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  1. Not trusting them over an explanation for something important like a ride accident or malfunction... sure. But acting like there's some huge breach of trust because the webcams are down... come on. This isn't some government conspiracy people. The entitlement...

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  2. 2 minutes ago, sixohdieselrage said:

    Read into the context of some of my other posts. That may help you understand a few things. 

    1. I'm not upset at our new attraction. I think it's going to be amazing. 
    2. I have every right to be upset about the cameras being down. We have several other members on here that cannot see it in person, and maybe want to watch construction over 200 miles away. 
    3. Like others here, I dont believe the story they are giving out. As with others, I'm calling them out over it. 
    4. If I was really that ****ed off, I would even go to the park. 
    5. I love Kings Island, like most people here. I just think they mishandled this webcam debacle. 


    Construction webcams aren't a right for enthusiasts, nor is it something that they HAVE to do or that some parks do at all. It's a nice thing the park doesn't have to do, yet they do it. Nobody is entitled to anything. I get the frustration, but to act like this is some outrageous thing and that you deserve some sort of explanation is just insane.

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  3. 13 hours ago, sixohdieselrage said:

    What if we get our Platinum Pass from CP?

    Speaking of those.. off subject, but I feel CP screwed alot of their passholders off with the execution of it. 


    @silver2005 Again, my issue isnt that they so much "lied", it's their transparency of the whole thing. 

    Let me get this straight... Kings Island is building a $30 million giga coaster, they also moved one of their webcams to film construction. That webcam has been down a couple of days, so you're now mad enough that you want to get a pass still but in a way that will look less beneficial to Kings Island? You come off extremely entitled and whiny.

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  4. 1 hour ago, LovinMeSomeBanshee said:

    Wow.  How convenient.  Terrible timing by Kings Island staff (IF this is indeed just a routine software update) - but DAYS?  What type of software update takes days?

    You know, there was a time when we didn't have live video cams to watch roller coaster construction on. You'll all survive.

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  5. I think a Mack multi-launch would be great in that area. With Firehawk gone and now Vortex leaving, that's two large steel inverting coasters out of the park. I think that void needs to be filled, and would love something like Blue Fire at Europa Park or a Mack's equivalent to Maverick. I think that's a near perfect plot for something like that.

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  6. Ok. The lift is "only" 287 feet tall... the drop is 300 feet. Millennium Force is 310 feet tall but the drop is... you guessed it, 300 feet. Even Fury 325's drop is only 20 feet taller. And then we're talking a difference of 2 MPH (MF) and 4 MPH (Fury)... this thing is going to fly through it's course and potentially be much more forceful. Be happy you're getting a Giga at your home park and quit complaining.

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  7. Have Disney shell out the money and have Universal snatch up the rights to DC.

    I think Disney has done an EXTREMELY poor job with Marvel so far though. Mission Breakout is a good ride but that's because it's a retheme of a great ride and now is just Thematically terrible. Other than that, they have a Star Tours Marvel ride and a bad Buzz Lightyear shooter ride retheme... I guess we'll see what happens with this, but it's not been great so far.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

    Does anyone have pics of the masses of trees being moved. I'd like to see this. I can't make it down to KI till early May.

    So... I was there on Sunday and walked over by the former DA! entrance and also rode Racer trying to get a look. Pretty sure I didn't see any additional tree clearing, but I saw areas that looked empty, but that's where Dinos used to be and are now vacant. Maybe I missed something, but didn't see any mass clearing going on.

    Obviously they have plans for the area, but I'm not sure I saw anything getting started.

  9. On 1/17/2018 at 9:52 PM, jtro223 said:

    Come on up to CP.  During Mayfly season.  Then you will swallow bucket fulls of bugs.


    jtro223, slightly overstating what can happen on Millie

    A mistake I won't be making twice! Had fun on my trip last May, but I could've done without the bugs flying everywhere/splattered on every restraint!

    On 1/18/2018 at 8:56 PM, Maverick44 said:

    A terrain giga would be sweet. If its is like Apollo's then i'd be all for it. Still holding out for Intamin ( as I am the only on) haha. Mack go all in for a MAck giga as well since I have never seen that or been on one for obvious reasons haha.

    I'd rather have a terrain hugging ride like Maverick (maybe Intamin, or maybe even Mack) than a Giga to be honest... That's just me though...

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  10. Ideas for the Crypt building? Tear it down. And tear down the SOB station and Action FX Theater at this point. If KI isn't going to put these structures to better use than a haunted house for 1 month every season, they need to go. I'd honestly love to see the Blackout building, Slaughterhouse building, and Killmart go too, but I don't see that happening. At the very least, tear down the old rides that are only used for Haunt now. Such a tacky look. And I'm a big Haunt fan.

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  11. I can't attest to Opening Day itself, but I went last year on the first full week it was open and experienced a handful of breakdowns, most notably on Top Thrill Dragster (not the most reliable ride on any day, but still). We got lucky with the weather, and got to ride most things since we were there multiple days (except Top Thrill Dragster), but beware the May Flies... Skipped riding Gemini because they were so bad.

    Overall, based off what people are saying, looks like there couple be some hiccups, but you should still be able to have a fun time.

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  12. My guess is a Giga, as that, in my opinion, is the current big void in KI's lineup compared to the other large parks in the chain. Also, this seems to be the best location for one, and would breathe life into fairly dead end of the park (if the entrance is back there).

    If it is a Giga, I hope they don't give it a name with the height in it... I hate the names Fury 325 and Intimidator 305.

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  13. No doubt that the Mickey ride will be great (seriously, how is Mickey just now getting a ride??), but the decision to replace The Great Movie Ride is a real head scratcher. I'm not a fan of addition by subtraction in any park, but DHS in particular doesn't lend itself well to that concept at all. I know there's more to these parks than rides, but this will bring the total number of actual rides down to 4 in the whole park until next summer. Would've much rather seen this go in the Animation Courtyard area in place of Star Wars Launch Bay.

    Glad I got multiple rides in on my last visit to Disney World, the ride will really be missed. Still excited for the Mickey ride.

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  14. I must be mistaken, I guess I didn't notice the TVs in the woodshed area on gold pass night or on opening day. Could've sworn they were security footage, but could definitely see that maybe they were just turned off and I passed them by. I really just hate that they went through so much work to build up the story and now we have some mediocre pop songs playing over the theme music. It was really only noticeable near the screen in my experience but still killed the mood.

    That all being said, don't get me wrong. I love this ride. I love that they themed it like they did. And I honestly enjoy the shed a ton, I think it's a lot of fun. But there are improvements that could be made very easily.

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  15. ^ While I don't 100% agree with all of your above points (I think I actually have the story down pretty well, it's simple but good), I agree with a good majority of what you're saying.

    I've complained about it before, but FunTV... I get it. I'm sure it generates some ad revenue, I don't mind it in the majority of the queues... but I really do not like it in the "themed" queues... This and Boo Blasters in particular. It can be a nice distraction in some, but in the queues that at least try to be themed and build atmosphere, it is terrible. Hearing pop music play over the themed music score just does not work. And Boo Blasters, which looks surprisingly good this year, why is there two TVs playing music in a haunted castle? I know this isn't Disney or Universal, but there are easy/inexpensive improvements that can go a long way.

    And completely agree with the you on the spieling... It needs to go away on all rides. Bring back pre-recorded spiels PLEASE or at least give them a script. I'm glad the ride ops are enjoying themselves, but way too often it's just obnoxious and many times on the smaller or older rides, the ride ops mocking the ride they work. Sometimes it works (Beast at night) but more often than not spieling is annoying, and just cheapens the experience.

    I kind of disagree with you on the queue in general though... while it could definitely be more immersive, I love the route they took with it, making it a winding path with wooden fences (and some standard switchbacks) as opposed to all switchbacks. And I think it'll look very nice when some of the foliage grows in a bit more.

    To sum it up... I love Kings Island doing a story based attraction again and hope for more in the future, but it would be nice to see them go a little more "in" on it.

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  16. I'm way behind on this topic, so apologies if some of this has been mentioned already, but just a couple quick things...

    Rode Boo Blasters last week, and the ride was looking much better than it has since the year it opened. Most effects working, with several that had not been working in recent years restored. Like how they've managed to incorporate what was once on the fog screen into the TV towards the end (Fog screen was better when working, but I'll take this over nothing). Also had the added bonus of the guns working. Great job KI! Now if only they'd get rid of those stupid FunTVs in line.

    Speaking of FunTV... I was disappointed to see some of the TVs that were originally showing the "security cam" footage in line for Mystic Timbers, are now showing FunTV. I don't mind this completely, because the TVs closest to the station were still showing the security cam footage. What bothered me was the sound from them, especially when they were playing music videos. It conflicted with the atmospheric theme music playing in the queue, which a) ruined the vibe in the queue, and b) Sounded bad with the two songs playing over each other. You could really only hear the TVs when you were right by them, so again it could be worse.

    Overall, everything in the park is look amazing this year. Kudos to everyone on the Kings Island team. I've had 2 great visits so far this year.

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