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  1. 1. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Giga coaster at Kings Island, since that seems to be the way things are trending for the larger Cedar Fair parks (not sure about the "more popular" sister parks comment either...)


    2. I agree that I'm not expecting a new wooden coaster in the near future, but I disagree with your reasoning. I think a modern wooden coaster would be a great fit for the park. A quick, compact, twisty, airtime machine would be a great addition to the coaster lineup. It may not live up to the legendary reputation of The Beast, but neither have, in my opinion, any of the coasters since. Sure, The Beast may not be everyone's favorite, and additions such as Banshee and Diamondback are fantastic rides, but they still don't have the legendary reputation that The Beast enjoys.


    Also Son of Beast's theme was about as similar to The Beast's as Invertigo is to The Bat. Other than the name and being wooden, Son of Beast had very little about it that would remind people of The Beast (tunnels, terrain, woods, etc.)


    3. We can all continue to dream for that X-Base bathroom.

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  2. I would have loved to have visited Coney Island back in its heyday. It's still neat going to the park nowadays, knowing some of the history, but I wish I coud've truly experienced it.


    As for the Coney Mall at Kings Island, there was a part of me hoping that during the lead up to the 2016 announcement, Kings Island was going to go the route that Kings Dominion did with Candy Apple Grove, restore Racer, spruce up Coney Mall and rename it to Old Coney... But so far no such luck. I wish they'd bring the sign back. It's the little things...

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  3. Edit: You know what else is old and outdated? Universal's website. It's been nearly the same for years. The attractions listing is really weird and I don't like it...I wish they would change it.


    I can second that. Just recently planned a trip to Orlando for October and after looking at Disney's website and moving on to Universal's was frustrating.


    For a quick example, compare the 'Park Hours' pages for Universal Orlando vs. Disney World's and try to search out a few months for all parks. Disney: I can drop down a calendar, click the date I wanted, and the hours for everything on property. Universal: You can only click forward one month at a time, for one park at a time. Each time the whole page has to reload.


    Sorry, I've just been dealing with Universal's annoying website for a little while now...




    As for the ride, I'll reserve judgment until more details are out. I'll agree that it does sound like another simulator in a resort that people say is very simulator heavy already. I guess I'll get to judge for myself in just over a month!

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  4. Delirium%20Logo_4c.jpg

    Get ready to defy gravity on Kings Dominion’s new ride, Delirium. The thrill ride will be located in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park and is set to open in the spring of 2016.

    Delirium is a powerful, spinning pendulum on which 40 riders will be strapped into their seats, facing outward on a giant ring. As their feet dangle, they begin slowly swinging back and forth while the ring starts to rotate. The ride quickly gains momentum and before they know it, riders are getting swirling views of the park. On Delirium, guests soar to a height of 115 feet at a maximum arc angle of 120 degrees.

    Delirium will delight thrill seekers of all ages as they fly through the air, experiencing gravity defying hang time.

    “Thrills come in all different sizes here at Kings Dominion and the addition of Delirium reflects our commitment to providing exciting experiences for our guests,” says Pat Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion. “We pride ourselves on being home to a variety of rides and attractions that offer something for all generations to enjoy. Delirium will make a great addition to our park.”


    Guests who want to be among the first to experience Kings Dominion’s newest addition can purchase a 2016 Kings Dominion Season Pass starting today at the lowest price of the year. Gold Passes are available for just 9 easy payments of $9.75. Passholders enjoy many benefits, including: Bring-A-Friend discounts, food and merchandise discounts, early access to select rides and Kings Dominion’s all-inclusive water park, Soak City.

    Construction on Delirium is set to begin in the fall.




    Interesting, swinging pendulum/frisbee ride, named Delirium is replacing a Togo stand-up roller coaster. Where have we seen that before?





    Edit: Sorry, just saw this was already being discussed here.

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  5. Regarding food service, I cannot get into specifics, but it comes down to training, or lack thereof.


    Speaking of food service today - I saw a teenage girl denied being served at the pretzel place for attire the employee said was "offensive".  She was in a "U Mad Bro" t-shirt and shorts.


    Don't they sell those shirts in the park?

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  6. While I don't claim to be an expert on the food service industry, I did work in the industry for about 5 years, 2 of which were spent as a server, so I generally have a great deal of patience with servers. However, I don't have much patience when servers disappear for long periods of time, refuse to look at tables that aren't their own (even if a guest is clearly in need of service - help out that table and maybe that server will help you with one of yours someday), or when servers seem to abandon tables after bringing their food out. I get it, things happen. You get busy and service isn't always stellar, but my two experiences at the Reds HoF B&G have left a really bad taste in my mouth (excuse the pun). I have not left the park to eat in years, but if this is how service is going to be, I may do just that.


    And yes, as others have stated consistency would be nice.



    Other note from my visit (Warning: this is a recurring complaint of mine)

    I'm also still waiting for the proper music to return to International Street - I'd say the different areas, but baby steps I guess. Pop music on International Street gives the park a cheap, generic park atmosphere, in an otherwise beautiful setting. While they are doing better in recent years, I still can't help but feel that Cedar Fair is neglecting the smaller details that made the park stand out from your average Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks. Things like atmospheric music, the glockenspiel, the floral clock, and so on. Those are things that I think Paramount Parks beat Cedar Fair on for most of their time owning the park. I'm not asking for a $100 million themed dark ride, but just small things that would make a huge difference in the feel of the park.


    I wouldn't mind the $100 million dark ride though...

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  7. Finally got my 2nd visit of the year in on Friday. Went to the water park for the first time in 2 years, had fun but they definitely could use some slide complexes there. Went back to the dry park for dinner at the Reds Hall of Fame Grille (more on that later.) After dinner rode Boo Blasters, Banshee, The Bat, Adventure Express, and ended with an awesome night ride on The Beast. It was great day, glad to have finally made it back out. A few observations:


    - Again, the water park is in need of something new. Based off of Cedar Fair's recent activity I think there's a good possibility of something new soon.


    - Reds Hall of Fame Grille... My previous visit this year, which was much much earlier in the season, I complained about the terrible service, but gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was just that - early in the season. However, I can now report back that they have not improved. Upon walking in we were told there were no open tables for my party of 2, but we could sit at the bar if we wanted. We headed to the bar where I saw some open tables, maybe they were being saved for big parties or maybe they just can't handle the workload of having all tables full, but that looks really bad when you have people waiting to be seated.


    When we got to the bar there were no two seats available next to each other, so we took a seat at a one the small two-person high top tables in the bar area, where we had to have been purposely ignored because we were not acknowledged for a decent amount of time. Finally two seats opened at the bar, so we took those. Had our orders taken within a reasonable amount of time and the food actually came out fairly quickly, so I was happy enough at that point. However, it was very obvious that there several disgruntled people around us who had been waiting for food, service, their check, etc. and were getting tired of being ignored. There was one clearly stressed bar tender who let a couple who sat next to ours that they wouldn't be getting food for a while because "everything [was] taking forever to come out."


    After we finished eating, the wait to finally have someone come back over to our side of the bar was ridiculous, all we needed to do was pay our check but we were held up at least 15-20 minutes, but we were just talking so we didn't mind as much as the guy next to us who began to loudly stack his dishes in an effort to get someone's attention for his check, until he eventually threw down some cash and stormed out...


    I know this was a little long, but something needs to be done about the Reds HoF Bar and Grille before I go back. It just isn't pleasant with the poor service and being surrounded by angry people as a result. What a shame, because I was so happy that they finally put a table service restaurant in, but now I won't be going for the foreseeable future.


    - Boo Blasters: I still hate the FUNTVs in the queue... However, the ride itself had actually improved from my visit earlier this season. Music throughout the ride, our guns worked (gasp), and most of the triggered effects were working as well as the fog screen audio. The chase scene is still not working though. Overall, the ride looked better than I've seen it look in a long time, but still does seem to be on its last act. I hope the next attraction is more on par with the first 3 attractions to grace that building.


    - The rides were all running great, Banshee was very forceful and smooth, and The Beast at night was amazing as always. The Bat and Adventure Express were also very good night rides.

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  8. Now all they need to do is tear down all of those tacky sheds. Glad the graffiti is gone.. Now if they could just make the slightest effort to cover up the Slaughterhouse sign next to The Beast.

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  9. As disappointing as it may be, I'll echo others in saying don't risk it. Those warnings are there for a reason. A lifetime of back problems is not worth a 3 minute coaster ride. So with respect to the other posters who are picking rides that may be ok, I would say disregard their advice and just watch your grandson on the coasters. I'm sure you'll both still enjoy the time that you spent together and you'll be happy that you didn't further injure your back.


    Maybe between coasters you could get your grandson to ride a couple gentle rides that you can enjoy together. Hope you enjoy your day at the park!

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  10. I'd rather have actual 3D sets and animatronics instead of cardboard cut-outs or going screen-to-screen/shooting at things.


    And no, the 3D glasses did not make Boo Blasters any better. I found a set on the ground once (it didn't seem as gross at the time) and decided to see what the "enhanced" experience was like... Basically just a complete afterthought. I remember some dots on the wall popping out and that's about it... Never felt the need to give it another shot, and definitely not worth paying for.

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  11. Definitely more family friendly... more marketable as a new attraction too. And I don't doubt it was easier to maintain, it's just too bad that they didn't. The broken guns are not new to Boo Blasters, I remember the issue on Scooby Doo as well.

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  12. I just think Boo Blasters feels too much like a cheap retrofit over Phantom Theater and to be honest when half the stuff doesnt work....


    No, no... Boo Blasters is a cheap retrofit of Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle... which was already cheap, disappointing replacement of Phantom Theater.


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  13. Buzzfeed is a pathetic excuse for a media outlet/news source. Their articles tend to be either filled with errors, misinformation, or both - with an apparent lack of research done for their articles (unfortunately that seems to be more and more widespread throughout all news media nowadays). This article was no exception.


    Apparently I still haven't ridden all of King's Island's 23 roller coasters! Who knew!


    And Cedar Point underrated? Give me a break.


    Nice to see the parks mentioned though I guess.

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