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  1. wanna go get intimidated next weekend??!!! :D lol woo hooooo

  2. hey kat, guess what.

    there's airtime on magnum xl-200.


  3. hey, I know we've butted heads in the past lol. If you ever want any GOOD Cedar Point advice, I have a lot of tips for you including historical rides, where to ride for best effect, etc.. I love to find hidden gems and REALLY experience a park.. let me know! :)

  4. hey, let's go snap some scooters tomorrow.

  5. lol Adam bought me a new pair from the DB gift shop

  6. I finally got to ride KD's Drop Tower on their opening day.. holy **** lol

  7. Tom and I are planning to go this Wednesday to Holiday World. Not sure what you have planned.

  8. Your FB link goes to the FB homepage. I'm www.facebook.com/gigacoaster2k, add me :)

  9. Your opinions are by far some of the most thoughtful and realistic posts I've ever read. Thank you. :)

  10. yay it was nice to finally meet you! :) however, I shall never be so callous and inconsiderate as to reveal your identity to anyone.

  11. z0mfgz CEDARPOINTw00t! :D

  12. I love your comic strip signatures! :)

  13. I'm going this Saturday, and I know for sure I'm going to HoliWood Nights. That's the extent of what I know right now.. I'll keep you posted.

  14. I am indeed going! Not sure when though.. not sure if I am off or if I have to work first shift that day. Tom76257 and I will be there.. he's my sweetie if it isn't obvious lol :)

  15. I rode the Woodstock Flyers at Carowinds this past Saturday (what used to be the Flying Eagles at KI). I never got a chance to ride them at KI, but riding them knowing where they used to be made me feel a little melancholy. You're not the only one who wants them back.. now I do too.

  16. yay I can't wait to ride coasters with you at 4 new parks this weekend

  17. no! no regret on the polls! i miss taking them. so i say make more! :)

  18. my theories have more holes in them than generic swiss cheese.

  19. i'm giga aka angie. i love coasters, music, being goofy, and i drink a lot of caffeine. XD

  20. ha, I know what you mean about people putting a media spin on your posts. That gets annoying really fast.

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