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  1. On 8/12/2023 at 11:28 AM, Rivertown Rider said:

    I think this a great new addition for the park and think the Camp Snoopy area will a great transition to Rivertown.  I am happy that it appears that it will be a family attraction instead of a "child required" attraction.  I would love to see them completely refurbish and repaint the existing bathrooms in Planet Snoopy to fit with the transition to Rivertown.  If they did that then everything on that existing half fits in with the theme/color-scheme other than Linus Launcher which you could either repaint (maybe burnt orange and green instead of purple and green) or move elsewhere in Planet Snoopy.

    Some things I am curious about the area are in the screen grab below at the 37 second mark you can see two buildings that don't currently exist.  One is a green-roofed building that borders Woodstock Gliders and another is a White/Tan-roofed building over to the bottom far right hand side next to the Kings Island logo.  I know others have suggested a campfire burgers and hot dogs location and either of these could be a great location.  The other building could be a snack stand, arcade, or family restrooms.


    "One is a green-roofed building that borders Woodstock Gliders", this is a food truck


    "another is a White/Tan-roofed building over to the bottom far right hand side" New entrance signage to the picnic grove/Soak City.

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  2. On 8/10/2023 at 6:19 PM, SonofBaconator said:

    I know there’s already a thread on Camp Snoopy but I wanted to focus solely on the choice of manufacturer for our new coaster: Vekoma. With one of our Vekoma’s being demolished, another one living on borrowed time, and another one being labeled a “hang and bang” it comes as somewhat of a surprise to me that Cedar Fair decided to work with them again. Granted this is a relatively smaller addition, I think this could be the benchmark for future business with the company. Could this be what CP did with Zamperla and Wild Mouse/Top Thrill 2? Could this just be a one off with this park? Could we see more Vekomas in other CF properties?

    Vekoma of old is not the Vekoma of new. 

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  3. On 7/31/2023 at 10:07 AM, Kenban said:

    Personally I think people looking at the SOB station are looking at the wrong side of the park.

    I took a stroll through Planet Snoopy and noticed a man lift in the theatre.  It appears to be directly under the rail in the rafters holding the lighting, and all of the lights to the right of the lift appear to have been removed.  

    Stripping the building as preparation for demolition?  Maybe it will be reused?  Either way I think something is going on.

    Planet Snoopy.jpeg

    That's what I've been saying. Glad it was finally announced. It's going to be a great update to that part of the park 

  4. I think it makes it easier when renewing. If someone wants to downgrade or upgrade for the next year they don’t have to get a new card. I’m guessing it’s saving them money by not having to issue new cards, but also easier to manage in their system.

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  5. John Matarese from WCPO TV reached out to KIC today and reported the following to us. 
     We went to Mason City Hall today and checked to see what has been filed by KI. They have NO filings about a possible new ride….just the Cargo Loco, Sol Spin, and various small additions like the Carnivale tent, Grill & Grain, and VIP lounge shelter. Nothing close to new buildings, footers, etc. There is nothing even suspicious at this time.
    KIC thanks John Matarese for reporting to KIC about their investigation into any possibile 2024 additions.

    LOL, ROFl, LOL

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  6. FYE coasters is still at it? Do you guys remember when he pretended he was being given a "construction tour" of Orion but then it turned out he was just back on the Dinosaurs Alive pathway snapping photos over a fence? Lmao.  :lol:

    They are also not friendly. They have many 2nd accounts making fun of other enthusiasts and groups.

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  7. Prior to Tower Gardens it was the original Kings Island Theater. It was an inflatable theater that lasted until
    1977 when it was replaced by the current Kings Island Theater (American Heritage Hall)

    The puppet tree was in Hanna Barbera land where the pin is in the photo.

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  8. It was Karen Simpson. The original Kings Island Haunt Mama.

    From her FB page:
    “For Karen Smith Simpson
    For those wanting information on her services..

    Karens home going will be on Friday April 28th at 2pm. @Floral Hills Memorial Cemetery in Taylor Mill.
    Thank you.”

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  9. I’ve not been on here in several years and wasn’t sure if this was mentioned anywhere on here.  Got news that Karen passed away recently.  I have not spoken to her in years, but just wanted a moment of silence to remember her.
    carry on

    What was her screen name?

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  10. Everyone seems determined that The Bat is going to be demolished soon. Frankly, I don't see it. I personally see The Vortex plot as far better real estate for the park in regards to a new coaster being built. If we are going by the "service life" mumbo jumbo, I don't feel you can really compare The Bat to Vortex just because they are both Arrow coasters. Vortex was far rougher than The Bat currently is and didn't really fill much of a niche for your average person. This being said, I don't feel like it is impossible that they decide to remove it within a five year time frame. I just feel there are far more likely candidates such as Congo Falls or Invertigo, the latter of which has a horrendous throughput. I personally expect to see close to another ten years out of The Bat, but we shall see.

    There is a reason it hasn’t opened this year. I’d ride it when you can if/when it opens again.

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  11. -1 chaperone per 10 guests
    -must enter with them and remain in the park 
    -must be available by phone 
    -only after 4:00
    Is this enough, and how do you enforce this?

    I think it’s gonna be hard to enforce this. I really hope this gets things in the right direction, but honestly I think it should be anyone under 18 needs to be with a chaperone. From my experience, seems most that are causing issues are between 14-18. It’s a slippery slope.

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