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  1. Sorry you didn't have a fun day. I had a blast yesterday. I was there from open til close, and racked up 36 rides on Diamondback (thanks to the single rider line). During the "rain" downtime, just hung out with friends I don't get to see often, and waited for things to open up. Diamondback reopened around 7pm, and it was just flying the rest of the night after the rain.

    FYI, it wasn't just the rain that closed rides, as they do run some rides in the rain, it was due to lightning in the area that closed everything down for the extended time. It was still lightly raining when Diamondback reopened, and all I can say is WOW! What a ride! I went yesterday because I wasn't going to make it to the RW even this weekend due to prior committments.

  2. As of last Sunday I have 37. 8 on opening day, 11 last Sat, and 18 on Sunday (thanks to SRL).

    I'll be back on Friday, hoping to break 50. Unfortunately I can't stay for RWW. Other family committments :( And that will probably be my last trip for a while due to unemployment :( So I'm trying to get my fix in now.

  3. Great pics and TR. I especially love the one of the family on Fairly Odd Coaster.

    While some of you may say the Single Rider Line is useless, I'm a fan. Of course it's all luck of the draw as to how fast it moves, and how often odd numbered groups in the regular line show up. There were a few times yesterday when the ride op loading the station pulled two people from the SRL, just to fill seats because the regular line was all large groups. I managed many more rides this weekend than I would have if I had waited in the regular queue. There were a few times when the regular queue got short yesterday that the SRL wasn't worth it, but I hope it continues to be used. If they weren't forcefully assigning seats in the regular line (although it's different depending on who's working crowd control), I might be more inclined to wait in the queue to have a better choice of seats, but until that changes, I'll stick with the single rider line!

  4. i think people who waited for ERT had to wait hours upon hours.

    my friends and i got in line at around 6 pm and waited an hour and a half.

    i think ERT is just basically a gathering of gold pass holders. and isn't worth it.

    Of course it's a gathering of Gold/Platinum pass holders, since that's the only ones that get to experience the ERT.

    And it's worth every minute that I waited. I'll be doing it again this coming weekend. Can't wait!

  5. I for one was fairly dissapointed with Diamondback. After all the hype and notice it's recieved around the country it certainly isn't all it was craked up to be. In comparison to say Goliath at SFOG it can't even begin to compete. It's still a great addition to KI but i really have a hard time seeing it making it on any repected top 10 list I would say it's certainly the second best ride in the park but Beast is still king and Diamondback can slither right back into its den when it comes to being a top rated steel coaster :(

    I've ridden Goliath, and absolutely loved it. But where Goliath has an abundance of floater air, Diamondback is ejector air. My first ride was in the front and it was ok. But once I got my ride in the back row and got pulled up out of my seat on every drop (even though I was pretty stapled into the seat), it quickly moved up my list. I managed to get 8 rides in all yesterday, including 2 at night, and all I can say is AMAZING. It not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded it!

  6. 1) Avatar

    2) TG93

    3) VortexJunkie

    4) Diamondback FOF

    5) Goofywdw

    6) Ki4life08

    7) Beast1979

    8) dare-to-fly

    9) The Beast Rider

    10) coasterguy15

    11) Raptor




    15) Bravo4460

    16) AgentSoB (at about 5:00 have to freakin work mad.gif )

    17) Amber ( and family )



    20) SOBFOF

    21) HTCO(with friends)

    22)Phantom Theater! (With a friend)

    23) CedarPointer

    24)G-Force (In the morning and the evening)


    26)Justin M17

    27) FFEKUdawg4life, i have all day


    29) Andrew


    31) derek9312 (With girlfriend and maybe family)

    32) Pkiruler ( by himself but be there about 6 or 7 p.m to closing.) maybe

    33)Phantomtheater (the one who wears shorts in a snowstorm)

    34) BoddaH1994

    35)Ashers (Ashley)

    36)kjkjkj(Kyle, Ashley's brother!)

    37)RWildman424 (Starting work around 3:30ish)

    38) Beast Man

    39) tigellinus (w/ non-enthusiast g/f)

    40) markalan (and friends)

    there were a few missing on the last couple of posts, so I tried to make sure I got them all.

  7. Great PTR. Glad you enjoyed this park, it's one of my favorite SF parks. I'm also missing SFOG as being the end of my off-season this year. My first trip was in 07 for ACE Spring Fling, and I went back again last year. I love Goliath. It will be nice to have a B&M hyper closer to home!

  8. When the track is cold and the wheels are cold it causes the trains to run slower as they reach the crest of the hill. Full trains would be too heavy to make it over, so that's why they only run with limited seats open when the ride first opens in the morning during the cold days near the end of the season. Once the trains run for a while, the wheels and track start to warm up and make it easier for the trains to make it over.

  9. On Top Thrill Dragster, the last few rows are not filled when it is cold or windy, to make sure the train does make it over the hill. As the ride warms up, they continue to fill additional rows until they're running full trains.

    On other rides, there a number of factors as to why certain rows are left empty. It's usually at the beginning of the day, and usually when it's cold or windy. It's certainly not to make the lines longer on purpose for those waiting to ride.

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