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  1. 3 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    ACE should invite Mr. RACER as an industry speaker and raffle off tickets to ride with him on The Racer.

    Scale of 1 to 10: how likely would to be for the Kings Island Team to even allow that?

  2. 3 minutes ago, DonHelbig said:

    Hopefully the ERT lineup each day, what the tours are, who the industry speakers are, and what’s on the menu for the catered meals is made available before tickets go on sale so ACE members know what they’re paying for. 

    *Terms are subject to change. No refunds.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Kenban said:

    ACE just sent out the details to members and posted them on their website for the spring conference.


    Tickets go on sale this Saturday March 16th.

    • ACE Members: $213
    • ACE Members age 3-11: $192
    • Nonmembers: $266

    $90 discount with an annual pass, members cannot buy tickets for non-members for a few weeks to give members time, it’s unlikely the tickets will last long enough.

    Oof… they better deliver…

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  4. 13 hours ago, Shaggy said:

    Doubt it.

    For posterity - I believe only the front half of the park will be utilized for the event.  At least the first season.

    It will be a nice event that will draw locals.  Louisville needs something like this.  But does their pumpkin event hurt KI?  Not really.

    I’m thinking that being a non-rides-focused event the distance may work to their advantage. 

  5. 4 hours ago, brenthodge said:

    KI better watch their back with all the budget cuts. If there’s one thing Herschend does pretty much better than anyone, it’s Christmas in their parks. Suddenly the white astroturf sledding hill doesn’t looks so great does it? LOL! 

    Very few people in Cincinnati will forego Winterfest to go to this.

    The people of Louisville? Maybe.

    And that'll hurt. A lot.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Gordon Bombay said:

    To clarify, I was referring to "Facebook Nonsense" in the sense of click bait news fodder (like when a certain local tv news station posts "they said WHAT" over the a headline about a b-list celebrity), not necessarily sharing Coney stories. 

    Explore how dare you defy me GIFs

    “Coney Island puts rides up for sale and you’ll never believe what happens next!” 

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  7. 14 hours ago, Gordon Bombay said:

    I mean, it’s probably way more hassle than it’s worth. Both of those structures probably require additional infrastructure where if you’re going to put a new pool/plumbing in — why not just spend the money on new attractions at that point? And we’re talking about two attractions that, while great for Coney, would be relatively unnoticed among the swath of KI offerings.

    Also, yeah it would be a good PR move in the sense that a few local tv news stations might use it as feel-good-fodder for the older crowd still watching the news and spreading Facebook nonsense, but how much is that really worth?

    It’s tragic what happened to Sunlite Pool and hopefully MEMI preserves Moonlight Gardens/some history, but the park truly died in 1971, not 2023. 

    Under certain conditions the purchase would make sense. For example, The Beach got their play structure from a defunct water park in Michigan. Since time and - let’s be frank, quality - wasn’t of the essence, they were able to get it running. Additionally, it could be sold for parts. I’m not sure what kind of shape they’re in, but the pumps alone are worth tens of thousands of dollars. That’s even in non-working condition. So no, I think the attempt to sell is honest and not “Facebook nonsense.” They’ll really sell them. 

  8. 1 hour ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    Keep in mind, we are very early in the year. Knott's is the only park dealing with the new passes so far. I understand the hesitation with what we have seen with the Prestige pass.  When the park saw this thread, they reached out and made sure things were right. The acknowledgment and willingness to verify with other parks and their IT department that all should be working as advertised, really does speak highly of the KI GM. No mater the decisions that corporate might be making (most likely not under their control) the local parks do want to do what they can to make things right. 

    I think we ALL agree that Mr Koontz was proactive, professional, and demonstrated that he cared to rectify this situation. People reached out to Knott’s and got conflicting info. This was dispute the web site very much suggesting that the answer was yes. Clearly this was an IT/communications breakdown. No one went to Mr Koontz; however, he heard of the problem and rectified it. His efforts are not unnoticed. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, DispatchMaster said:

    All that list tells us is that Elizabeth is more excited for one ride versus another. Interpreting anything beyond that is meaningless conjecture.

    "She would have been more excited for Roller Coaster 1 if only KI had sent her a better media packet" is a giant, nonsensical leap that also happens to be insulting to her intelligence.

    Maybe she prefers the theming of HW's ride. Maybe, as ACE President, she understands that GG is a more interesting debut for HW - considering it's their first family coaster - than SSBR is as an addition to the much more mature KI coaster lineup. Maybe she prefers GG because it isn't KI's bland, off-the-shelf model that has existed at other parks for the better part of a decade. Or maybe she just prefers red track to yellow. 

    There are obviously plenty of earned, valid criticisms of KI's marketing team without resorting to nonsensically blaming them for nearly every perceived negative outcome.

    Agreed, but I still stand by the idea that, no matter which park you are, if you are omitted from any of these “listicles,” management will want to know why. 

    As you probably recall, they were left off of locals lists such as “Top 10 Things To Do in Cincinnati” when they had things like WF or Haunt opening that weekend. If it was just this one, you may be right, but since this is a common subject then I think most would agree that it’s indicative of a much larger problem. 

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  10. On 3/1/2024 at 2:10 PM, DispatchMaster said:

    Because, as far as I can tell, the list appears to be the coasters the ACE President happens to be personally looking forward to, which is a pretty meaningless and arbitrary metric. Obviously it's better to be on the list than not, but I think trying to figure out "why" SSBR is not on the list is silly, given how completely subjective the list appears to be. Ask 10 enthusiasts what their most anticipated rides are, and you'll likely get 10 unique lists.

    See above. That it's not on this list appears to simply mean that Elizabeth Ringas isn't personally looking forward to it. As the President of ACE, she is, no doubt, aware of the ride, so I don't see how marketing would have much, if any, effect on whether or not she is personally excited for the ride. HW adding their first family coaster is bigger news than KI expanding their already well-rounded family-friendly offerings.

    Then again, if one's preconceived notion is that poor marketing is the reason for all things bad, then of course that's the lens through which everything will be viewed. Objectivity is hard, I guess.

    They don't build rides for "awareness" of the ACE President, they build rides to entertain guests. And so long as the ride's operating cost per rider metric is met, then it is "fulfilling the plan for the funds". 

    So you’re saying that Elizabeth not listing Soap Box as one of the “most anticipated” when the ACE is holding their Spring Conference is not a referendum on the Kings Island Team’s relationship with ACE? What about top-of-mind awareness?

    Both of which are the responsibility the same team. 

    Under some circumstances I could see your point; however, they are in the midst of planning a huge event at Kings Island. Despite Kings Island being their main business focus right now, they still chose to forgo Soapbox for a very similar ride. It’s quite telling. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, guy1115 said:

    Remind me.....who was running Paramount Parks when CF acquired them?  And how was the entertainment then?  History seems to have a way of repeating itself when the same people are at top.

    What’s funny is that I remember thinking about the 2006 season, pre-merger. If I recall, they had the second run of School of Rock in the KIT, and karaoke on the bandstand. Showplace was dark.

    Fortunately, I think we have it marginally better than that this year. 

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  12. I can confirm that my friend was reached out to by Knott’s on behalf of Mr Koontz. It seemed like they were under the belief that they made him pay. As I stated earlier, they didn’t, but warned him as a one-time thing. He’s still going to reply to tell his story. If it happened to him, it’s happened to others. Communication has been so bad in that company recently. 

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  13. 17 minutes ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    So the park just reached out to me, they have confirmed that the pass should work for parking at Knott's. The park has called Knott's Berry farm they confirmed with the IT department of Cedar Fair, and talked with the GM of Knott's of the situation. Cedar Fair wants to make sure this is working correctly for all parties. 

    Great to hear that Mr Koontz made things right!

    The issue wasn’t really that the pass didn’t work, it was that it didn’t work and the associate and supervisor told him that it didn’t. It looks like that they are working hard to ensure that the communication is out there. He truly does care. 

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  14. 1 minute ago, Kenban said:

    It’s still listed in the terms and conditions that everyone gets free parking at all parks with purchase of the all parks passport.

    Most of the benefits including the lounge and what it contains are just promises on the website, the parking is actually spelled out in the actual legal terms which is more difficult to modify and has not been changed since last summer.  I just cannot imagine walking back the free parking in 2024.

    No matter what, it’s baffling.

    You correctly laid out why the conditions would be odd.

    But even if that’s not true, why were people turned away? Why was BB1 told “no” when he called?

    I tried to call Knott’s myself but gave up after about 20 minutes on hold. 

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