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  1. WindSeeker reopened later in the evening didn't it? I know my group rode it as one of our last rides of the night. We rode everything but Drop Tower and Firehawk. It was such a fun night!

    I think I had the best Beast ride ever on Pride Night. It seemed to be moving extremely fast (I know it's relative), and it was darker than I had ever seen it before. It seems like there used to be more lights on it at night. It was incredible though!

    Bought a shirt on the way out. Can't wait for the Pride events next year!

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  2. Son of Beast used to be one of my favorites. I knew it would never realistically give another ride, but I'm still sad to see it go.

    I wonder if they're going to build something there right away or if it's going to take so long to disassemble that the new expansion begins for the 2014 season.

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  3. There's an old footer from The Bat's transfer track that, until very recently, had an old, rusty bolt sitting on it. It had been there since AT LEAST 2010. Perhaps it was somehow related to The Bat or Vortex. Either way, it has been removed now and I am saddened.

    I always wanted that bolt. If I had disposable income, I would pay top dollar for any piece of an Arrow Dynamics Coaster. I'd really like the front car from an Arrow looper train to go in a future man-cave. Anyone know if those ever show up for sale? That would be an artifact worth something to me.

    Like these? I think these fell to the ground sometime before the ride was repainted in 2004. It's cool to always have a piece of something that was such an important time in my life.


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  4. What's the after party like?

    I went to Cincinnati Pride (for a bit - had to work) this year (my first event of that type) and I was so lost. lol It was fun though! At least with KI I know what to do and where to go!

    60 days sounds so far away!

  5. Actually, one time I was walking up the hill out of Splahin Safari while wearing a cutoff. In the humidity, my cutoff had rolled up at the cut just enough where it revealed one of my nipples. Being a guy, normally this wouldn't be "too" offensive. But halfway between the exit of SS and Hallowswings, I was stopped by a park employee and asked to change. When I claimed that I didn't have another shirt, they provided me a new shirt. A Cleveland Browns shirt actually. Makes me wonder where they got it. Oh well. Lol


    The rules might not be enforced by all the employees at Kings Island. Many of them are just teenagers working a job and they don't really care. Shirts are required on rides, as well as shoes (even if they're flip flops).

  6. I have to go to Pride Night this year! I worked the event on Vortex and Monster back in 2005, and I have to say it was the most fun night I had there. I've always wanted to go again but struggled with how to explain it to my conservative family.

    Last year I came out as trans, but didn't have the extra money to attend (lots of car trouble) on top of having an unreliable car. But this year, I'm going for sure! Can't wait!

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  7. The ride is just drop - helix - drop - helix - turn around - brakes. In my opinion, it was a great ride because it was just insane for a wooden coaster.

    Like you said, the cause of the 2006 accident was poor design. If that part of the ride was poorly designed, what's to say other parts of it aren't as well?

  8. I was worried the ride would be too smooth, but it still looks very wood coastery.

    I would love to see them do this to Son of Beast but don't think they will. Son of Beasts supports could barely handle the weight of its own track and trains. Remember how that ledger broke just from normal stresses from the ride? Wouldn't that steel track be much heavier than the wooden track?

    Would the supports on Son of Beast be deteriorated after all this time, or would they still be usable?

    Did the awesomeness of Son of Beast come from the fact it was such a huge wooden coaster? If it was turned into a steel coaster would it still be as fun? Is the layout of the ride that interesting?

  9. Demon Drop was like a rickety carnival ride or something. It just felt shady as hell. lol

    That sudden stop at the top of the lift when you get a little airtime was nuts. Then you roll out in a sardine box onto that little ledge. Terrifying! Then when the bottom drops out - it's the absolute scariest plummet I've ever experienced on any ride!

    I haven't been to Cedar Point in a while. Did they remove it?

  10. At Kings Island it has to be the Eiffel Tower and WindSeeker. I can ride Drop Zone all day, which is a huge rush to me and leaves me shaking every time, but I start feeling sick after just a few minutes atop the Eiffel Tower or WindSeeker.

    Of any park? Definitely Demon Drop. That's one of the most terrifying contraptions I've ever encountered. It's just... demonic!

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  11. A coaster is just a coaster. The Flying Eagles were an awesome, interactive and classic ride.

    I would rather wait an hour for the Flying Eagles than an hour for a Giga or Strata even.

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