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  1. So we were all thinking about going to boomerang bay. For the first time. Do you pack your bathing suits. Do they have a place to change there ????What about towels. Do I have to bring towels?????

    Do they have lockers you can rent there??

  2. Can anyone give me details on these two rides. I used to Love roller coasters but as I get older I amnot as big as of a fan. However my nephew who is a really tall 9 year old loves them. He is to young to go around KI w/o me. So I have agreed to go with him on these rides. I have been trying to make a list of coasters that I am willing to ride. The website is not all that detailed on some rides.

    I am most courious about crypt and Flight Deck. Can someone tell me all about these two rides. Do they have all ther rides listed on the KI website under rides and attractions because it sems like they are missing some.

    Sorry for all the questions....Thanks

  3. Has anybody taken their kid to that. I was thinking about taking my 3 1/2 year old daughter this year. What is it like. Are any rides open ??? Is there a lot of interaction with chracters ?? She is still timid around the characters a little scared still. Is there a lot more then just cahracters hugging your kid. Because that is all they show on their website.

    Would love to hear people experiences at Nick or Treat

  4. I bought two off of there and just got them today. They are copys of a coupon. They can not be used. They are on real thin paper and they even bleeed througha little bit on other side. Plus the border isn't the same all the way around. I can't believe that they work at the gate. Maybe the teenagers that work there .Get so many coupons that they don't care. I will be throwing mine away.

  5. Would it be better to go on Friday or a Sunday? I will mainly be in the nicklodeon universe w/ my two kids and I just wanted to know if the crowds are better on a certain day. I am not sure if I can take a day off week mid-week when the crowds are the least. but I do get fridays and sundays off. i will be traveling w/ a 2 and 7 year old.

  6. You are correct Teenageninja, Cedar Fair defines a responsible person as, "someone over 16 years of age and withing the height restriction for a chaperone." If your daughter is not over the height where she must have a responsible person ride with her, either you or someone else over 16 will have to ride with her. As far as your son riding, I would bet that they will be somewhat strict with the max height. Height restrictions are height restrictions whether they are maximum or minimums. All the employees are taught to have no leiniency when it comes to either. With him being over 54" but not over 16 years old, you're going to have a pretty tough time getting him on many of the small rides in Nick U.

    Giggle coaster for example, if your daughter is between 40" and 44" someone over 16 MUST ride with her. As for your son tagging along, well good luck because technically the operator is not supposed to let more than the one responsible person ride. Only people between 40"-54" and people over 16 with a child are supposed to be able to ride. Now if your daughter is over 44" well, he just might be able to accompany her.

    I wasn't looking for my 7 year old to be my dayghters chaperone . Me or my husband could do that. I wanted him to be able to ride the kiddie rides that my husband and I are not allowed on with her.

  7. They had to get more then just 4 burgers combos with drinks to cost 60.00. I ate there last Thursday and spent $12.12 on a Cheese Burger Combo, and a Large drink. The food is average but the fries are really good, probably some of the best fries in the park, minus Potato Works. LOL!

    Well there will be four of us me and my husband my 7 year old boy and my 2 year old daughter. I am hoping that the childrens meal will be a litttle cheaper then 12.00

  8. I have two questions

    1) Has anybody ate at the happy Days diner? Is it really expensive ? Is the food any good?

    2) How strict are they at nick universe about be 54' or under ? I have a 7 year old boy that is 54' already and that is 54' w/o shoes.And we will not be going untill end of sumer.Who knows how tall he will be then. The promblem is he doesn't want to ride any of the big rides and I would like him to ride the rides with my 2 1/2 year old daughter so she will not be so scared. So if he is an inch or so taller then that are they going to not let him ??

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