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  1. 8 hours ago, Tr0y said:

    I would love if the park upgraded or changed the location of the Soak City train station. It is currently an abysmal concrete pad with fencing. Same goes with the path that leads to Soak City, it’s not even a direct path to the water park. Honestly Soak City and the Train aren’t going anywhere so they might as well invest in having the path either go underneath or goes over the tracks and get rid of that hideous looking pedestrian bridge.

    I kind of agree with this. The Soak City station feels like an afterthought, a backstage area, and way too undersized for the volume of people who use it. It routinely doesn't have enough space for the people who are waiting to board, so the line often extends out into the already cramped adjacent path, especially on busy days. I like your placement for the new station and think it'd also make good use of that path alongside the lazy river, which (I think) is currently blocked off anyway.

    I think the only downside to this plan, apart from trees, is that that'd also do away with a maintenance road. But, I'm sure there's something that can be done to replace it or provide another way for employees to get around.

  2. 12 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

    I feel personally attacked :lol:


    21 minutes ago, beastfan11 said:

    I feel a bit responsible for the PT dead horse beating. But I won’t apologize. 

    Alright, let me clarify my post real quick.

    I'm not singling anyone out. I too have talked about these things. There's nothing wrong with talking about those things. There's a reason they're common topics--they're good topics that many around here care about. You're exasperating no one if you continue to talk about them.

    My tone was meant to be playful, while also listing things that get talked about around here a lot. I couldn't care less if y'all were to make a thousand new Phantom Theater threads tomorrow. This is a Kings Island fansite. If you're NOT posting about hopeful you are to speculate that Phantom Theater will be back next year and what it might be like, then I'm not sure what the point of this place even is. Keep doing what you do!

    I apologize if anything I listed was hurtful to anyone. That wasn't my intent, but intent matters less than effect.

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  3. 1 hour ago, rlentless said:
    What is the meaning of name Craig?
    rock, rocky
    Origin:Scottish. Meaning:rock, rocky. Craig is a masculine name of Scottish, Gaelic, and Welsh origins. Coming from the Gaelic word creag, this name translates to “rock” or “rocky.” It also comes from the word “crag,” which describes a steep, rugged cliff that makes for a stunning sight on the Scottish coast.


    56 minutes ago, zac2211 said:

    it's also a joke from Halo

    I'm gonna be very honest... I picked Craig because he looks like a Craig.

    That it has any other connotations with a statue is both unintentional and hilarious.

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  4. 1 hour ago, DeltaFlyer said:

    I got some mega spins in Cacao Beans and Fish Oil yesterday. 

    It took me a few minutes to realize you were naming barrels on Cargo Loco and not making a joke about eating cacao beans and fish oil and getting diarrhea.

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  5. 1 minute ago, CorkscrewMcPuke said:

    I know people are quick to anticipate disappointment, but the park is really ramping up the Outpost 5 stuff a lot. I can not help but feel serious anticipation for something big.

    You should probably know that the Outpost 5 stuff is originally based on Adventure Express's original queue audio. You're seeing more mentions of it because Adventure Express just got its makeover. There's a really good chance you're setting yourself up for disappointment by looking into things any more deeply than that.

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  6. 36 minutes ago, IBEW_Sparky said:

    Am I the only one on tjhe forums who would much rather see the return of Cirque to the Theater in some form?  PTE was and is a one and done for me, last year was enough.

    Nope. Not just you. I mean no hate towards the cast and crew of PTE--their execution of the show was great--but I saw it once or twice. That was enough for me. I appreciate some campiness, but the concept and script just don't resonate with me. (I also don't entirely understand the nostalgia for Phantom Theater, but that's for a different topic.)

    I personally preferred the cirque shows, too, but I'd also like to see a bit more story sprinkled in if they were to return. Cirque Imagine was amazing and had just enough of a story that the show felt like a journey. Origins and Gravity were both very enjoyable, but they were a little less enrapturing than Cirque Imagine.

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  7. I was going to guess that that is when Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is set (i.e., a movie featuring the Indiana Jones theme and a mine cart scene), but apparently it was set in 1935. It's been a while since I watched it. (Raiders of the Lost Ark was set in 1936 and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was set in 1938, if anyone was wondering.)

    1937 is the only year between 1935 and 1938 where there isn't an IJ movie set in it, so maybe it was chosen to further emulate that series/era without directly copying IJ any further?

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  8. I really question how firm they'll be on that if Universal does well in Texas. You can't tell me there isn't money to be made by building a Disney minipark somewhere like the Midwest, East Coast, New England, etc., especially if it promises Disney magic at a price point that's less than a ticket to Magic Kingdom + airfare + hotels, and especially especially if it uses IPs Disney hasn't used (or used well.) I have no concept of a Frozen minipark outside Chicago, the NYC/Boston/Philadelphia area, Atlanta, Toronto, etc. not doing well.

    At the risk of tiptoeing into political territory: The Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida are already in a legal battle regarding Disney's control of the local government. Last week, Disney cancelled the move of its Imagineering team from California to Florida. Trips to Magic Kingdom are baked into American culture, the Walt Disney World complex is far, far too big to move elsewhere, and it's not in Disney's interests to start neglecting its Floridian parks... but it could also start to cannibalize its domestic WDW attendance (while still seeing a big-picture increase) by building miniparks, depending on how they're built. Why would parents pay thousands to meet Belle in Orlando when just as much magic can be found when meeting her in Chicago, and it only takes a few hours in the car?

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  9. Yeah... That was an inspired attempt to one-up the WWoHP-style immersion that seems to be the name of the game in Florida right now, but I think Disney really overestimated how much anyone wants to pay $5,000 to LARP at a hotel for two days.

    I think a better use of the space would be to operate it as almost a rideless extension of Galaxy's Edge--have in-character staff, entertainment, and food, but make it an attraction to be seen and enjoyed in moderation one afternoon during your Disney trip. A plus over the average Disney hotel experience, but at its core still a Disney hotel.

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  10. 14 hours ago, PKIDelirium said:

    When did Adventure Express get RMC'd?!

    I hate myself so much for feeding the hype train... but:

    RMC has mentioned Outpost 5 a few times on Twitter recently. That those socks vaguely resemble RMC track is... interesting.

    For the sake of being able to live with myself for writing this post, I will point out that that could very, very easily just be a stylistic choice on the part of whoever designed the socks, and nothing more. Nothing about the design implies that it's meant to be photorealistic. And I would not put it past RMC to have tweeted what they did simply to have fun with people who are tweeting at them to ask if they're doing something to Adventure Express.

    Anyway, Kings Island seems to have cracked the code on how to get me to buy more merch, which is to make AE merch. Do I think the AE socks are pretty tacky? Yes. Will I be buying them anyway? Probably. Did I already buy the "I rode Adventure Express in 2023" pin despite not having ridden Adventure Express in 2023? You betcha.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

    Considering the new rides haven't even been delivered yet, there would be zero new load to the electrical grid...

    Banshee is literally a stone toss from the new rides and it is running

    Wires are hanging from Delirium

    Bat had issues with track last year

    Drop Tower got hit by lightning last August and was waiting for a part


    The rides not being delivered does not mean they haven't run the wiring. Which is an opportunity for things to go wrong, for things they didn't anticipate needing fixed/replaced to need fixed/replaced, etc.

    At one point in the park's history, Flight of Fear and Drop Tower were on the same circuit. FoF could not be launched if DT was running. That Drop Tower, Delirium, and The Bat would be on a separate circuit from Banshee and Invertigo is not a completely irrational suggestion.

    Why would Bat's incident last year affect it today? Why would Drop Tower bring down for lightning last year affect today? Among many possibilities, the latter and Delirium's wires could, dare I say it, be answered by the idea that the electrical infrastructure needs some work.

    For the record, at no point have I said that electrical issues ARE what's happening. I am spitballing. I don't know any facts.

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  12. 13 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

    And yet two of the three ran until the last day of last season (exlcuding WF season LOL), with Drop Tower not running due to a lightning strike and waiting for the part...

    The park was closed for a few months after Winterfest. There are new rides being added to that side of the park, which involves electrical work. I'm not sure I understand how your point is a rebuttal to mine.

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  13. 1 hour ago, DJSkyFoxx said:

    I am hopeful that she will fly again. Hard to tell what's true and what isn't since the park has not released any sort of official statement, but I truly am hopeful she will be back up and running soon. I've heard rumors of track work being done and waiting for the fabricated pieces to arrive, but who knows. It's all just speculation at this point. 

    As for Drop Tower and Delirium, I would like to think that whatever is going on with them is something that will be resolved soon. I would like to think that if they were not planning on reopening them soon they would have just left the seat covers on both rides, but who knows. 

    Action Zone is significantly less "active" with three rides down.

    I almost wonder if it is an electrical infrastructure issue. If it was The Bat on its own, then I'd lean more into the idea that it is swirling the drain. The fact that Drop Tower and Delirium are down too seems like it could be related.

    Over the years, when the park has had blackouts, it's often that side of the park that is affected.

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