcement will be made in 2 weeks.



  3. Uhh, How could you have looked into those buildings.  Most of them are not accessible to the general public.

    i have my ways.... actually there are some tight space like doors or windows u could barley see through.... the maze of madness door was open

  4. ok on 8/16 i went to ki and looked inside the posible fearfest attractions..

    fearstreet building i saw storgage and a flight of stairs?

    rivertown building- boxes and boxes and junk and boxes

    old rock shop -the most boxes ive ever seen in my life

    maze of manddes barn - really dark.. a truck and yet agin boxes!

    peace, collin

  5. Not tryin to start a fight or anything  but u need to calm down your ripping ki like no tommorrow... fearfest was really good last year  but seriously look what your yelling about



    If I don't who will? I'm just being honest, if it offends someone, then they arn't proud of what it is because if an opinion.. let alone mine.. offends you and you've never even met me.. that means you either know exactly what I'm saying, or your alittle too sensitive.

    Have you been to fearfest before last year? Name something it improved on last year, I just want to see what you think.. don't be afraid to back yourself up.

    ok im sorry if that came out wierd put all im sayin is that i think we should focus on the positives of fearfest i mean every thing needs work but fearfest is pretty censored.gif good you no.. well w/e

  6. Talk nice all you want, but last year was a mess IMO.

    It seemed like they were thinking about Winterfest too much and forgot fearfest and just slopped it together. Now with the CF in charge I just want to make sure they put in some more time into Fearfest.

    It sounds like it's going to be a repeat of last year and that's all I'm saying. I never said it was going to close or only be open 2 nights because we know the truth, but I don't want MoM aka The Asylum to be screwed up because they didn't give it time.

    MoM use to be awesome and I was extremely dissapointed with it last year altohugh it was still one of the better haunts.. but honestly thats not saying much.

    But I do trust CF so I'm in between of worried of Fearfest and excited to see what they are going to do with it this year.

    Not tryin to start a fight or anything but u need to calm down your ripping ki like no tommorrow... fearfest was really good last year but seriously look what your yelling about



  7. here is what i have heard..

    - Asylum- under the effeil tower

    - Coyboy Carnage- old rock mining building in rivertown

    - 2 new scarezones

    - evrything else is the same except no maze of madness

    - and they may be more to come

    so i just found this website in another topic

    sounds good though cool.gif

  8. well, not to sound like a debbie downer and all.. but cedair fairs prices just suck...... i mean paramount had a lot of parks but didnt charge as much as cf does... i dont get it but if they up the prices i know that peole will NOT GET PASSES!!! so if i was ceo i would keep the same prices.. maybe in a few years, if they put in some new coasters than yeah maybe up the prices but not now.....

  9. "Let me just say this.....i know of all the plans for this year's FearFest (trust me...im very knowledgeable about this stuff). And my hint to you all is that some of the "Ideas" in the other topic are pretty close to some of the new stuff this year.....dont just focus on the actual houses....there are more attractions then that. Plus look for at least 3 new locations for haunted attractions this year"

    could you give us anymore hints lol???????

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