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  1. hey do you go to lakota?

  2. going to CP on Sunday with marching band! yay!

  3. Yeah I deleted a lot of stuff on my profile it was getting annoying.

  4. I've already got a Vater pad and a KORG metronome...and a pair of nice Vic Firth snare sticks. I play cymbals during pregame and during the game (on the bleachers) and during the actual show I'm playing marimba.

  5. Oh and yes, East plays matched grip. Does your school?

    PS How'd you know I was in marching band? XD

  6. That'd be pretty dang awesome. Could you? IDK if I can go through another year in the pit, lol.

  7. LOL I can't say c ocky or else it turns out like this ****y

  8. I'm hoping to make drumline next year. The only thing is is that there are 685490569 juniors on drumline and 1 senior...and 9 pit people trying to make drumline. Not to be ****y but I'd say I'm at least top 3 in the pit. In future years I hope to play snare and/ or tenors.

  9. Well technically marching band at East doesn't start til 10th grade but if you got a I on a class A or B solo at contest then auditioned in front of the director you can get in. But all of the freshmen in percussion get stuck in pit so that's where I'm situated. What about you?

  10. Superman is decent at best...Tatsu is incredible! And from the looks of it, the stats, and from what I've heard Manta is probably almost if not as good.

  11. "Dislikes on coasters:

    ◘B&M Flyers"

    Dude you really gotta ride Tatsu or Manta...Tatsu is easily a Top 10 coaster, possibly even Top 5. :)

  12. I'm pretty sure I saw you (and Dave S.?) at Cedar Point on Sunday. I was on the brake run for TTD and I saw you on the ramp. Then I went on this long journey to get your number but couldn't. Haha

  13. I accidently posted this on mine. East is horrible. In a few years I think they'll be pretty good. The current freshmen are good. Oh yeah and I met up with a few friends at Haunt a few weeks ago who were hanging out with Sycamore kids in 8th grade.

  14. Liberty pwns. Sorry haha I just had to. If you know what I'm talking about.

  15. Happy Birthday Dave, and hope you're having fun at WDW. I've never been there myself.

  16. Yeah it's my #2 steel behind Griffon both are amazing. But I like Voyage more than both

  17. The Pagoda Gift Shop is rather awesome.

  18. Do you like Gold Star more than Skyline? Cause I saw that in a Crypt thread.

  19. Whoa i was looking around on the internet and just realized that you were on the news for bidding on a first ride on Diamondback.

  20. Are you an operator on the Rock-o-Planes at Coney Island?

  21. Wow. You're lucky. I'm about a month older than you but I've only been to 4 parks, 2 of which only had 1 coaster. I hope to reach 50 soon.

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